2016 Spiritually Speaking Part 1

2016 Spiritually Speaking - Part 1
 A New Reality Is Birthing

By Michelle Whitedove, written 1-1-2016

Listen I'm not for man-made religion, clearly, I'm just a spiritual medium and I want to confirm that. This is not of any biblical or religious teachings or text. It is what it is, channeled information that comes from the top, the Source, our God and creator. I'm just the messenger.

This year it’s about personal responsibility and each person using their gift of Free-Will. It’s time to stop blaming your circumstances on everyone else. It's time to look at ourselves in the mirror, our soul, our emotional state, our mental state, our spiritual state, our physical being that's supposed to be our temple. Hence, why we're supposed to honor it and cherish this body, because God gave us this opportunity to come here and explore, to have an adventure and yes, have earthly pleasures in moderation. But ultimately your purpose is to learn and grow spiritually.

You came here to Earth for this grand opportunity as a human soul, we are one group of God's children, and it’s time to grow kiddies, grow!  Earth is like a school house, we take baby steps in our spiritual growth, usually with the religion of our childhood. Then we go to kindergarten and explore the religions of our friends, and as we move to 12th grade hopefully our spiritual beliefs have grown and we no longer subscribe to man-made religious dogma that has nothing to with God’s Law of Unconditional Love. And let’s say you want to go to college, because you come to that understanding of your own free will and you learn that you are powerful. God bestowed humans with two great gifts: Free Will and the ability to Co-create your future. When you step into that power and begin to consciously create a positive path for yourself – then the world becomes a better place too.  And when you reach outside of your circle and help others, help the planet and the animal kingdom – then you are on the fast track of spiritual growth. 

You will see in the year 2016, (Spirit is already telling me that I have gone over this before but still needs to be emphasized) People that have ostrich medicine with their head in the sand or as spirit told me, it’s time to take off the rose colored glasses.  It’s time to get out of our comfort zones, out of our bubbles, our boxes, our belief systems because everything IS changing. 2016 and 2017 is a time of Great Change!  As human beings, we are fragments of the God-head and pieces of heaven. Can you see the light from within?  Wake up, everything is being recorded, if we're not waking up to that, that we're insulting all life, and our creator. If you have your head in the sand, you’ll leave this planet but you’ll have to, pick it up and do it again. Our spiritual growth is an eternal process, you can ignore the lessons, but eventually they will come back to you.

Spiritually speaking, in 2016 and 2017 there is complete cleansing. On a subconscious level every person has made a soul level choice. Spiritually, this is a time of cleansing and deciding. You're either for love and light, true spirituality and peace, and you move forward with your consciousness and evolution or you are more comfortable with fear and darkness.

So this is the first time since the Mound Builders, (except individuals like certain shamans or indigenous enlightened ones) that groups of people find portals or vortexes as exits or ways to move to another reality.  In the past tribes such as the Mayans, the Mound Builders, Aborigines, and some other groups were enlightened enough to exit and walk away from this dark reality.

That's exactly what they did. Now, again during 2016 and 2017 there will be cosmic doorways and groups and also individuals will walk through. They will disappear because they have walked over to another dimension.

There will also be those that are spiritually awake and have elected to stay here; remaining here, still trying to make a difference, and still being of service. For me, it's for the babies; the children and the innocent are my motivators.

During this cleansing period and era of human upheaval, many people will die. Some people are bailing now and dying of sickness. Others are killing each other with these unholy wars that are surging around the globe.  But death is an illusion. It’s the method that the soul uses to drop the body, much like a piece of unwanted clothing.  Others will exit the planet by raising their frequency and walking to another reality.

Then there is another group of those that will stay to be of service. Those light workers that love this planet so much: humanity, our sisters and brothers and our star sisters and brothers and the elements too. Things will still shift enough where, for us it will still be peaceful enough, that we can still be of service. Not everyone is karmicly indebted to experience the worst case scenario of Earth changes and the coming cleansing.

Here is an analogy: It's like you are at the 6th level of heaven and you get to go the 7th level of heaven, but that’s where you become a part of that collective consciousness and become a part of all life and all things: your individuality ceases to exist. So most souls, for whatever reason I find, choose to stay at the 6th level versus going to the 7th level, which is the God-head. So what they'll do is stay until their soul feels it’s time to ascend and move on with their spiritual growth.

2016 and 2017 are a time of cleansing because the Earth is ascending too. Yes, some of the people will stay, but the Earth is birthing a lighter version of herself. So there will be a purging on a global scale.  All the elements are actively cleansing the Earth. Whether its fire, whether it's tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, drought, earthquakes and volcanoes …its happening and it will intensify. Only after the cataclysmic cleansing will there be rejuvenation and eventually enlightenment.

From the time of Noah, God promised us that the Earth will not be destroyed by flooding. I have been shown glimpses of this cleansing; it’s one of biblical proportions. I predict there will be a FIRE IN THE SKY, and its coming.  I asked Great Spirit for more of an explanation, I prayed more specifically, and meditated. I keep being shown a fire, rolling across the skies…and there's a sound to it and it's like shhh, shhh. It's yellow, orange, red and then also a little bit of like smoke, dark smoke. The fire in the sky moves and we can't be exposed to it by our eyes, our skin, our breathing or taking it into our lungs. We have to go for cover… literally. Whether we stay inside a house in the safety of a basement, secluded bathroom or an underground place to go; this will last for three days.

This is purification by fire, it’s a spiritual cleansing. It's a mental, emotional cleansing. It's a consciousness; a willingness of making the conscious choice to pick love and grace and good over dark and negative and evil or fear. The planet and the people are going to start over as this Earth has done before.  The human race and the Earth will begin again. We have all made our decision on a soul level whether we choose to spiritually wake up. 

So are we going to be coming into an age of enlightenment?  First it's going to be the rejuvenation of the cleansing of whatever starts that fire. Again I am trying to figure it out. It feels like it's a combination of something man-made. Then the natural reverberation of mother earth’s reaction and retaliation; actually it is the Hand of God.  Although the initial cause of the rolling fire seems to be a mixture of natural and unnatural forces. No one has the explanation except for the assholes that started it, and they're underground connected to the Government.

Lately I’ve been picking up severe changes in frequencies. Although my ears were going to bleed, highs and lows that even the dogs are picking up. These high and low frequencies that are making our whales and dolphins unleash themselves and even beach themselves. Also there is something in the air that Governments are spraying supposedly on the crops. But It’s not for the crops, and it’s not positive and affects the emotional state of humans - making them mentally unstable and causing them to lash out violently.

But spiritually speaking, you'll either choose to be a part of the old Earth and begin again, be birthed into the new Earth, or you can choose reincarnation.  What's left, not everybody will die. But many will, and then there will still be some left for this era, and they are going to go back to the beginning, pre-beginning and start again as the planet has done before. Then mother earth has birthed this lighter version of her. Then we're lighter beings, I see lighter bodies and aura light. I look around and I see energies now and light. I don't really see heavy physical bodies, I see the soul and so this year, 2016, spiritually speaking is the final shift and lifting of the veil. And either you choose grace and love of your own free will and you make that ascension and you’re safe.  

And those that made a free-will choice that they like this energy of war, fear, chaos a lot of them will have psychotic breaks and fall into a state of madness. That’s what we are seeing now. People are losing it. Some of that is being manipulated by the government, through mind control to create False Flag scenarios. Then there are sound frequencies and other ways, this manipulation is also hurting the animals and sea life.  I sense these sound waves that are not natural to harmony for Mother Nature or humans and are very harmful.

So this cleansing is two-fold. Natural events such as the movement of the tectonic plates, the meridians, and ley lines of the Earth which is the hand of God. Then Governments and their scientists trying to manipulate and experiment with the forces of nature, the atmosphere, other dimensions (CERN), weapons of mass destruction and manipulation of the human population too. In this way our reality is being manipulated in a negative way by the shadow government and it is causing people to freak out more so than Natural Earth Changes.

God Our Creator will not allow man’s total destruction of the beautiful planet Earth.  There is a New Earth birthing … this mother earth will remain although devastated and the rejuvenation will begin. Some people, enough of them will be left back.

And then, I see this new planet, a place of wonder and light. A place of peace and beauty, people working together in harmony, I see us there surrounded by little happy children playing and laughing.  This planet is so bright, I can't describe this brightness, it’s not like the sun or daylight.

So how do we get there to this new earth? I believe that's a transition, walking over like many enlightened societies have gone before us. Nothing more than that. We just simply make a step. People will think that we disappeared or go missing, MIA, or just missing but the truth is groups of people will transcend. You’ll transcend by your state of consciousness by living in a state of grace and living it of your own free will. That's the test right now. Turn to God in all things.  If you can get that of your own free will and choose to do it, good for you. If you don't that's okay too. Some of you will be left back, most will not be and it'll start again.  Why? Because we are all on this spiritual journey together but individually we are doing it at our own pace, in our own time.


Sending you Love, Light and Peace,
Michelle Whitedove

Spiritual Teacher, Author, Psychic Medium