Books by Michelle Whitedove

Ask Whitedove:
Spiritual Advice From America's Top Psychic Michelle Whitedove

By Michelle Whitedove
ASK Whitedove is a collection of provocative questions with Michelle's heartfelt answers on a myriad of subjects from A to Z including personal issues such as freeing yourself from doubts and worry, becoming open to good fortune, exploring karmic relationships and what it means to dream of flying. She also addresses the big picture issues like what really happens when we die, does God look like us, who is your unseen support team and why do we come here?

Michelle also shares psychic insights on whether reincarnation is fact or fiction, how one can communicate with Heaven, psychic kids, are my pets in Heaven, are ghosts real and the meaning of Déjà vu. The spiritual advice contained within will help to expand your perception and understand that we live in a multidimensional world. As an expert in the field of spiritual counseling, celebrity psychic Michelle Whitedove gives clear and practical advice. Once you change your perception, then your world changes. Want to know more? Just Ask Whitedove!


My Invisible Friends
By Michelle Whitedove

A Book for Children by Michelle Whitedove

Many children have so called imaginary friends and this book explains the widespread phenomena. Guardian Angels are actually the invisible friends that inspire, protect, and are always positive companions for our children. Parents and kids alike will be interested in this fascinating look at Guardian Angels as inspiring companions who stay with us throughout our life.My Invisible friends is inter-denominational book, because all religions believe in Angels. Fully Illustrated hardback storybook for ages 3-8.


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The Four Agreements

by Don Miguel Ruiz
Rooted in traditional Toltec beliefs, these four agreements are essential steps on the path to personal freedom: Learn to be impeccable with your word. –

The 100 Top Psychics and Astrologers in America 2014

by Paulette Cooper and Paul Noble
Read Michelle Whitedove’s real story and many other famous psychics, mediums, healers and astrologers -- in their own words. They tell how they got started...what life is like for them...their most interesting cases...famous clients, etc. Plus how to contact them.

Mother Mary and the Undoing Process

by Robin Rose
In Mother Mary and the Undoing Process(Messages of Hope and Guidance for 2012 and Beyond), Robin Rose shares not only her personal life communications with Mother Mary but also reveals information on the hidden Christ light within our DNA and how at this time that light is reawakening as well as gives a simple step by step approach on how to peacefully reconnect with that Christ light.

The Seven Initiations of the Spiritual Path

by Michael Mirdad
Dr. Michael Mirdad has written a book that can assist us all on the path to wholeness and help us live a life of balance and peace. By using life's little lessons and tests also called initiations, Dr. Mirdad explains that as we learn and open our hearts and our souls.