Part 2 - Spiritually Speaking

Spiritually Speaking - Part 2
2016 Staying in the Matrix: Don’t Believe the Lie


Written by Michelle Whitedove on 1-1-2016

Many people have heard the message of the Dalai Lama, one of love, cooperation and kindness. A few years ago, deeply disappointed in mankind, he took a vow of silence and withdrew. Like many spiritually enlightened beings he sees the future and knows what’s instore for the Earth and the inhabitants. Through his prayerful time of solitude and meditation he came to the conclusion:  Well, all I can do is continue my mission and try to wake up the world. Now he is once again shining his light for all to see.

I've done that, I look at myself and how I’ve pulled back, I don't even like going out. The energy is crazy. People are nuts, it’s best to lay low, pray, meditate and enjoy the simple pleasure of life.  It’s not that lightworker’s have lost their conviction. My certainty and faith in God still stands strong.   In fact I understand that this spiritual journey never ends, we constantly keep going. Life constantly keeps going, whether it's here, whether it's in the heavens, whether it's Mars, I'm just saying. Or it's an entirely new place and reality we've not even explored yet.

It becomes difficult, when you are a spiritual teacher and leader and you understand the gravity of what man is doing. And your mission is to wake up the world.  Yet so many people prefer to point their finger and say, Oh, it's not me. Not for one minute can they look to themselves, they're so set in their ways and belief systems and the way they were brought up or their religion. Or I was abused as a child so I'm the victim. Well if you choose to be the victim, you can choose to step into your power and be the warrior. You're choosing to continue to be the victim over and over and over. Why would you do that to yourself? Just own it. Say it was what it was, heal it, work it out and be the better person for it and move forward. Because of these people right now with this shift happening and it's been happening since 2012, people psychologically, and mentally can't handle it.

It’s time to get out of the matrix and handle your spiritual business!  People want to stay comfy in their little routine. Now with our computers, Apple TVs, iPads and phones everybody's submerged in this high tech realm of distractions. Don’t believe the lie, the system, the matrix, the governments; they want you to feel powerless. But in truth, you are powerful; we are powerful and strong in numbers.

The matrix, the telly, the phone, the computer, the nest, every electrical gadget from mankind, you're being tapped in, you're being listened to, you're being watched and it's saved, recorded and downloaded. If anybody thinks they're deleting their texts, guess what? I hate to burst your bubble but TAG, you are in the Matrix.  Are you allowing these polarizing little devices to run your life…and what about your spiritual life?  Can you set them aside to pray and meditate …contrary to belief, Google does not have all of the answers. Go within, get back to the basics and take personal accountability.

Look up from your smart phone. The world is changing, people are raising their consciousness. Are you? The souls that are not able to handle this vibrational shift and change they don't even understand why they're acting out the way they are. It's almost as if they are being influenced by something that's not positive.

These are the end times. Say bye-bye, geographically to the planet as you know it. All coastlines are already moving in. All water tables are moving higher. As I said before and I will say again, spirit tells me, if you felt that 2015 handed you your ass, nationally speaking, mentally, emotionally, financially or however it happened.  Everyone's now going head to head, toe to toe. I'm tired of spiritually seeing this division and conquer and divide within family and friends when we are to come together, not break apart and work against each other. Especially in times of difficulty, we're supposed to all band-together in loving grace and to help our fellow man, not to walk over them or utilize them. The law of karma, tells us what we do onto others, we do to ourselves. So why not decide to use your Free-Will to listen to your intuition, develop a relationship with your angel posse and get to know God on a personal level.

I cannot tell you what to do, I'm nothing more than the humble messenger, but what you choose to do with this information, I can't force your right hand or your left hand, is the gift that God gave you of Free-Will.  Your Free-Will gives you the power to change everything!

Sending you Love, Light and Peace,

Michelle Whitedove
Spiritual Teacher, Author, Psychic Medium