2016 Star Beings, Mars Colonization, Rare Earth Minerals, DNA

Channeled Information on the Colonization of Mars, Star Beings, Cloning, DNA & Rare Earth Minerals for 2016 and beyond.

When I started this spiritual path, I didn’t know that it would take me in so many directions but SPIRIT said once you go forward, you can never turn back.

Will it be the Little Red Pill or the Little Blue Pill as quoted in the movie the Matrix. Do you want to live in denial or would you like to see the multi dimensions of God’s grand plan?  Once you know a truth, you're not allowed to un-know what you have learned.  Meaning once you understand information, you're not allowed to go back and plead ignorance. Knowledge is power and you can never turn back, it’s true! So when you read new information that rings true in your soul – you are growing and evolving as planned. You are right where you are supposed to be!

By Michelle Whitedove,
Spiritual Medium & Futurist
Written Jan. 1, 2016


Are Rare Earth Minerals going to be valuable in the future? It's another greedy thing for humans to consume. In Africa there are gemstone deposits, mineral deposits, Rare Earth Minerals and gold.  The Rare Earth Minerals are used for technology for us and some of them are needed by Star Beings.    

I don't know what they use them for, but they need them. We have minerals and other things that they need. I see they have a shortage of necessary elements - things that they travel to gather.  

How do the star beings gather the rare earth minerals? I see that they hover over areas and with three dimensional laser-like instruments they measure the volume of minerals within the land. Then the star beings beam them up to their craft using technology that I cannot explain.

The human-race, to them we look like ants, toiling in the Earth, digging deep with hands, shovels and machinery. We are a primitive race to them; yet they study us and collect things that are not found on many planets.   Yes, our government knows about it.  They have agreements; it's an exchange for information and technology. 


People will see them more often. Large groups of people this year will see spacecrafts, unexplained lights in the sky and there will be more video recordings than ever. The ships use the mountains for cover they dip down between them. They can go onto the ocean too. There’s more than one group and they are God’s children too. 

Governments are going to finally have to weigh in and try to explain UFO’s although we’ll still get a lot of “No Comment”.  Why more sightings? It’s  because the veil is lifting between the dimensions. Humans are starting to see them more. Let’s say, their invisibility cloak is more transparent now.  And some humans have evolved spiritually speaking to see them. For example, years ago there was a mass sighting of a UFO hovering over Chicago’s O’Hara airport (one of the busiest airports in the world) airport workers witnessed and reported it and people in cars driving by, yet even more people did not see the large craft or couldn’t see it!

There’s a certain race of Star Beings that believe it is in our best interest to move groups of humans to another planet for safe keeping.  Similar to humans motivated to save an animal species from extinction. That is their intent; moving some humans to safety; a planet not within our solar system.


On Mars there is some indigenous life, it was once a thriving planet but they used up all their resources, like we are doing here. Our Government knows this and they continue to spoon feed us information and show us sepia tone images instead of full color. They never address what they’ve found or how actively they are working on Mars.

CORRECT AUG 22, 2016 Nasa finally releases Mars with Blue Skies photo in stead of their traditional brown-gray pics: with privatization of shuttles to Mars we will now start seeing more realistic landscapes

I understand that there is a race to recolonize Mars. There are habitable conditions there already.  China is involved, Russia too. America has Elon Musk and Britain’s Richard Branson wants a piece of it too. France is working as transporters.

It’s ironic that humans are trying to recreate an earth-like atmosphere on Mars, as it was before.  Yet all the while on Earth we are frantically using up and selling off all of our natural resources: cutting down every forest – which gives us oxygen, medicines, animal habitat and polluting the oceans with nuclear waste, oil spills, trash and plastics – we are on a race to kill our planet and leave it like Mars – a barren wasteland.  It’s all so senseless: when we could just protect and nurture our Mother Earth. 

So have humans created an oxygen-rich atmosphere there yet? I see smaller self-contained atmospheres or biospheres. It's kind of like Star Trek but not plush. I know it sounds absolutely crazy.   Right now they're trying to see if they can colonize on a large scale and change the conditions. They even want to modify the human body in a certain way to better adapt to Mars. They want to create Earth on Mars…with some tweaks.   The Shadow Government is convinced that Mars is the perfect place to continue life as we know it. Well sort of. 

There are some human/star being hybrids too. That changes the DNA and evolution too.  Would you recognize a hybrid?  If you took the time, you would know there's something very strange about that person. You'd realize they're different but you might just think they were odd. They try to intermingle, blend in here and they’re procreating successfully. They are God’s children too and our first cousins, we are related to the beings of Mars.  

What happened to Mars, the Martians and the atmosphere? I get some fragments of their history.  When they used up all their resources they went through a war.  There was a cleansing and a fire. Some Martians did survive, they went underground and they still had the ability to travel by ships. I see a war, I see fire, a dryness and I’m not sure if the Sun had something to do with it. I’m not clear on that. But I do know that at some point there were two Suns. Did you know that most solar systems have two Suns?  I wonder if science has discovered that yet.

Centuries ago some Martians came here because theirs was a dying planet. They felt they could assimilate into the population; which they did.  Our cousins look similar to us although there is a difference, they're skin tone is more yellow and look like they have jaundice. They are smaller in stature. Their ears are different; their eyes are a little bit further apart.  They've been here many, many generations now, falling in love with humans, blending DNA, looking more like us as they colonized here.


Men from Mars; they're not the only ones that are among us walking around, living in houses, so forth. Our government is aware of Martians, and they've been obsessed with them.  Of course the government wants to know their history and about their technology and biology. They keep some of them just for questioning, and still will not free them.  Just like Guantanamo Bay.

The Government also has some the grays captive and they found that Martians are not as complex as the grays.  They also have some of the whites. The government tries to capture every type or species. That’s why UFO crash sites are secured quickly and civilians are shut out. Then the Government comes forward with a concocted story – it was nothing, just an air force weather balloon. They think we are stupid. Then they study the beings, torture them, they dissect them, autopsy them and keep tissue so that they can try to clone them. By the way, Governments have already experimented with cloning humans although it’s been unsuccessful, because only God can ordain a soul to inhabit a body.  The government can clone a body but without a soul it's nothing more than a biological growth… just that skin, bones and blood. The breath of life is from God, its manna, life.

There are many more races and life on Venus too.  Earthlings will start to see them with their physical eye, not only here in the US where they come out from the mountains. They use the mountains, they use the ocean, and they use holographic images to disguise their crafts. They can actually hover right above a home or an apartment building and create a hologram that looks just like cloud.  They can create illusions to hide their crafts from plain sight!

Our government knows about all about them, the different races of star beings, ones that travel using crafts and others that have no need for ships. They travel at will, transporting their energy from star to star. The Government keeps some captive, to use them for information on technology, traveling through space, time traveling and seeing into the future.

And get this, some Star Beings were kind enough and empathetic enough, some of them, to warn our government about the future. Coming events and what we would do to each other as warring countries, us killing the planet, the governments, they gave them so much information so that we could make changes and correct the bleak future that we are creating.  

Our government keeps some of them captive and tortures them, forcing them to continue to look into the future to see if outcomes have changed.  Some have the gift of sight. They can see into the distant future and they stop around the year 2020…in the 20's we'll say. That’s as far as I can see right now too.

Star beings understand that whatever happens on a single planet, it has larger consequences that ripple out into the Milky Way.  So when we create change, the future changes, reality changes and it affects other planets, stars, states of consciousness and other beings. 

Our Star Being brothers and sisters know all about the human race the good and the greedy. And just like God, they know that we humans are capable of so much positive. They know our hearts and they feel that our race that is worth saving. 


Sending you Love, Light and Prayers,

Michelle Whitedove
Author, Futurist, Psychic Medium

Written January 1, 2016