Fire in the Sky?

~ a Massive Solar Storm

by Michelle Whitedove

With psychic vision I have seen a “Fire in the Sky” not knowing the meaning of this cryptic foresight. For at least a year I have been trying to put the pieces together. In the year 2000, I had written about a time in mankind’s future where the financial empires crumble (that’s happening now) and then a time that looks like the dark ages. Now I have put the pieces of my disjointed psychic visions together to understand the coming events. The Fire in the Sky that I have seen over and over I now know that it’s a Solar Storm.

In the Polar Regions we experience them on a small scale but we admire “The Northern Lights” for their beauty.

The “Fire in the Sky” that I have been shown is a massive solar storm. This storm has the capability to do damage to communication systems, power grids, and to plants, animals, & human life. If a portion of the Earth sustains a massive direct impact, everything outside will die. I feel that there is something in the air that would be fatal to inhale. The safest place will be underground in basements or if you’re in the upper echelons of the Government they will withdraw into their not-so-secret underground bunkers in DC and Colorado. And to make matters worse the US Government will not tell the people because they don’t want mass hysteria. They’d rather think of it as population control via another natural disaster. My prediction: 2011 to 2016 a Solar Super Storm will damage the USA and affect other nations too.

The Native American’s have foretold of 3 days of darkness during the Earth Changes. I believe that this is the aftermath of a coming Solar Super Storm. For three days, people & animals cannot be outdoors. It will be a time when a well stocked pantry or cellar with canned goods and bottled water will be needed. By necessity, after the storm people will need to live off the land like The Amish.

Please understand that whatever happens to our Earth…it affects everything, our solar system, the Heavens, the astral planes, and the future. So everything that you do FOR the Earth - - It matters!

Sending you Love, Light & Peace

Michelle Whitedove

Enlightenment Teacher, America's #1 Psychic

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