BP Destroying our Oceans

Written May 26th, 2010
Boycott BP - for Destroying Our Oceans


The oil company British Petroleum and the US government are responsible for this man made ecological disaster of unprecedented magnitude. The lack of action to cap the oil geyser in the Gulf of Mexico is not only disgusting but deadly. The problem has been compounded by BP pouring poison (oil dispersants) into the ocean to break up the oil spill. The ocean poisoning is not repairable. It’s a domino effect that is wrong on every level morally, ethically, spiritually.

Obama has not taken action fast enough. This is chemical warfare against mother earth her inhabitants (that’s us)! This poisoning will spread throughout the gulf coast states LA, TX, MS, AL, FL, to Mexico, Cuba’s waters and the Bahamas.

Sad Prediction: The Gulf of Mexico will become a Dead Zone for Ocean life.

>>CORRECT Aug 2014: ‘Horrific': Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Now the Size of Connecticut .
>>CORRECT "It's going to take a minimum of 50 years, and it could be as long as hundreds of years, to get back to the size of the corals that we lost," said Erik Cordes, a deep-sea ecologist at Temple University 

Wake up people! Be outraged! This is incomprehensible. The North American fishing industry is now decimated. BP has slit our wrists. We the people of this Earth must come together to protest. I am asking for peaceful demonstrations as a large group.

Here is what you can do:
-Boycott BP: local gas stations & products
-Sign petitions / Organize local demonstrations
-Call and write the President
-Educate your children
-Refuse military service in the name of oil
-Pray for our Oceans, Pray for Mother Earth
You must create change NOW! For the sake of your children and their ancestors. Animals are not disposable; they are Earth Angels that have souls. We agreed to coexist on this planet. BP and the US government (though their lack of urgent action) are poisoning the worlds oceans which is beyond comprehension.

If we allow this, there is no future for humanity, our ignorance and greed will be our downfall. I say “enough is enough”, Stand up for what is Right! I do not stand for a Government that is against human and animal rights, and make no mistake I do not stand for corrupt organized religions. What does our government fear most: it’s the citizen’s rebelling.

Urging you to Speak Up, and Act Out in peaceful protest,

Sending my love and light out into the Oceans,

Michelle Whitedove

Enlightenment Teacher, America's #1 Psychic


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