HBO Documentary with Whitedove

No one dies in Lily Dale” coming July 2010

In the late 1800s, a group of American non-conformists gathered near Cassadaga Lake to create a utopian community. They strove to establish a free thinking society where they could speak their minds, practice their spirituality, and create change. Lily Dale has a fascinating history; once a hub for remarkable speakers such as Susan B. Anthony who gave speeches on the suffragette movement and women’s rights, the Victorian town became famous as a spiritualist community where “mediums” lived, worked, taught and performed paranormal feats.

Today, it remains much the same-a quaint little town with rows of Victorian gingerbread homes, lakeside cottages, a small shops. At the center of town stands a large wooden auditorium where the top paranormal experts, spiritual teachers, and psychic mediums are invited to speak. The Lily Dale stage was magical, I could feel the energy of all those who went before me.

“You know that you’ve made a name for yourself when
you’ve been invited to speak at this historic location.
Country Singers have the Grand Ole Opry,
Well, Medium's have Lily Dale.”
         -Michelle Whitedove

Months earlier, HBO’s production company contacted me to ask permission to film my lecture for their documentary. I gave thanks to “Great Spirit” for aligning my event with the filming schedule. My life is directed according to Divine timing and I trust the guidance of my spirit guides & Angels that all events are intended for my highest good.

I was pleasantly surprised when I received a phone-call, not even 5 miles from Lily Dale. The producers from HBO wanted me to stop so they could send a cameraman to my car and record my first impressions as I pulled into the Assembly. This motto of "Film EVERYTHING" would set the tone for the next couple of days. From the moment I met the production team the cameras were rolling, from morning make-up to messages at the Stump, to readings arranged especially by the producers(to ensure I had no prior contact with the person receiving the reading, and thus no prior knowledge). It was a four day whirlwind but I'm happy with the results. The only thing that wasn’t filmed, ironically, was my lecture.

This project was all consuming for the film crew. One month of filming will be condensed down to a one hour documentary. It’s a story about the town of Lily Dale, the exceptional Psychic Mediums who reside there, and follows the journey of several people seeking psychic insight into their personal tragedies. My heart goes out to each of them.

It was a positive experience, and I want to give a special thanks to HBO and to Lily Dale Assembly. I’m honored to be conducting another special event at Lily Dale July 16th, 2010. The HBO documentary “No one dies in Lily Dale” will air July 5th, 9:00PM ET. So be sure to tune in!!!

I hope to see you in Lily dale!
Sending you Love, Light, & Peace,

Michelle Whitedove,
America's #1 Psychic

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