The Quickening

 2012 Mayan Calendar reveals...

The Quickening

Have you noticed that time is speeding up? The Mayan Calendar has opened up many questions about a 2012 timeline in which mankind’s future is debatable. Many believe that it’s the end of the world. But actually it is a crossroad for humanity. Individually each person has made a subconscious decision on a soul level as to where they go next. Some will ascend to a new level of consciousness. Others will start over at a kindergarten level of spiritual awareness.

God has said, “My children have gone too far!” What is the meaning of this? We are destroying the very schoolhouse (Earth) that was given to us to evolve in. Man is feverishly raping , pillaging , and devastating Mother Earth out of sheer greed . Owners of these Mega Corporations have gone insane with power and their lust for money.

Humanity must learn from the lessons of their past mistakes and come together as evolving beings. As a group and individually you must learn to treat the Earth as you would a care for an infant. This beautiful planet is alive, even the rocks and minerals. Mother Nature is the feminine aspect of God that brings forth life. The Native America’s had it right; they lovingly respected the planet, never taking more than they needed. Always thinking about the future and how their actions would impact seven generations into the future.

Something to think about: If you destroy the planet, you destroy yourself.


Don’t count on the Government or the Media to report accurate news. Mostly they are generating lies, cover-ups and watered down versions of the truth.

Over the next six years, Earth changes will herald a time of revolution. The governments are no longer willing or able to assist with national emergencies. As I wrote in She Talks with Angels: The world governments become impotent. Lip service is all they offer. Slowly our liberties are being taken away, and martial law will be instated as the government tries to maintain control.

The corrupt systems must fall away because they are no longer working for the people. Educational, Government, Law enforcement, correctional institutions. Judicial & Law, Banking & financial, manmade religions and greedy Corporations

During the next 6+ years, a rebellion will divide the citizens into compounds and tribes. Martial Law will break out in the USA. These communities will be forced to get back to the basics and be self sufficient with the ability to grow food and have a natural water source.


Only special children are being born right now. Our Creator has the first and last say. The birth of a child must be ordained; it’s the joining of a soul to a physical body. This is the reason for the seemingly high rate of infertility. The portal to Earth is open to enlightened souls… who are our future.

Right now, society is allowing these special Blue Ray children to be shut down. The newest diagnosis is “Slightly Autistic”. They are being labeled as if to say they are damaged. This is untrue they are the next evolution on humanity.

Predictions, the next 6 months:
-Here in Florida, this summer will be new record breaking heat wave. Sunbathers beware! The UV rays are exceptionally strong because the ozone layer of protection has lessened, although science has not announced it.

-There will be at least one hurricane hit this season, with many tropical storms including lightening strikes and electrical storms. Expect major flooding and small tornados too. ~Stock your hurricane supplies early.~

-The Stock Market will crash again in before the end of 2010.

-Across the world, there will be an increase of accidents, suicides, overdoses, and random acts of violence as the world economy crashes. People lash out, not knowing how to survive in descending economic times.

WHAT You Can DO:
We must each be consciously responsible for the part that we play in this Great Awakening. Ask yourself: What do I want to create chaos or unconditional love? Individually your thoughts create your future. The mass consciousness creates a larger reality.

So as you wake up individually, then globally we can come together as one to create a peaceful world. Solutions can be gained by peaceful protests. We the people outnumber the corrupt Governments.

So as you wake up individually, then globally we can come together as one to create a peaceful world. Solutions can be gained by peaceful protests. We the people outnumber the corrupt Governments.

Be a part of the solution! I encourage everyone to monitor your thoughts because they are the building blocks that help to construct your future. Delete the negative mind chatter. Stay Positive, Pray about the good that you want to bring into the world. Then take action, with kindness and generosity of spirit - help your fellow man. Use your words to bless, educate, and heal. You do not have to personally experience the violence of this world. You have the ability to live in a different reality. Know that you are powerful beyond measure!

Michelle Whitedove
America's #1 Psychic

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