The New Gold Rush

The New Gold Rush
For Serious Investors Only
September 9th, 2009

Go for Gold

Go for Gold

Since the beginning, sparkling metals pulled from mother Earth have been deemed a precious commodity. In modern times, the value has only increased. As early as 2001, I advised to invest in gold, silver and copper when gold was below $300. In my May 2007 BLOG: I predicted that gold would reach $800 , when it hadn’t been that high since the 1980s. I was told it would never happen. Well it happened! For those of you that are looking for a safe investment: today Gold is trading at $993US. I see visions that precious metals and gemstones will continue to rise. I predict that Gold will go to $1200 -$1300 an oz.

UPDATE: 9/16/09 Gold is trading at $1018 an Oz
UPDATE: 5/15/10 Gold is trading at $1225 an Oz

For those who don’t have money to invest, please hang onto your high karat gold jewelry. Have you seen those Television Ads: “Send us your gold” we’ll pay the highest price. Let me tell you-it’s a lie. These companies do NOT pay what your gold is worth. How would they make a profit?

Gold is still the way to go because the US dollar will continue to lose value on the world market. As I predicted in my book Angels Are Talking , written in 2002, we are now in a deep, deep, recession, and we are experiencing the beginning stages of the economic crash that I wrote about. I predict that our economy will hit a new bottom low, when this happens, paper money will be worthless. So hold onto your gold jewelry.

I wrote about these socio-economic changes in my first book She Talks with Angels printed in 2000. It sounded crazy at the time. But I was given a vision of the future. On page 196, I predicted that “We will see the collapse of Global and Domestic financial empires. Money will become valueless as markets and foreign exchanges collapse.” Well, today we are living it!

Craig R. Smith of Swiss America explains the falling dollar: “One major reason for the dollars systematic decline is our snowballing debts and deficits. Today the U.S. borrows $2.5b a day from other nations! Devaluing the dollar is one way the financial markets correct our debt addition. Americans who put themselves on a 'personal gold standard' will be safe amid the storm.”

As a futurist, I suggest that everyone purchase gold coins as a solid investment. There are other gold options too, but gold coins are by far the safest. You can buy large or small quantities and you can even roll over your IRA or 401k into gold coins !

Gold Bullion can also be a source of investment, but the purchases are registered with the Government. Why could this be a problem? Did you know that in our history the US Government has confiscated its citizens gold? Yes it’s true, FDR did it in 1933 to stabilize the economy and it could happen again. Gold coins however, can go unmonitored. Check out for their special offers, and educational articles on GOLD.

BANKS: Where to park your Cash

2015 Update:  Use Credit Unions because they are owned by you the depositors.

>UPDATE: 2015 This bank is No Longer Recommended> Here’s the Good News: There is still an expanding bank in the US that has a five star rating. Founded in 2003, Floridian Community Bank is a state chartered bank recently recognized by Bauer Financial as one of the strongest banks in the nation! Floridian Community Bank is a solid investment for share holders and clients alike. Celebrities and Politicians invest in Floridian Community Bank.

In Love, Light, and Prayers for a Peaceful Future
Michelle Whitedove ,
 America’s Top Psychic

September 9th, 2009

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