2009 Where Have The Honey Bees Gone?

Genetically Modified Plants Affect All Living Creatures

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Over the past ten years there has been a lot of talk about the disappearance of the Honey bees. Beekeepers in the United States have reported bee losses from 30% to as high as 70% calling it the Honey bee colony collapse. Keep in mind that honey bees pollinate our seeds, crops, fruits, vegetables, and flowers; they are responsible for a tremendous amount of the food that we consume on a daily basis.

I decided that the bee mystery needs to be solved and so I asked Great Spirit.. Spirit told me that the major contributing factor to the loss of our honey bee population is due to the genetically engineered crops that are now being processed on a massive scale, not just the plants, but even the seeds are now being genetically mutated. The bees help to pollinate GM plants eventually they become sick, disoriented and susceptible to disease and parasites after eating pollen and digesting this altered food. There has already been a lot of damage done, the bee numbers have dwindled down and it will take all of us working together if we hope to save the Honey bees. If we do not act now we will lose them all in the next ten years.

Genetically Engineered (GE), Genetically Modified (GM), Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are foods are often referred to as “FrankenFood” which is the process of altering or adding genes to our plants. Science has even added ANIMAL genes to plants! They call the process of putting animal proteins into plant seeds as “infecting” the plant. These companies are experimenting on plants that were already perfect in their natural state. Mother Earth has a perfect balance in Nature but humans have a tendency to alter, abuse, and manipulate our fragile ecosystem.

The bioengineering companies are genetically engineering plants with animal genes to and I quote “to improve the agricultural, horticultural, and ornamental value of crop plants.” The two words that should stick out for you in that quote are “Ornamental” and “Value”. Because at the end of the day it comes down to money; what better way to make money off of food that doesn’t taste as good and surely is not as healthy as our organic foods than to make them look beautiful and enticing. The large increase in cancers and other various diseases that we see running rampant is in large being created by the loss of nutritional value in the food being made. FrankenFoods are not being made to improve the nutritional value;. their sole purpose is to make large food corporations rich!

Perhaps even more frightening is the fact that these mutated plants are infecting our natural organic plants as well. Natural outside factors such as the wind blowing seeds and pollen from these genetically grown factory farms onto many of our organic farms. The result is a cross pollination of farms which in turn taints and forever changes the organic plants that go to seed. Our honey bees are also inadvertently cross pollinating both genetic and organic heirloom plants which helps speed up this contamination. If we are not careful we could wind up with nothing but these hybrid plants.

On a more positive note people all over the world have taken it upon themselves to begin the process of seed collection. Many of the Native American Nations in fact have entire warehouses filled with organic perfect seeds because they know that one day we will need them to start over from scratch because we have contaminated so many of our plants.

We need to work on a solution to this dilemma or eventually our honey bee population will be destroyed completely. If the bees die off we will lose about 1/3 of our consumable food, so it’s not just affecting the bee and honey industry it is affecting every single person who requires food to live. Europe requires GE food packaging labels on all their products where America does not! If the GE crops make the Bee’s sick what will happen from long term human consumption? The best thing we can do is promote natural and organic foods, stay away from any genetically engineered products and help make people aware of their dangers by pressuring our government to enforce stricter laws on food labeling. JOIN the True Food Now Network and other groups like this. It may seem too simple of a solution but you would be surprised how powerful we are in numbers. Acceptance of FrankenFood still has to with stand the law of “supply and demand”; if we don’t buy it they will eventually have to stop making it. On a scale of 1 through 10 “Spirit says” this issue is about a 9! We need to be proactive and we have a right know what the food industry is doing to the products we consume. We have a right as citizens and fellow consumers to have some say in the way our food and land is treated. GreenPeace is even involved with monitoring GMO’s: USA site , Canada . I hope all of you that read this blog will work with me through prayer and personal choice to try and bring back our organic and small family farms, and protect our beloved honeybees from their uncertain fate.

  Sending the Mother Earth much Love & Light, 
  Michelle Whitedove 
  America's #1 Psychic

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