2010 World Predictions - Year of the Tiger

by Psychic Medium Michelle Whitedove

The Year of the Tiger

As 2009 comes to an end, on global scale humanity is in a state of flux, a stage of evolution. People on every continent are being prompted towards spiritual growth. Individually we are being asked to awaken.

During this process, many of the corrupt manmade systems are being tested: politics, health care, warfare, religions, financial institutions. (Just as I have already predicted in my books.) Changes in these systems are inevitable and necessary on a humanitarian level. If that’s not enough, Mother nature is cleaning house too.

On a spiritual level, please know that you intentionally incarnated during this time of upheaval. You wanted to be a part of this time of great change for humanity. 2010 is the Year of the Tiger, a time for you to take action. This is the time to take on challenges. Get lean, be brave with conviction and you can overcome all obstacles. As you triumph over major challenges you will once again find your personal power and create a better way of life.

When reading the predictions below, please know that YOU are the creator of your Reality. You can choose your personal experience for 2010 by your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. So I ask you each to focus on the WORLD as you want it to be “Hold the Vision of your Personal Paradise”. Then work towards your goals. As you improve your personal reality the entire world progresses, you are the KEY. Be aware, become self sufficient, don’t be fearful. 2010 is a time for birthing a New Reality.

2010 and Beyond Predictions:
2010-2011 is a time for getting back to the basics. It is a time to downsize. Grow gardens, have a water source, improve the basic quality of your life, and be in your integrity.


  • World wide people will intuitively begin to migrate to safe havens. I “SEE” that many third world immigrants are starting to return to their homelands. Inhabitants of industrialized nations will begin to seek out new places to live such as third world countries where they can afford to live comfortably.
    -CORRECT (PEW Research 2015) More Mexicans leaving the USA than coming in. -March 2010 ~ Is Moving Out Of The US a way to Escape the Coming Economic Collapse?

  • A continued downturn economy leads to a societal upheaval and emotional distress. A mass depression has descended on humanity. Pharmaceutical companies will continue to prey on consumers by marketing antidepressants by way of TV and print ads, so that people go to their doctors and ask specifically for these drugs. These drugs only help to create a fog in the mind, numb the emotions, and blind the people from seeing the ugly truth. Self medication is not the answer. You must find the light within yourself. Be the light for the people around you.
    Solution: YOGA for Stress Management?

  • Focus on yourself, go within. Learn to be self reliant and independent. Grow gardens. Can and preserve foods. I see that Neighborhood co-ops will increase. The barter system will become a more popular method of trading goods and services.

  • Rural communes will spring up as people join forces to create self sufficient communities from 2010-2014.
    CORRECT 2019 Where are the Off The Grid Communities and what to look for ?
    CORRECT July 2012: Off the Grid Communities5 places





  • In 2010 commercial real estate loans are the next big bubble of bad loans that will rock our economy. For now, I see that New York is the only place holding real estate value in the USA.

  • Inflation will turn into hyperinflation. The US economy/stock market will crash again in 2010. So get prepared. Start by cutting your costs now. Look at your biggest debts first: housing – consider multigenerational living or housemates, share the cost of housing. Look at ways to make additional money; part time jobs, selling items etc.
    CORRECT: May 2010 Stock market Crash Video

  • Gold will continue to rise over the next few years, continuing to hit all time highs as faith in currency dwindles. As I have said since 2003 Buy Gold Now!, I predict that ALL precious metals will continue to be a good investments along with high quality precious gems.
    CORRECT: May 2010 Gold’s is up


  • Unemployment is higher than being reported. In 2010, Many employers will continue to decrease benefits and hours. Many more jobs will be computerized. More jobs are going overseas. Due to unemployment, personal bankruptcy, the bad loans for housing, the number of homeless will drastically increase.

  • New all time highs of murders, violent crime, suicide, gang violence, & the mafia is running rampant.
    CORRECT April 2010 Chicago Crime Wave War in the Streets

  • Censorship is here. Big business broadcasters will be watering down the news and avoiding hard core investigations unless it serves them. Tabloid journalism will continue to dumb down the people. There will be only the illusion of a Free-Press.


  • Solar Power will be on the rise as people are looking for cost cutting methods and going Green. I encourage everyone to invest in themselves and the Earth.

  • Electric Cars and Tiny Hybrid Cars will be the new trend in the US.
    CORRECT Tesla Motors came on the scene and took the world by storm with their hybrid electric cars

  • Television and computers will merge into one unit. It will be the end of Cable TV as we know it. It will be the end of buying software to install at home. Everything will be integrated and On Demand as Applications for business and entertainment: music, streaming seminars, concerts, interactive classes, games, and first run movies. Business program applications to create flyers, resumes, and spread sheets will all be downloaded, (installing software discs will become extinct). This is the next big industry.
    CORRECT in 2010 Smart TV's were introduced. By 2015 Manufactures announced that they are only making Smart TV's.

  • By 2012 most movie theaters will go out of business. There will only be a niche for Specialty Theaters remaining. 

    CORRECT (although this is taken longer than forecasted) In The News- The end is near for cinema - Go to the movies while there's still time .

    CORRECT: 2012 AP Headline: Movie Theater Closings Rise As Hollywood Shifts To Digital ...They are dying a slow death. >2018 Hollywood's hoping that last summer's brutal box office 2017 — moviegoing hit a 25-year low in the U.S. <




  • I “SEE” that eventually there will be a National Health Care system in the US. The people will not have a voice in deciding on this new system.
    CORRECT Jan. 2010: Obama, in his first State of the Union address, says the health overhaul (Obama Care ) will “protect every American from the worst practices of the insurance industry.”

  • In the coming years 2012-2014 your social security card and your health care card will merge into one tracking device. CORRECT: Your Social Security Number is connected to the new health care system called Obama Care



  • 2012 is not the end of the world. It is the end of an era, socially, politically, and medically. It’s a major transition period and the beginning of a new spiritual consciousness. The Awakening process has already begun. The veil between this world and the next is lifting.
    CORRECT: the veil is lifting in all realms


Sending you Love, Light, and Peace
Michelle Whitedove 
Named America's #1 Psychic

Written November 20th, 2009

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