Clinton Obama Nomination Update

Clinton Obama Nomination Update - by Michelle Whitedove

I want thank all of you for your emails and watching my BLOG for updates. I’ve been inundated with emails about Hillary, her win in Indiana and loss in North Carolina, so I’d like to give a psychic update.

First I’d like to clarify why 100% accuracy is not possible when looking into the future. I’m not an all knowing oracle. Only God knows the true outcome and I am his humble messenger. When I look into the future, it’s much like an onion. Time is circular with many layers past, present, future, and many possible futures. Our future is dependent upon mankind’s free will. We each create our personal future based on our actions, thoughts, and our intent. Collectively as a mass consciousness we create the future for the USA and our World. Nothing is written in stone, the future is always in flux and shifting. There are always three possible futures. As a visionary and futurist, I try to predict the MOST PROBABLE future.

With that said, I’m NOT changing my prediction.
-I still see Hillary Clinton as President. My vision remains unchanged.
-It will be a close race for Hillary to win the nomination with recounts of delegates, super delegates and mega delegates.
-I see a “Major” scandal coming for Obama that will greatly tarnish his reputation. Obama has many dirty secrets.
-The Washington insiders do not want Obama as President because they know that he will be ineffective. Whereas Hillary knows how get the wheels in motion and move forward to get her goals accomplished.

I have also seen images of other possible futures too. I’ve seen Obama being elected and being assassinated within his first three months of presidency. With Hillary as his VP, this too would make her the President

I know without a shadow of doubt that Hillary will be America’s first Woman President. Some way, somehow, she will be President… I know that 100%! If not this election because of man’s free will, then the next election. Hillary wrote in her contract with God to be a world leader and make difference for humanity and she will accomplish the task to the best of her ability. You see, before we come to Earth we make a contract, and agreement to complete certain tasks and/or lessons during this lifetime. Hillary will complete her mission.

My election predictions have been correct the last two elections listen to my Interview with Alan Colmes below.


Written by Michelle Whitedove, May 8th 2008

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