The Democratic Illusion 2008

The Democratic Illusion - Written by Michelle Whitedove

Thanks to you, all my BLOG readers for showing their support and asking for my psychic insight and updates.

When we talk politics and/or religion emotions run deep. So I would like to say this, America’s two party system is no longer working for her people. We as citizens of the world need to select a president on their merits and on the solutions for the U.S. and the world. These political races should be more about voting for the BEST person, not the favorite party.

So when you read my psychic predictions please know that it is not about a personal or political bias. Just like my private readings, I have the ability to look into the SOUL of a person and perceive their strengths, weakness, and their true intent. And know this, the TRUTH is not always what it seems to be.

This year the Democratic Party outcome is veiled under a Grand Illusion. The media is even failing to see the possible outcome that I see. For months now, they have been spinning the tall tale that Hillary cannot win the bid for the presidency. All the while with great strength she has pushed forward. Today she did NOT concede she only SUSPENDED her campaign. Hillary has a PLAN A, B, C, and D ready for action. Hillary is only buying time.


~Hillary will not concede and drop out. Hillary is reserving her right keep her delegates so she can reverse her suspension and take her bid for Presidency all the way to the Democratic National Convention in Denver August 25-28.
>>>>WHAT HAPPENED? Obama bluffed Hillary and convinced her that she would not win   At a secret meeting Obama cut a deal with Hilary and she is named Secretary of StateWas Hilary promised to be in charge of all foreign affairs as the Shadow President LINK (YALE NEWS)

~My future vision remains the same, I see Hillary being sworn in.
>NOTE:  It may still happen in 2016 - I clearly saw her being sworn in!

~Obama is now ego centered instead of solution driven. He is all talk and lacks a real game plan. You will hear this in his upcoming interviews.

~He has more scandals that will continue to come to light that will continue to tarnish his reputation. He will take a beat down in the media. When this happens the super-delegates can change their vote and go with Hillary.

~I received psychic insight that the secret service has been beefed up around Obama because of the death threats that he is receiving. I “see” that most of these are only threats, but there are two real assassination plots being formed.
>>CORRECT:  A**assination plot thwarted to kill Obama at the Denver National Convention 2008 Video Gunman Arrested Sept 24th SUN NEWS But these are not even the ones that I was SEEING!

~McCain will not be the president. The 2008 Election will be a win for the Democrats, although closely won.

The media had no foresight during the last two presidential elections on how the win would play out because there were corrupt factors at play behind the scenes. I don’t always receive all the details when utilizing my psychic insight but as in the last two elections I was correct. Sometimes I receive the broad strokes, other times highly detailed insights. This time I’m betting on what seems to be the long shot… But I believe it to be only a grand illusion.

Vote Your Personal Truth in November.

~If my vision is farther reaching than I feel, then Hillary will be sworn in for the 2012 election after beating Obama.

Sending you Love, Light, and Peace,
  Michelle WhitedoveWrittenJune 7, 2008

NOTE:  Hillary Clinton was meant to be our President in 2008. Yes, I know what happened! During a secret meeting with Obama just before the Democratic National Convention in Denver; Hillary was deluded into believing that she could not win.  Obama gave her a choice: She could concede and support him for President and in doing so, she was promised an important government post which would set her up to run in 2016.  Or she could continue to divide the Democratic Party and be defeated - then she would suffer an embarrassing loss and have nothing!  Sadly, Hillary took the bait!  Although this just proves that Free-Will can change Destiny!  Hillary's destiny was to be president.

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