Hillary Clinton, US President

Hillary Clinton, US President - Written March 22nd 2008
A Democratic Update 2008 Election
By Michelle Whitedove

I really try NOT to watch the TV news; I feel that it may influence my psychic information. My predictions don’t come from intelligent deductions, ego, or opinions. Right before Super Tuesday I was swamped with emails, it was not looking good for Hillary. Everyone wanted me to give an update. Some wanted me to concede to the popular opinion that Obama had a solid lead and Hillary should just drop out. I turned on the TV; the newscasters were predicting doom and gloom for Clinton. My mind was spinning; I started to second guess my prediction given by “Spirit”. I turned off the television, and went into prayer, “Has the Presidential outcome changed?” I asked.

Soon I was given a vision of Hillary being sworn in as the next president elect. Proud and regal she stood with her hand on the bible wearing a royal blue suit. Behind her, the Vice President was a white man; his face was not in clear focus. So my predictions remain unchanged, my faith unwavering. The Democratic ticket will be Hillary Clinton for President and John Edwards as the vice president. (See my May 07 BLOG) You see this is the reason that Hillary was born, the US Presidency is written in her destiny. She has been preparing for this her entire life. Hillary knows that she can make a difference in world politics. “Spirit” says that she is the right person for the job at this time.

What will happen to Obama?

As of today, Obama is over-confidant and the power is going to his head. He is buying into his own PR hype. His people are playing up the Christian family man, but we are in the beginning stages of scandal, after scandal. His colorful past will crop up as his opposition is digging for the dirt. In Obama’s younger years he never thought that he would be running for US President. So now the ugly truth will be spoon fed to the American public: marital indiscretions, prejudice, drug use, associations with the wrong people and even money laundering associated with his church. The country’s opinion will turn on him. Unfortunately this will cause Oprah great embarrassment, and will lead to a drop in her ratings.

In the end, Obama’s reputation will be too tarnished for the vice president, Hillary will not want him. I believe that she has already spoken to John Edwards about him jumping back on the ticket as VP. John is the man with ethics, morals, and he’s standing by his wife during her time of crisis. He looks good on paper and he’s not a threat.

HER Presidency:

Hillary will face decisions that NO MAN has had to deal will during one presidency: Wars, Natural Disasters, Martial Law, Economic Failure, US terrorism, and Civil Unrest. So be assured that Hillary is the right man for the job. “Spirit” says that she will make the best decisions for our country. That’s the bottom line.

Sending you Love & Light,
Michelle Whitedove

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