Psychic Update: US Presidential Election 2008

By Michelle Whitedove

After receiving so many requests for a psychic update on the US Presidential Elections for 2008 I thought that I should go over my May 17th 2007 predictions an add some new insights. Below you will find my old predictions, along with added updates.

What are media personalities saying about my predictions? At first they thought that I was crazy. I did a really large show on Dec 14, 2007 the host was somewhat indifferent on air, but later he changed his tune:

"For the rebirth of McCain, you could almost feel the wind change three weekends ago when major newspapers in primary states surprisingly endorsing McCain while Romney and Huckabee were duking it out. But it wasn't such a surprise to everybody. The Friday before that was announced--at a point when nobody was talking about McCain as being anything other than a political dead man talking--Michelle Whitedove, the winner of Lifetime Television Top Psychic Contest, said this with me on Coast to Coast… its a prediction worth remembering."
Ian Punnett, Coast to Coast Radio
From his Jan 1, 2008 BLOG: Amazed (link broken)

After reading many emails, I also want to address the frequently asked question: Why didn't you mention Mitt Romney or Ron Paul? Answer: When I originally wrote this mid-May neither of these men were a blip on my psychic radar. So for all those inquiring minds… I still feel that neither man will play a large part in the election as it gets down to the nominees.

My Feb 8th 2008 PREDICTION UPDATES have been added BELOW, be sure to click on the Links to read the articles!!!

Sending the World, Love and Light, Michelle Whitedove


2008 Election Political Predictions BLOG May 17 2007
Written May 17th, 2007 by Michelle Whitedove
~536 days prior to the election~

Republican Party Candidates: I do not see a republican in office this term.

-John H. Cox -will run but is going to drop out.
>>CORRECT: withdrew Late 2007 - Link

-Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York City He will run a strong race in the beginning and will do well in NY. He will be Hillary's competition. New Yorkers respect him more than Hillary, but are torn because they don't feel that he is strong enough to run the country. When he was mayor he made some mistakes that many still hold against him. And some hold his personal life and opinions against him. He will start out strong as a presidential candidate, but will fade out.
>>CORRECT: Dropped out Jan 30 2008 - Link

-Senator John McCain of Arizona
He will be a front runner. He believes he has a good shot at Presidency.
>>CORRECT - Link

He has a huge ego. John McCain is prejudice so he won't run with Condoleezza Rice if offered to be on the same ticket.

-Representative Tom Tancredo
He is strong contender and will try to stick it out till the last minute, but wont be President or VP
>>CORRECT: Dropped out Dec 20, 2007- Link

-Former Governor Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin
This guy is so full of crap, not only is he a liar but he's against everything that the people want. This guy has no conscious; he's a total fake & phony.
>>CORRECT/Dropped out Aug 2007 - Link

-Former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas
He has not announced it yet but he will run for President. He likes Al Gore and later they will work together.
>>CORRECT: he is running, but will NOT be President

-Former Senator and actor Fred Thompson
He may try to run because of his big overblown ego, but he will drop right out. This is a mean man.
>>CORRECT: ran for a short time, Jan 2008 Dropped Out - Link

-Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Rice is super intelligent and currently she speaks on behalf of Bush and Cheney. I believe that Cheney will die, thus furthering Rice's role in the government before the 2008 elections. For the Election, Rice is the ace in the pocket for the Republican party. Condi has not announced her run as of yet but when her party sees that Hillary is ahead in the media and polls they will announce that Rice will run. In their minds, if a woman can be forerunner…then they will add another in the mix. But know this, Rice is a puppet for the dark side and would be a nightmare in office. When I look inside her soul, she's a monster, and a cunning liar, with NO regard for humanity. Rice stands for war, evil and the downfall of the country. She will NOT become president.
>>>>UPDATE: I want to give clarity for this prediction. Looking into the future, there is a potential for the Republican Party to cry for Condoleezza to run on the ticket as Vice President in the 2008 election. I have seen a vision of another attack on America, much like 911. (I am not going to go into detail…because the mind is the builder of our future.) But I do want to state for the record that a large scale attack would be the catalyst for Condoleezza to run due to her expertise in foreign relations.

Democratic Party Candidates:

-Senator Joe Biden No chance to become President
>>CORRECT: Jan 2008 Dropped Out - Link

-Representative Dennis Kucinich, He's full of malarkey, not strong enough.
>>CORRECT Jan 2008 Dropped Out - Link

-Former Vice President Al Gore He is thinking about entering the race but wavering. He wants a sure bet, his ego cannot stand another blow like the last stolen election. He has the backing of millions since "An Inconvenient Truth" was released. I see him appointed to a position in the white house, with possible ties to Obama. But he should stick to saving the environment…that is his true calling and where humanity needs his efforts.
>>CORRECT: Al Gore was considering the call.

-Former Senator John Edwards He's a strong candidate, could go all the way and will be a front runner. He's truly a good man, but not politically savvy enough yet to be president. I believe he will run as VP on Hillary's ticket.
>>CORRECT: John was the 3rd DEM candidate.

-Senator Barack Obama He's a good person but American is not fully accepting of his vision. He will pull a majority of the African American votes, and will be a strong front runner at first. I see a strong start, weak finish. In the end his party will not support him as their frontrunner on the ballot. Could end up on the ticket as a VP but doubtful.
This prediction remains unchanged.

-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton She will have the support to run as the Democrats choice for President. She has been preparing working hard and has the low down and dirt on all the politicians. Hillary has collected and documented scandalous information on her peers, she's been waiting for this moment to use their dirty laundry as leverage to get what she wants. She's off the charts smart, & calculating, and has her ducks in a row. Personal politics: She's for the environment and social medicine. Truly for the people and creating a better USA. She has what it takes to help turn this country around. She's not the greatest human being….she will do anything to get what she wants. She feels that the END always justifies the MEANS. Mark my words Hillary WILL BE America's first woman president as I have predicted this for years.
This prediction remains unchanged.

The Green Party Candidates:

-Ralph Nader of Connecticut He has not announced it yet but he will run again, but wont get anywhere. He just loves the attention and wants to take away votes from the democrats.
January 30, 2008, he formed an exploratory committee - Link

-Former Representative Cynthia McKinney I do see her running. She's a strong candidate for the green party, but she wont have enough support and will drop out. Good person with a strong voice though and she will get a message out.

Libertarian Party Candidates:

I have deleted several predictions from this category of inconsequential runners…go to my original MAY 17 BLOG to view them.

-Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City He doesn't have enough credentials, or political clout to run, he couldn't do the job as President. Its only talk that he will be running as an Independent even though he's Republican. He will not be able to run.
This prediction remains unchanged

THE FINAL RESULT: 2008 President will be a Democrat
My vision remains unchanged for Winner and the nominees below, as written May 17th 2007

by Michelle Whitedove
~536 days prior to the election~

The Main Contenders ~ As I see it
Looking into the future, there is still waffling going on with the final ballots. Seeing into time and space is tricky. There are two strong scenarios BUT it doesn't really matter because the outcome will be the same. The Democrats will win.

Democrat's will nominate:
Hillary Rodham Clinton running as President /WINNER- first female President
John Edwards as Vice President

Republican's will nominate:
For President John McCain or Rudy Giuliani
For Vice President Rudy Giuliani OR Condoleezza Rice

In love and Light,
Michelle Whitedove

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