2008 Celebrity Predictions & Insights

By Michelle Whitedove

So it looks like my political predictions will come to pass: See my May 2007 BLOG entry. Months ago Alan Colmes said to me "This is not what the pundits are predicting." I told him, "We'll know in November!"

Now people are asking what I see in the future for the Stars in Hollywood, so here goes some of my psychic Celebrity Predictions and Insights:

Heath Ledger:

For all those wondering: Heath did not commit suicide, he had NO intention of taking his life. This was an accidental overdose.

CORRECT: (Feb 08) Because there were prescription pills found near his body the press was speculating on Suicide. The Feb. 6th 08 Autopsy report was conclusive: Accidental Overdose

Oprah Winfrey:

She will re-vamp the format of her show after a ratings drop in late 2008. My favorite powerhouse has too much on her plate. Her health will suffer due to stress. She will create new programming for television but she will be behind the scenes making money as a network / production company/ producer. Subconsciously Oprah feels the need to do as much as she can for others. All light workers are feeling the pressure that "the time is NOW" to work on their life's mission.

CORRECT: I love Oprah, so I’m sad that this prediction is coming to fruition, her ratings have already started to descend. As I have said on several Radio shows that Oprah’s support of Obama will hurt her ratings. LINK ***(link broken)
LISTEN to my Feb 08 radio prediction on KISS-FM
CORRECT: New HARPO shows are in the works Dr.Oz, Kirsty Alley

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes:

Tomcat has passed their rough patch for now. Katie has adjusted to Tom's influence and control. She knows that her man wants another biological heir, this is her leverage in the relationship. I predict that they will have one more "designer baby" meaning genetically selected characteristics via "In Vitro Fertilization." They will split after the 2nd child. Tom is very calculated in every aspect of his life, he knows that he is in charge of his destiny. 

PSYCHIC INSIGHT - Tom Cruise gave Katie Holmes an ultimatum: have a child or else;Katie Holmes saw the writing on the wall and was not going to fall victim to the fate of Nicolle Kidman. CORRECT: on June 29, 2012 Katie Holmes beat Tom to the punch, she filed for divorce. Katie said that her marriage was over 6 month prior.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban:

After many miscarriages due to female problems Nicole will give birth!!! She is very much in love with her country crooner. I see that Tom Cruise is not so thrilled. He does not approve of Keith because his addiction, and will not allow their adopted children to be influenced by an addict. This is why Nicole sees so little of her children. In the future, unfortunately Keith will relapse and hit the bottle again while on tour and he will have an indiscretion. Once his cheating becomes public Nicole will be devastated, humiliated and she will divorce him. It's heartbreaking when we love someone but have to let them go. Nicole has success in all aspects of her life but "Love Relationships" are her karmic issue.

CORRECT: With a history of miscarriages and I “see” other major health issues, never the less, Nicole gave birth to a baby girl named Sunday Rose on July 7th 2008! Congratulations! And she just moved to Beverly Hills which forces Tom to let her spend more time with their teenage children.

Jessica Alba and Cash:

Romantic Jessica is doing what she feels is the right thing. She will marry her baby's daddy. Thank goodness I see a pre-nup being signed because they will only be together for a couple of years. WHY? Cash doesn't want to be Mr. Alba, and Jessica will have her baby then get right back to work.

CORRECT: Married May 19, 2008

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie:

Their future looks bright! I see them having a private commitment ceremony to declare their love and dedication to each other and their "Soul Family". A legal marriage holds no interest for them. They will continue with their great humanitarian deeds. Another biological child is in the works too.

CORRECT: Feb 24th Pregnancy News
Recently news sources also reported that the Jolie-Pitts gave $8 Million to charities in a 12 month period! These humanitarians are donating 40 percent of their yearly income to make a difference in Louisiana’s 9th Ward, Darfur LINK, Doctors Without Borders, Global Action for Children, Epidermolysis Bulloma Medical Research Foundation for children, orphanages and other causes. Check out these links and donate.
As Gandhi said, "The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service to others." 
INSIGHTS:  They Married in Sept 2014 citing their children wanted it!

George Clooney:

He has much happiness in his life, both personal and professional. I see an OSCAR for him this year! He is really smitten with his current love, but I don't see a marriage for him in the near future. George is brilliant and a humanitarian; he will continue his good works and be a role model in Hollywood.

CORRECT (June 08) No wedding bells for George & Sarah.

Pam Anderson:

She's chemically imbalanced. In ill health, party girl Pam is drinking herself to death. I do see her giving birth again. Pam is our modern-day Liz Taylor.

Tori Spelling and Dean:

They will have two children then split, another ugly divorce. Tori will be looking for a sugar daddy.

CORRECT (Jan 24, 08) Second Pregnancy

Nicole Richey and Joel Madden:

I see a post baby break up.

Lindsay Lohan:

She is relapsing now, she is a suicide watch. Dina needs to watch her every move

.CORRECT: Jan 30th 08: Relapse, April 08: Relapsing

Pink and Corey Hart:

There is a tragic accident in Carey's energy this year. Take heed and be careful.

CORRECT: RIP (Aug 9, 2008) My condolences to the family, Carey’s younger brother died in a tragic accident.

Beyonce and Jay-Z:

Their break up has begun. Beyonce is a good girl and Jay-z won't change his cheatin' ways. You will see less and less of them together in public. Then one day it will be announced that they broke up months ago. Their PR people are doing a good job. Beyonce knows that she deserves a better man!

INSIGHT & CLARIFICATION: Well it happened; Beyonce flipped her wig when she discovered another relationship transgression. It was the last straw and Beyonce called it off! JAY-Z knew of only one way to salvage their high profile merger: He promised undying love, fidelity, proposed, and whisked her off to get a Marriage License on April 1st, with an impromptu wedding April 4th. This costly party has only postponed the inevitable… a final break-up due to his libido.
>>CORRECT UK NEWS Headline: Beyonce and Jay Z 'have had silent SEPARATIONS' amid cheating claims, says cousin Shanica Knowles

AlIcia Keys:

She is a beautiful "Old Soul". She is setting examples for those in the music industry as well as her admirers. Alisha must be extra careful when traveling by private plane and listen to her intuition or she will leave this planet as many other musicians have: Stevie Ray Vaughn, John Denver, and Aaliyah.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel:

These love birds will fly solo in 2008.

Kid Rock:

He works hard at his "Bad Boy" public image, but at heart he is a family man. He's on the hunt for his next baby's momma. He won't quit drinking and smoking but he is ready to settle down. Kid will be offered his own reality TV show but will turn it down if his privacy clause is not agreed upon. His music will take more of a political point of view, speaking his personal truth through his music.

Brett Michaels:

Currently he is very ill with his diabetes and its other side effects on his body. He needs a drastic change or his life will be short.

CORRECT IN APRIL AND MAY OF 2010, Out of the blue, Michaels was rushed to the hospital several times for Life and Death emergencies. Brett Michaels has an emergency appendectomy, later suffered a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage of the Brain, diagnosed with a "patent foramen ovale” (PFO), a hole in his heart" and a transient ischemic attack or stroke. Thank God that Brett has the best medical attention and that he will be around longer for his children!

Britney Spears:

She is on the Anna Nicole Smith fast track to self destruction. I see a DUI, Car accident, more hospitalization due to alcohol poisoning and overdose. Her no-good confidant Sam Lufti will find his way to jail. Britney is trying to get pregnant and she will succeed, she is trying to have baby so someone will love her unconditionally. Kevin will be given full custody of their two children till Brit proves to the court that she has cleaned up. She is a suicide watch.

CORRECT (July 2008) Kevin is given Full Custody LINK

Christine Aguilera and Jordan:

This couple is totally in love, I see two children for the Bratman's. Christina is an old soul who was a songstress in a previous life.

NOTE: Christina did have two children although with two different men

In Love & Light,
Michelle Whitedove