Touring Maryland & Pennsylvania

By Michelle Whitedove

I just returned from four events in the North East. We flew into Baltimore, MD where Mother Nature greeted us with brisk temperatures that quickly turned to snow. Residing in Florida and California, I sometimes forget how very cold winter can be. So I forgot to pack my gloves.

My first two events were for advanced students of metaphysics and I would like to thank Christi at Inspired Events who is a teacher and Robin Rice who is an author and Shaman for hosting these events. We enjoyed two wonderful evenings of fellowship and friendship. The discussion was vast: shape shifting, star energy, the levels of Heaven, soul contracts, Indigo Children, and Metatron just to mention a few. These were energizing events.

Upon leaving Robin's place we headed down a county road about midnight. On a bike path that follows along the roadway a bicyclist crossed over the painted line and I swerved to miss him. My manager sat in the front passenger seat she saw the movement from the corner of her eye. We all jolted forward with a tap to my brakes. Just then the bicyclist disappeared? I questioned my vision, then realized that this was a ghostly imprint of a tragic accident. I received images, it was a horrific scene. On this desolate road, night after night this plays out like a movie. It made me wonder how many other drivers swerved to miss hitting this ghost night rider?

The next day we headed to Pennsylvania and spent one night in Lancaster County. On this cold, cold winters night we saw the Amish riding in their black carriages with glass windows, drawn by a horse, using a candle lantern to light their way. It reminded me that this is one community that will be fine when the satellites and electricity goes down. I tell people that computers and TV's are fake energy…and one day we will go back to the basics. The Amish are ahead of us! They know how to sustain themselves and be self sufficient living off the land prayerfully.

Our Pennsylvania events were a success and I would like to thank Vicki Fox and Susan Duval. Their local newspapers covered my appearances and we had a fantastic turnout from the community. See the articles below:

 All four of these wonderful women worked together as spiritual networkers…instead of competitors. They are walking their talk! My love and gratitude go out to them.

After the last event I had a chance to go to dinner with my friend Joseph Tittel from America's Psychic Challenge. With my weeks work behind me it was so nice to laugh and enjoy the evening with good friends!

I have received many kind emails from the attendees and I want to tell you all that I look forward to returning to your area. I'll be back… when it's warmer!!

Sending you Love & Light,
Michelle Whitedove

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