Hello from America's Top Psychic

By Michelle Whitedove


I just want everyone to know that I truly appreciate all the love and overwhelming support that I have received from America and Canada. Thank you, for your prayers and good wishes!

My goal was to prove to America that Psychic abilities are real and give credit to God, my Guardian Angels and spirit guides for their faith in me and constant encouragement.

This show was the most difficult undertaking for me on every level. During filming, Los Angeles was experiencing a heat wave. It was 110 degrees in the shade. In the desert, it was about 120 degrees when we were challenged to find a missing boy in 17 acres. My physical health was tested too. It was so HOT that the paramedics had to be called for me. So I was happy that my heat exhaustion incident was not made a part of the show.

Kudos to the producers for leaving the "behind the scenes drama" on the cutting room floor. They really focused on each psychic and their abilities to meet each challenge. As you could see, every psychic had their own style and unique gifts. Some specialize in certain areas, others were more well-rounded. That was good to see, because psychics seem to get lumped into "We Only talk to dead people" category. But folks this is untrue, only a "Medium" can converse with the other side. A "Psychic" just reads the energy of a person, place or thing. I only wish that this program had more interviews to educate the home audience about psychic phenomena because there are so many misconceptions about psychic abilities.

But now we are at the end of the show I look back on the experience much like childbirth. You soon forget the pain and you celebrate the grand outcome of your hard work. So again, to my students, clients, fellow psychics, and fans of the show, I say thank you for your prayers and positive energy.

I Send You Love & Light,
Michelle Whitedove

PS ~ Watch a video clip of the show below:

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