Go for the Gold: New Visions, Predictions & Commentary

By Michelle Whitedove

USA Economics:

In my May 16th 07 BLOG, I predicted that gold would reach $800, (it hadn't been that high since the 1980s) I was told it would never happen. Well it happened last week. Today I will tell you that the price of gold will jump up again to an all time HIGH by Feb 08. I have told my clients since 2001 to invest in gold, silver and copper. Since then gold has gone from $300 to $800per oz.

  • I see that precious metals and gemstones will continue to rise.
    CORRECT from 2008 to 2012 Gold prices rise more that 100 percent!  
  • Gold is still the way to go because the US dollar will continue to lose value. Bush is printing bills like Monopoly money. As I predicted in my book "Angels Are Talking", written in 2002, we are in a recession, and now we are close to the economic crash that I wrote about. When this happens, paper money will be worthless. The US will go back to coin, precious metals and the barter system. So hold onto your gold jewelry. Buy coins as a solid investment.
  • Consumer goods will continue to rise, and I am still predicting $6/gal. for gas then to $8. Hybrid cars that get good gas mileage are the way to go.

2008 The Year of the Rat/Enterprise

Get Ready, because 2008 will be a bumpy ride on a global scale. The world is in transition, humanity is going through another dark phase similar to the period in history we call the Dark Ages. This is a period where the Mother Earth and civilization goes through a time of upheaval, social and civil unrest, a multitude of Wars, the fall of governments, banking intuitions, dogmatic religions fail, and Earth changes will continue.

These are the days called the end times, Revelations, I call it the ascension. With these changes mankind has divided. A subconscious choice has taken place within the spirit of every human being. Every soul has decided as to what team they are playing for either: Goodness or Fear & Darkness. So keep your eyes open.

What Can You Do? 

At this time there are three probable futures for humanity: trying, bad, and awful. What's the best way to get through a difficult time? Get connected to the source God. Realize that individually you create your future. Visualize your future, and create it with pure intention as you journey through. Go through each day with a constant connection to the Heavens, through your prayers give your guardian angels permission to help you. Stop ignoring them! Talk with them like they are your best friends. During the rough times know that you are never alone. Your unseen support team is by your side. I would encourage you to take the high road. In times of difficulty this is when we see what we are really made of. Step up to the plate and let your light shine and help one another. I would encourage you to start your day with prayer.

The Children are our Future

You can't help but notice the rate of infertility. There is a spiritual reason and physical ones too. God ordains when it's time for a soul to come in, and only then can a soul make a reservation with the mother. (That's why a psychic can see a child coming before conception.) Right now, only a very special group of children are allowed to be born. These souls are called the Indigo Children because of the color of their aura. These highly advance souls are here to save humanity, they are the next evolution of enlightened beings. So listen to your young children, they are our future.

Autism is on the rise. But many of these children are special indigos that display brilliance in one or more areas. They will teach you unconditional love. Autism is also created by vaccines that are unsafe and yet still required. What an atrocity, there should be warnings, another cause is damaged sperm from servicemen who are being contaminated.

Not all women are meant to bear children. These women have a larger purpose to be mentors and nurtures to larger numbers to fulfill a humanitarian purpose. They are to be mothers to many.

Women's Health

 Women must be careful what they feed their children and themselves. Much of our food is dead, meaning that the nutrients are no longer present. Seeds are being genetically engineered and the USA doesn't require that to be disclosed in our food labeling. Europe insists on it. Because of this, you need to take a good quality nutritional supplement. Best idea, Go organic! Livestock and dairy cows are pumped full of steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, and chemicals. In women, this will cause female issues such as endometriosis, cancer and infertility. As a medical intuitive I "SEE" that quite literally we are being slowly poisoned with our foods.


 Protect yourself both spiritually and physically. The plague of this time in history is AIDS much like the plagues of the dark ages. This plague is killing millions with no cure in sight. We are also seeing a resurgence of boils with a dangerous staph infection MRSA, and hepatitis. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, its true. I would urge everyone to protect yourself with prayers of protection: Bless your food, bless your children. Engulf yourself in God's white light through prayer. This connection to God will help you emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

The Oceans

  •  The mammals of the oceans are our brothers and sisters. Our government is doing cruel submarine sonar experiments. Knowingly they are going to kill pods of whales and dolphins. Please Click here to stop the Navy's plans to unleash lethal sonar off North Carolina's coast. WARNING! If the Dolphin and Whales go extinct, then humanity is next. And a Sub will be in trouble, something will go wrong.
  • Mother Nature will react to our actions. As I have stated in my previous Blogs there will be Tsunami's to hit the US and Japan.
    CORRECT in 2011 JAPAN experienced its strongest-ever earthquake followed by a tsunami, which killed thousands of people and severely damaged several nuclear power facilities.

G.W. Bush

I have many previous blogs about China, but Bush has done it this time. He has pushed them too far, they are ready to give America a demonstration of their military might. They want to show their strength and prove that THEY are the world's SUPERPOWER. And now that America's dollar is worth about 50 cents on the world market China knows that we can't even afford a war with them.

  • Bush is paving the way to open the Mexican borders. Right now his plan is to ignore the border, then remove government employees so no one is patrolling. Then he will pass a bill to open the borders. The Ultimate goal is to create one Government for North America. This means that Canada would no longer be a safe haven.
    CORRECT (Aug 2008) Opening Borders LINK 

  • The big bang. Before he is out of term Bush will take actions that will trigger a military response from the Holy Land! The Middle East will pick up arms when the feel that they MUST defend themselves. Bush is clearing the way for the Antichrist who be a new leader in the Middle East. He will be a wolf in sheep's clothing. The world will see him as a savior in the beginning, then once he has a good grip on his power his actions will show WHO he really is.
    CORRECT On December 27, 2008, Israel launched a major military campaign dubbed “Operation Cast Lead” against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Controlling the Masses

  • I know that this will seem far fetched but it is true. We are being undated with subtle methods of mind control which triggers a response in the subconscious mind, these are being delivered via TV, radio, satellite, computers, and also chemical drops.
  • There are subliminal messages that are embedded in pharmaceutical commercials. Doctors are being pushed to supply anti-depressants to the masses. A whole generation of children are being diagnosed ADDH. These drugs make human more passive and compliant. But this also makes us more prone to suicide. As I stated in my May 4th, 07 Blog: Crime and suicide numbers will rise dramatically. This has happened. On a spiritual level, drugs dull our mind and spirit, this leaves us open to dark influences.
  • Our government is experimenting with high and low frequencies that via satellites, and computers to make us more submissive and fearful.
  • Airplanes are spraying in chemicals into the air that are drug-like. And I see that the secret chipping of people has already begun, a miniature LowJack device can be embedded in the body.

 To back up my visions and information my assistant found the following links:

I ask that you be open minded, because knowledge is power! The more you know, the better that you can resist falling into complacency. For more insights read the earlier BLOG entries, and the predictions written in She Talks with Angels, and Angels are Talking.

In Love and Light,
Michelle Whitedove

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