Election Anything is Possible

Psychic insights by Michelle Whitedove

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Vote your conscious tomorrow. Anything is possible at this point, because the corruption of our voting system is mind-boggling. We the people, no longer have a fair say in who becomes president. The votes are not being counted accurately. And registration to vote is being denied. Voting is just a deception, it’s a masquerade. The government is creating an illusion and totally discounting the votes of the people. Tomorrow whoever steals the most votes WINS!

In my own family, four people applied for voter’s registration cards. Three were address changes, and one was a first time voter. Only two received cards.

New Insights:

MCCAIN: Unfortunately John McCain is in ill health, I see colon and heart issues. The inexperienced Sarah Palin is not competent to be a world leader. In my original psychic prediction the Republican VP was supposed to be Condoleezza Rice but at the last moment McCain’s people slipped Sarah into the spot.

OBAMA: Unfortunately for Obama, there is an a**assination plot coming from high up within our own government. A covert plan made to look something else, along with a JFK style cover up. Most likely the murder would be pinned on a white supremacist group.

Even with my gifts of foresight, as we come down to the wire, the outcome has been moving like shifting sand. Man’s “free will” even when it’s divisive is still honored by God. I stand by my last election scenario (previous blog)

How do we put a stop the voter rigging? The people must join together as one voice and rise up against the government. After all the last two elections were stolen!

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The word “Anarchy” is ringing in my ear.

In Love & Light,
  Michelle Whitedove       Written Nov. 3rd, 2008

"When the government fears the people there is liberty; when the people fear the government there is tyranny." - Thomas Jefferson

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