2008 Economic Crisis + Election Predictions

Economic Crisis + Election Predictions
Psychic insights by Michelle Whitedove

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Obama will be sworn in and we will all live happily ever after! NO, this is just another fairytale that some America’s are buying into. It’s NOT going to happen; psychically I see that America is headed for an unprecedented upset.

Unfortunately during the last eight years of the Bush regime, greed and power has overtaken our government. Our President has no accountability, not to the senate, not to the congress, the Press, nor the people. George Bush is not going to go quietly into retirement. In fact he loves his position of world power so much that his corrupt plan has been revealed to me. Here are my unpleasant insights regarding our leader and his strategy of undoing our mighty nation. Bush has sold us out.

I predict:

-Purposely the wealth of the nation is being wiped away. The 700 Billion Dollar rescue package is a deception. The 700 billion will disappear and make no impact on the US economy. Ultimately the funds will not be accounted for, they are vanishing assets.
CORRECT Bloomberg sues the Fed: Where is the 700B bailout money going?

-The US economy will crash before the next presidential inauguration. Intentionally the personal wealth of the people is being wiped away so the government will gain more control over its citizens. (As of yesterday, 8.3 Trillion dollars of wealth have evaporated. LINK )
CORRECT ( US News & World Report) The Crash of 2008 was recognized. Unfortunately when history is written 2008 will be known as the beginning of the 2nd Great Depression.

-Glen Beck has predicted this depression for two years(Update Video); I’ve predicted it for seven years (See previous Blogs: May 2006 & Sept 2004.) The US economy drives the world markets, so this depression will affect two thirds of the world. Least effected economies over the next three years: Australia, India, some of South America, China, & Dubai.

- With every fiber of my being, I know that there is a major event looming either: 

  • A) A US government plot which will be 911-like, with Bush claiming a state of emergency thus suspending and postponing the election and self imposing his dictatorship.
  • B) Another stolen election.
  • D) An assassination.
  • E) All of the above.

This major event will be the catalyst for our government to instate military personnel for martial law. The ball is in motion, I clearly see that riots are already expected surrounding the elections. I have predicted Martial Law being enforced in the US since 2002 now look at the PROOF that it’s coming: LINK VIDEO  .

-Hilary (for all of those that keep emailing)
She cut a deal with the shadow government; I still see her in play for the postponed election.
CORRECT: Hilary the Shadow President LINK (YALE NEWS) At a secret meeting Obama cut a deal with Hilary and she is named Secretary of State.

-Our democracy is now an illusion, social equality is dead. A new order of government has been formed within the government, one that will control the people and their finances. Disregard what the government leaders are saying, they will say anything, watch their actions. An American Revolution is needed. But most people are too preoccupied with their personal crisis, (distraction, which is the plan) so they are unable to cope with joining a revolt against the government. Americans are being divided into two groups: the Ultra Wealthy, and the Poverty Stricken.

-The Distant Future: As I have previously predicted, eventually Canada, Mexico, will join with the USA to become The North American Union and we will move towards a cashless system. A credit/debit system will be standard and all transactions monitored. Those people that refuse the new system will be considered enemies of the state. There will be many groups which will choose compound living. Self sufficient communities will increase, rebel groups living remotely under harsh conditions. Government permission will be needed to leave the country.
CORRECT Fox News Business Guru Predicts US Revolution (Nov 08) VIDEO

A Spiritual Prospective

WHY is “Spirit” allowing this to happen? To wake humanity and bring us together, this corrupt system must fall away. An undoing must happen before a reconstruction can occur.

What You Can Do:

Don’t watch the TV News, its fear based. The fear mentality is not where you need to dwell. During these times you will be forced to step outside of your comfort zone. Instead of focusing on your personal troubles, reach out to those less fortunate. The gift of giving will lift your spirits, help another and raise the vibration of the planet. Random acts of kindness are important aspect of humanitarianism. Keep your spirit centered through consistent prayer and meditation.

We each create our future, what you THINK brings about your future. So keep the blinders ON…just keep striving towards your goals. Horses wear blinders to keep them focused and moving forward in a straight manner. Their peripheral vision is blocked from all the distractions on the road and that’s what we need to do.

Cut back on spending, buy only necessities. Stock up on your essentials before the prices rise again due to inflation. Trading and bartering services will be important for the next few years. Give it some thought: What is your specialty? Invest in gold, copper, silver, gems and necessities that you can trade.
CORRECT: Gold is still a safe investment (Nov 08)

Reverting to the close knit family unit and living arrangements of indigenous tribes is the best way to live. Multi generation family groups and communal living where everyone works together for the good of all… will be beneficial. Keep your loved ones close and work together. Self sufficiency will be important: growing gardens, chickens for eggs, and yes even cows for milk and meat…we have to get back to the basics.
CORRECT: Multi-Generational Living on the Rise LINK CORRECT (Feb 09) Return of Gardens, canning vegetables and raising chickens. LINK

This economic depression will affect everyone differently, depending on your belief system, your strong will, your actions, and your karma.

Learn from our Elders:

If you talk to people who lived through the great depression…they all have their own perspective. One lady said “Yes we were poor but everyone that we knew was in the same boat. We grew food, sewed dresses, and traded goods for services that we needed. The people in the big cities, suffered worse with soup lines and people committing suicide because they lost their fortunes in the stock markets. We didn’t have great wealth so we viewed it as a very hard time, which we would eventually get through.

I’ll be blogging more…so stay tuned.

Sending you, Love, Light and Peace,

Michelle Whitedove   - Written Oct. 10th, 2008

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