Election Overview & Bullet-Proof Glass

Psychic insights by Michelle Whitedove

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Written Nov 7th, 2008. Florida officials started early to manipulate the 2008 election, they moved up the primary voting date in violation of both national Democratic and Republican party rules to purposely disqualify delegates. (How’s that even legal?) Then voter suppression started. As we came into the last week prior to the election the Republicans tried to spin a story to the media and to the people that John McCain had a chance at the presidency.

On Voting Day Nov 4th , police in major cities went to work with riot gear expecting civil unrest. The Shadow Government was planning on a race with close enough numbers that they could steal this election, just as the past two were stolen. The State of Florida was once again playing a pivotal role, withholding the real vote count waiting to see if they could continue their vote rigging practices and give the electoral vote to McCain. But Americans came out in record numbers for Obama. The voter’s free will, the mass consciousness prevailed. Stealing a landslide vote was virtually impossible without anarchy ensuing. It would be far too obvious.

Obama’s win is one of historical proportions for the African American community and our nation. But as I have stated before, Obama’s “soul contract” was to become a preacher. He gives hope and inspiration. But my psychic insights of his personal character still stand, he does not have the solutions to pull America out of our economic crisis nor deal with the wars that G.W. Bush created. I believe that this presidency was meant to belong to Hillary, and because he somehow stepped into her predestined role, Obama will not be allowed to do the full term as the 44th president. At this point the inauguration on Jan 20th, 2009 is even in question. As my readers know, I have never seen Obama as president in my future visions. I predicted a**assination attempts early on, if Hillary was replaced by Obama. Which happened. And now the plots are coming into fruition, 2 plots foiled and Obama already has more threats than any other of his predecessors. His victory speech had to be delivered behind two-inch thick walls of bullet proof glass!!! See the photo: This is a first in our nation’s history.

Something big is brewing! Watch Colin Powell’s “Big Slip” he’s letting us in on the Government secret…a coming crisis VIDEO What is being planned for the week of January 21st during the first days of the new presidency?

As per my Oct 2008 BLOG Predictions

With every fiber of my being, I know that there is a major event looming.

Here are the updated predictions: 
 A) A US government plot which will be 911-like, with Bush claiming a state of emergency thus suspending and postponing the inauguration and self imposing his dictatorship, before Obama is sworn in.

B) An assassination

C) The stock market collapse
      CORRECT: DEC 1 2008 crash one of the deepest

D) All of the above.

A major event will be the catalyst for our government to instate military personnel for martial law. The ball is in motion, I clearly see that riots are already expected surrounding the elections. I have predicted Martial Law being enforced in the US since 2002 now look at the PROOF that it’s coming: LINK VIDEO Military

OBAMA: Unfortunately for Obama, there is an a**assination plot coming from high up within our own government. A covert plan made to look like something else, along with a JFK style cover up. Most likely the murder would be pinned on a white supremacist.

OVERVIEW: The Shadow Government was forced into allowing Obama to win the election because they couldn’t steal the election to make it believable this year. Why, because the people had joined together and this landslide vote was revolutionary. But I believe that this is only an appeasement, the Shadow Government will not stand for a REAL maverick in office.

So many people have email me to ask me about my psychic insight into the formation of a Shadow Government, so here are two important articles to back up my visions. Proof of existence: BBC News  | Washington Post

In Love, Light, & Peace,  
Michelle Whitedove

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