Where's Lisa Stebic? Missing Person Case

By Michelle Whitedove

As a psychic detective I was interviewed by Lisa's hometown newspaper the Naperville Sun. The reporter was so intrigued by the detail provided in Lisa's Psychic profile that she printed a portion. In my profiles I always give facts about the victim's private life, which are known to friends and family, details that are not public knowledge. Then info surrounding the day of the crime, the motive, and finally the grim details: WHAT really happened and WHERE to locate the body.

So YES, I know where Lisa can be found.

By using my clairvoyant visions for missing persons or murder cases, these are important leads that require police to do the actual foot work. I work from my office, so when I'm asked about a case, I still need someone to follow up and do a physical investigation.

In the case of Lisa Stebic, it was reported that her husband Craig threatened to kill her and her body would never be found. Well it looks like his prediction will come to fruition. WHY, because no one is searching in the correct area. One of my first visions were of the body, the words I heard were "BAYOU…she is in a swamp just like the everglades." I said them out loud and my assistant looked at me with a puzzled face, she said "Lisa lives in Illinois, there aren't any bayous in the Midwest." But I always go with the information that I'm given by "Spirit". The information was very clear: LISA is in the Bayou. She was driven a few hours south by 2-3 men. (Yes, the husband knows them.)

My assistant did a little web research and to her amazement, not mine, she found: Rare 'Illinois Bayou' Conserved at Cypress Creek… rivaling the Florida Everglades. You gotta love bold confirmation like that!

But here's the issue, Lisa lived outside of Chicago. The Illinois Bayou is a five hour drive south in Ullin, Ill. It's defiantly outside of the local Plainfield Police department's jurisdiction and it seems too much trouble to tackle alone. So they continue to look locally but the 650 people that were organized to search Silver Springs State Park failed to find A SINGLE CLUE.

Now the decomposed body left in a swamp will likely never be found. So much time has elapsed; animals and water currents naturally destroy evidence.

The Final Nail in the Coffin: Yesterday Lisa's husband successfully withdrew his divorce proceedings from the court. Underlying Motive? After a few years he can obtain a court ordered death certificate. Then her HUSBAND can try to collect Lisa's life insurance. An ex-husband could not. I don't think it's a huge sum, but it will help to pay his legal fees.

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Sending you Love & Light,
Michelle Whitedove

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