Reality TV Competition-Psychic Idol

By Michelle Whitedove

Let me be the first to tell you: Hollywood is not as glamorous as it looks. (Unless you're Brad & Angie.) I have returned from Los Angeles where I filmed a "new" reality show. The shoot was grueling in 100 degree weather. One day it hit 109° while we were outdoors on-set for 12 hours. Not great conditions for a fair skinned redhead that avoids the sun at all cost.

Normally when I work there are three things that I require: an air conditioned room, iced cold Coca-Cola and spring water. It's vital for me to keep cool and hydrated. Why? Every legitimate psychic-medium that I have known, we heat up when working. My body temperature raises and you can literally feel the heat emanating from my hands.

So imagine me outside in a sun-baking sweltering heat wave, with full make-up that's melting, in dress clothes and high heels. Not optimal circumstance for anyone to be at their best. Then I'm expected to elevate my frequency to channel consistent information from the heavens. My internal challenge was to battle the elements, to control the negative mind chatter that kept reminding me how miserable I was, all while trying to "tune into" the answers to each test. It's not an excuse for my performance…just fact. I know that I could have done better under less stressful conditions. I must admit, this was the hardest job that I have ever attempted. Personally, I feel that they should re-title the show to "Psychic Survivor".

On the other hand, the production crew was great, the host was enthusiastic, and most of the competitors that I met were cool. I defiantly came away with some new friends for whom I have great respect. Any Drama? You've gotta know that there's at least one in every group that feeds on creating chaos. Remember not all psychics or mediums are spiritual. So of course, all those spats and outbursts are all caught on film too. But hey, it is Reality TV!!!!

According to a web media release, the reality show has been announced. This new program begins to air right AFTER the Season Premiere of "The Lisa Williams Show: Life Among the Dead" on Fri night Oct 12th.

I'm not able to give details, so use your psychic abilities and figure it out…or Google it. See you on TV!

Sending you Love & Light,
Michelle Whitedove

FACT: What does science say about psychic abilities?
"Using the standards applied to any other area of science, it is concluded that psychic functioning has been well established. It is recommended that future experiments focus on understanding how this phenomenon works, and on how to make it as useful as possible. The primary work examined in this report was government sponsored research conducted at Stanford Research Institute."
Quote from Professor Jessica Utts

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