2007 World Predictions

By Michelle Whitedove


Yearly I am invited to the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences an organization affiliated with the United Nations to discuss peaceful solutions to world issues. I was asked to give world predictions that you may read below. But as you read my predictions please do not feel discouraged; I am giving you the information that "Spirit" has shown me so that we can work together and change the outcome to one that is acceptable. As a visionary, I have been shown three possible paths for the Earth and all her children. One is total annihilation of the planet, the second is not much better, but the third one is acceptable. We have done much damage to the Mother Earth, but all is not lost. We can unite together as light workers and change the course of destruction that we have been on. We need to strive for the third path, even though we cannot undo all the damage done, but we can undo some. Each person will experience any one of the three paths; it is up to you to decide which one. These predictions will come to pass if we do not work individually as well as collectively to raise the Earths vibration. You can start to make a difference simply by the using the tools of co-creation: prayer, meditation, giving your time, and/or money to create change.

Geographic: Earth Changes and Mother Nature

As I predicted in my book "She Talks with Angels" published in 2000, weather will become more and more chaotic. We will experience devastating Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Flooding, Mudslides, Tsunamis, Fires, and Tornados of historic proportions.
>>CORRECT (may 27, 2008) LINK


  • The weather will become increasingly worse, especially in the USA.
    >>CORRECT (May 08) New York Times: Mostly US Disasters LINK Time Mag LINK

  • In 2008, a major Earthquake will devastate Los Angeles.
    >>INSIGHT (April 08) Science is now predicting a big one for LA too. LINK

Volcanic Activity:

  • Volcanoes in the Polynesian islands (including Hawaii) will start to erupt making the islands even smaller. The ring of fire volcano's erupting will cause Tsunamis, and further division of the islands.
    >> CORRECT: (Mar 08) First time in 84 years MAP LINK LINK

  • Mt. Rainier will blow wiping out everything in its path all the way to the ocean.

  • Japan will experience a series earth quakes along with volcanic activity. This progression will become noticeably worse by 2008. Tidal waves will eventually wipe out Japan all together.
    >>CORRECT: July 07 News LINK June 08 NEWS LINK LINK

           >>CORRECT March 2011 a deadly Tidal Wave called a Tsunami was                               triggered by a 9.0 Earthquake off the coast of Japan                                                         https://youtu.be/GgtFkaLeSnk causing the death of 16K.  

Weather Patterns:

  • Global Warming continues to be on the rise
    >>CORRECT (Dec 07) Science Daily LINK

  • Our Government continues to seed storms.

  • Weather Warfare- governments now have the capability to create storms and redirect storms to other countries, in a covert attempt to gain the upper hand.
    >>CORRECT (May 08) The Ecologist LINK

  • South Florida will receive three hard blows, with Hurricanes, Tornados, Tsunamis, 2008-2012. Miami will be underwater; making South Florida uninhabitable.

Animal Kingdom:

Animal attacks on the rise. Bees are disappearing: they are essential to earth survival as they are needed to pollinate the plant life. We are down to 400 guerillas left in the wild. Mankind is decimating our four legged brothers.   UPDATES: The Zoological Society News LINK


  • Nature is out of balance, and when the animals go extinct…it destroys Natures song of Harmony.

  • When the whales and dolphins go extinct humans will be next.


  • North American Terrorism will soon be on the rise.

  • There is a plan to hit several targets at the same time: Major U.S. cities to be hit include L.A, Washington D.C., and New York City. They will do this through the use of Suicide Bombers as well as Nuclear.

  • North Korea will send a Missile under water that will hit the Southern California coast line near L.A. It will be so devastating it will actually bring in the coast line.

- UPDATE> VICE NEWS 2015 Reports: North Korea has long been capable of launching ballistic missiles from land, but the added ability to fire from underwater would make defending against possible attacks much more difficult for South Korea, Japan, and the US, which has a number of military facilities in the region. There have also been reports that North Korea is attempting to "miniaturize" a nuclear warhead to fit on a ballistic missile.


  • 2008 will start a time of civil unrest which will eventually lead to a Civil War in the USA. WHY? Democracy turns into a police state. Civil liberties are revoked. Americans civil rights to freedom of religion, speech, to peaceably assemble, to carry arms, to be free of discrimination, and the rights to be free of search or seizures without probable cause. Each of these rights will slowly be taken away and be the cause of civil war which will happen between 2008-2014. Paper money will be useless.

  • CORRECT: Beware of “Homeland Tours” Deployment LINK , USA waves goodbye to Prosperity & Democracy LINK

China and Russia:

  • China and Russia have joined forces. Russia is stockpiling more weapons than they did during the cold war.
    CORRECT (2015) They went public. NEWS Chinese President Xi Jinping announced Monday his nation would work to take on a broader role in the international war against terrorism, promising Russian President Vladimir Putin China would be at his disposal
    CORRECT ( May 08) China & Russian condemn US plan.

  • China and Russia are our biggest adversaries; they will begin to use air strikes and bio-weapons, which will eventually lead to the use of Nuclear weapons.
    CORRECT (Aug 07) War Games LINK (June 08) China’s Large Nuclear Plans LINK

  • China is now more advanced technologically and could take out the U.S. with their military.
    CORRECT (May 08) High Tech Troops LINK Bush gives it to them LINK

  • China is the new Super Power of the world.
    CORRECT (NOV 2015) China's Yuan is now a Global ‪#‎Currency‬ http://nyti.ms/1OCtVXy
    CORRECT (Sept 08) China Threatens U.S. UK News CORRECT (June 08) China’s Clout LINK

George Bush, now till 2008:

  • He is a dictator; he has ignored what the Americans want and he will continue to do so throughout his remaining stay in the white house.
    CORRECT: (June 08) Supreme Court goes to War LINK

  • He plans to continue his war in the Middle East and even invade Iran and Syria, he is a war monger. When this happens they will nuke the USA.
    INSIGHT (June 08) War Clouds over IRAN FOX NEWS

  • Bush will bump heads with North Korea, inadvertently pushing them to ask Russia and China to help and intervene.

  • This administration will continue to push the USA towards becoming a police state where martial law is enforced.
    CORRECT (May 25, 2007) Washington Journal C-SPAN

  • Bush will continue to pass anti civil liberties laws prohibiting same sex marriage and Anti-abortion. CORRECT: Torture Civil-Liberties Wiretapping Abortion

  • Bush has been utilizing the back door draft since the start of the war, now they will begin to offer prisoners the choice of jail time or military service time. Soon he will reinstate the full draft.
    INSIGHT: Draft Bill Resolution in Congress for female and males. LINK

  • The White House is a façade, our true Government leaders have moved to NORAD in Colorado Springs.
    CORRECT: (2017) Journey Into the Cheyenne Mountain Govn’t Super-Bunker .

  • Bush refuses to help Darfur and other parts of Africa because he simply doesn't care. There is nothing for him to gain, and he doesn't see the people as worth saving.
    CORRECT: (June 08) USA Accounting for Inaction? LINK

  • The Bush administration is by far the most corrupt administration in US history. Bush has been advised to not leave a paper trail.
    CORRECT (May 08) CIA Insider’s evidence LINK

  • Bush will be responsible for leading America into a depression. Our deficit is the highest it has ever been, and we are in a full recession.
    CORRECT: (June 08) NEWS, (Sept 08) Depression or far worse NEWS LINK

  • Bush will be remembered as the worst president in the history of our country, and be held responsible for the fall of the United States.
    CORRECT: (June 2008) Congressman moves to impeach Bush LINK

  • As a result of this administration many Americans will begin fleeing to Canada.
    CORRECT (July 07) Record number of college grads move to Canada LINK

2008 Presidential Elections

  • Americans will finally stop looking at presidential parties and will simply start voting in the best man/woman for the job.

  • I see Hillary Clinton becoming the first woman president. If she is not elected this term, she'll get it in the next election.

  • I believe that Hillary Clinton has an 80% chance of becoming our next president, with John Edwards as her vice president. (But of course Elections can be stolen )


  • Bush is dividing the United States into two classes; extreme wealth, and the very poor. This will result in the death of the middle class, no one will be able to do the blue collar jobs our country depends on for survival, and America will meet the same fate as that of the Roman Empire. We will Fall! Civil war will ensue.
    CORRECT (June) Rich or Poor LINK

  • USA is now in a full recession. If something is not done Right Now we will be in a depression.
    CORRECT As predicted - History acknowledges The Great Recession lasting from December 2007 to June 2009, this economic downturn was the longest since World War II.
    CORRECT (April 08) UK News LINK

  • No gold to back our money, this partly why gold has increased. Gold will reach $800per ounce. Silver and Copper will also continue to rise in cost…again. Gold, Silver, and Copper will be good solid investments for the coming depression.
    CORRECT KITCO graph for Gold escalating.

  • Gas will go up over the next few years to $6-8 dollars per gallon in the US

  • The cost of living is going up, but our pay has stayed the same. As a result we will be forced to get back to the basics. Multi-family compounds that are self sufficient will be imperative. Grandparents, parents, children, cousins, aunts, uncles, all living under the same roof, working together to meet the needs of the entire family unit.
    CORRECT (Feb 2008) Return of the Extended Family.

  • You must learn to be self-sufficient be able to grow your own food, have your own water supply. You don't need to horde food, but everyone should have a well stocked pantry.
    INSIGHT: The self sufficient gardener LINK

  • Stock market will crash before 2009. The Government will put a stop/hold on it before it completely crashes.
    CORRECT (US News & World Report) The Crash of 2008. LINK

  • Real estate will continue to drop for the next six to eight months. It's a buyers market. Eventually in some cities it will go back up making real estate a good investment, but wait until it goes through the down cycle completely.
    CORRECT January 2008: Fed Tries to Stop Housing Bust !

  • Banks and airlines will begin to close, leaving us with only two or three of each. Our options will be greatly limited.
    CORRECT NotableArline mergers:
    -2008-10 - Delta merged with Northwest Airlines, kept Delta name to become the world's largest airline by passenger traffic in 2008
    -2010-12 Continental Airlines merged with United Airlines, kept United name.
    - 2013 American Airlines Merged with US Airwaysforming the American Airlines Group

  • To protect yourself from financial ruin you must spiritually awaken both emotionally, mentally and be physically balanced.

Health and Medicine:

  • We will continue to see a rise in Autistic Children. They are advanced souls who will help make up the next generation of humans. They represent unconditional love. Many Autistic children are Savants; brilliant in a specific area. They need love, not drugs.
    CORRECT (2008) the Mystery of Autism is on the rise .

  • World wide, there will be a large epidemic of orphaned children with no where to go and no one to care for them.
    CORRECT (June 08) They need our help: Nigeria China Russia too

  • Bi-polar and other chemical imbalances begin to increase due to: The additives, chemicals, and genetic altering of our food. Mental programming such as subliminal messages that are airing via sound waves and satellite systems. Anti-depressant drugs which only compound mental instability.
    CORRECT (June 08) Medical News Caution LINK

  • Increase in illnesses such as endometriosis, and cancers. Old diseases are coming back with a vengeance, and will become unmanageable, plague like.
    CORRECT (June 08) Medical News Mumps

  • High increase in Infertility because the amount of souls allowed being here is dwindling. A soul must make a reservation which only God can ordain. A great rise in Blue Ray Children being born, because younger souls are no longer incarnating on this planet. These old souls have come in to help us transit into the ascension. Warning: Do Not put children on amphetamine-type drugs prescribed for ADD, ADHD
    More Insights:
    Infertility Blog > http://bit.ly/MWendometriosis
    Indigo Blog > http://bit.ly/IndigoKids

  • Antidepressants and amphetamine-type drugs cause more mental and chemical imbalances; instead of preventing them. We will see an increase in suicide as a result.
    CORRECT (June 08) Over-Medicating America.

  • 2012-2014 will show a major decrease in the population for both humans and animals.

Light vs. the Dark- The Ascension

I would like to again encourage everyone not to lose hope. These predictions can be lessened. It only takes 25% of the world's population to change the vibration of the Earth by awakening spiritually. If we start right now, there is still a chance to fix much of the damage done. We are individually the masters of our destiny. We all must learn to create our own reality. Now is NOT the time to become entrenched in fear, now is the time for us to take action to become environmentalists and activists to save Mother Earth and humanity. Let's work together and raise the consciousness on Earth before it's too late.

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In Love and Light,
Michelle Whitedove

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