A Vision from the Whales

By Michelle Whitedove

As Native Americans have always known, animals are a special group of God’s children who offer us much more than meets the eye. Each animal has its own spiritual teaching to present to the human race. Native American’s call their special power “medicine”. Each animal is unique. Shaman’s around the world recognize the whales as the record keepers. They sing the “Song of Creation”. The whales know God, and they remember the efforts of manifesting our world into reality. Today the Whales have asked me to share their message to humanity. 

I found myself in the middle of the ocean surrounded by different types of whales and dolphins. Each pod was there to support the message that was being given to me.

A great Whale spoke to me and I was in awe. “Mother Nature (the feminine part of God) has requested that the whales and the dolphins ban together because the human race is destroying our world, the oceans. Because of this destruction, nature is out of balance hence the uncharacteristic actions of the animal kingdom, and the humans too. So Mother Nature has called for a cleansing. She has asked us for our help. We the sea mammals are to collectively use our sonar, both high and low frequencies for this cleansing. By pooling our abilities we have the capability to raise great waves of water (tidal waves/ tsunamis) and clear the coastlines. Waves created by frequency have the power to “shatter” everything in their path.”

As I saw myself bobbing in the ocean, the whales raised the waves to show me their power. I became fearful as a wave on either side of me was poised more than ten stories tall. “Don’t be afraid. I will not harm you. ” The Whale assured me. “I am just showing you what the future holds. Know that we are not happy about this cleansing…but it is necessary. Humans are killing ALL of the sea life. Now the Earth is out of balance. God the creator is not going to allow the ongoing killing off of species, the complete extermination of entire animal races.” Just then I saw a sad tear in its eye it was the color of Blood. “ If the Whales and the Dolphins and go extinct then so will humanity. When will humans recognize that all of God’s children are connected? We each have a soul.”

So this is a message that I was asked to relay. It is up to each of us to help heal the deep-sea and undo the damage inflicted on our brothers and sisters of the oceans.

In love and Light,
Michelle Whitedove

Original Source:  http://michellewhitedove.com/whales.php