2006 Predictions about President Bush

New BUSH Predictions for 2006-2008:

  • Bush will finish out his term. He will not be impeached; there will not be a successful assassination attempt. President Bush’s ego is so overblown that he listens to NO ONE. He is much like a dictator, doing what he wants.
  • I believe that Bush will officially reinstate the draft before his term ends because he will continue to take us into MORE wars in the Middle East. Even though our boys are given faulty equipment and they are committing suicide, he will play up the “Evil Doers” aspect and imply that it is his Christian duty to go to war.
  • He will ruin our economy.
     CORRECT: (2012) 5 Reasons Americans blame Bush for an ongoing bad economy !

  • Our national debt will be at an all time high, and there is no gold to back our economy.
    CORRECT: President Bush added the second greatest amount to the debt, at $5.849 trillion.  This more than doubled the debt, which was $5.8 trillion on September 30, 2001 (the end of FY 2001, which was President Clinton's last budget).
  • Bush wants to create martial law which will happen in 3-5 years. The Bush administration wants guns available to all…he is easing the way to let men kill each other. (another method of population control) When chaos ensues, then martial law will be in effect.
    CORRECT (May 2007) Video Washington Journal C-Span News Video
  • Washington DC, / the Whitehouse is becoming a façade, it is only a monument. Our real Government is moving to Colorado Springs, they are going underground for safety. The offices are already prepared because they KNOW what is going to happen in the future. The Bush administration has chosen scientists, doctors and leaders in every field to go underground.
    >>>CORRECT: 2015 update from Defense News and a mountain bunker

Original Source: http://www.michellewhitedove.com/bush.php