2006 World Predictions and Commentary

By Michelle Whitedove

USA Weather:

This will be a record breaking heat wave for the summer of 2006.

>>CORRECT July 2006 began a fatal heat wave called the 2006 North American Heat wave

Hurricane season will be worse than 2005. The storms will line up one after another. Be aware that all of the hurricanes are not natural; some are tropical storms that are being seeded into hurricanes by our Government. WHY? Our current government officials feel that they have the right to wipe out poverty stricken areas that are burdensome and financially draining. This is why our government purposely did not aid New Orleans. So stock up on supplies now, make sure that you have the basics.

>> CORRECT: The 2006 Pacific hurricane season was the most active since 2000, which also produced 18 hurricanes.

PREDICTION: There is a dormant volcano in Hawaii that will erupt soon and take back the land.

CALIFORNIA will be hit hard with every weather phenomena. In the past California has been known for its beautiful weather but soon California will be famous for it’s out of control natural disasters.

>>CORRECT JULY 2006  The Central Valley and Los Angeles regions suffered through a severe heat wave for nearly two weeks. (Fresno had six days with a high temperature above 110 degrees, a new record.) More than 140 people, mainly elderly residents, died because of the extreme temperatures.
>>CORRECT in 2013 California is #2 as listed in the 10 states with the most natural disasters
>>CORRECT in 2017 the California suffered the deadliest wildfires in the states history



From 2006 -2010 the United States will be continually slammed by catastrophic destruction from large scale fires that become uncontrollable, torrential rains, and mudslides, this is not fluke weather. It is an increasing pattern that will not subside until the state partially breaks up geographically and the coastlines come in.

CORRECT OCT 2006 Buffalo, New York Snowstorm - Most snow in 137 years, closes schools, leaves nearly 400,000 without power
 > CORRECT The 2007 California Wildfire Season saw over 9,000 separate wildfires that charred 1,087,110 acres . 30 of those wildfires were part of the Fall 2007 California firestorm,which burned approximately 970,977 acres, the raging wildfires were visible from space. 
CORRECT 2008 Super Tuesday tornado outbreak - Eighty-seven tornadoes occurred over the course of the outbreak, which lasted over 15 hours Feb. 5 - Feb. 6th 2008.. 
>CORRECT The June 2010 Arkansas floods were flash floods that killed at least 20 people near Langley, Arkansas, 

I see a major earthquake in California, not where it is expected but in Los Angeles in the year 2006-2010. Buildings will collapse with a major loss of life although officials will report only hundreds are dead. There will be strong tremors and after shocks. It will take a major cleanup. The Governor is not prepared. Our government is still not able or willing to handle natural disasters on a grand scale. The US population is on their own; we must come together as a group to help our brothers and sisters.
>>INSIGHT 2008: Now Science is predicting it too: LINK

I see a Tidal Wave (tsunami) hitting northern California, like a domino effect the waves will also hit the coast of Oregon within the next six years from 2006-2012.

>>>Insight, I still see it happening in the future

FLORIDA: Its people are becoming unstable, people are losing there minds. Soon there will be statistics that tell us that the crime rate is up in Miami with muggings, gangs, and other crimes… the poor are getting desperate.
>>CORRECT (April 2008) Florida Murders involving guns went up 11.5 percent in 2007 and armed robberies with guns increased by 25 percent. They’re calling it a small increase!
Florida named the 9th most dangerous state

Florida Weather: Many people have put their homes up for sale and plan on moving for fear of future hurricanes.

I have been shown our future, in the next several years, South Florida (areas south of the Palm Beaches) will be wiped out in Three Hits by water: hurricanes, flooding, and tropical storms, along with tornadoes. Madness will ensue in the aftermath, lootings, murder will be rampant.

NEW ORLEANS will never be the city it once was. I see the city taking a second hard hit by a hurricane and flooding. The levees will not be functional for the next hurricane. The city is disease ridden, and full of souls (Ghosts) wandering the streets, not knowing that they are dead.

US MAJOR CITIES: The crime rate, suicides, murders, car accidents will increase in the major cities to an all time high due to the emotional imbalance of the population. Miami’s statistics will be higher than LA or NYC.

World Weather:

Mother Earth is a living breathing being and she is angry. Mistakenly many see the Earth as just dirt and rock. Mother Earth and her children: the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms, generously provide us with everything we need to survive. But we are killing mother Earth and she is responding to our actions by purging the lands through fire, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes. These are natural cleansings. 

>>CORRECT NOV 25 2007 The Telegraph – The number of weather-related disasters has quadrupled in the past 20 years.. 

The Ocean is heating up, and its occupants dying. This is due to man causing global warming and new openings in the ocean floors. If we allow the whales and dolphins to disappear and die this is a sign that humanity is next. You see, nature sings a song of harmony. Every time an animal goes extinct, it changes the frequency/vibration of the planet. The disappearance of sea mammals (whales and dolphins) will be the sign that we are past the point of no return.
NEWS UPDATEOceans in Trouble with Lethal Sonar


Scientifically speaking I see that the Earth is off its axis, the magnetic poles are shifting and the tectonic plates are moving. This is causing fissures deep in the ocean floors (unknown to man) where heat is escaping from the Earth’s crust into the seas. This shifting will cause volcanoes to erupt and tidal waves.

✔ CORRECT Feb 2019 CNN News Earth's magnetic north pole is hurtling toward Russia. Scientists first noticed the change in 2018 , the pole's movement has increased in recent years -- from around 6 miles a year between 1900 and 1980 before accelerating to around 24 to 31 miles a year CNN VIDEO .
✔ CORRECT Jan 30 2018
✔ CORRECT- News The 2009 Samoa earthquake and tsunami - New Zealand scientists determined that the waves measured 14 metres (46 ft) at their highest on the Samoan coast
✔ CORRECT (Sept 2007) Deep Sea Vents Found

FACT: Major catastrophic events cause the Earth to shift. With the large number of these events that I see coming we are in for a wild ride. >
ROME, DEC. 28, 2004 (Xinhuanet) -- Italian space researchers said on Tuesday that the earthquake in Asia two days ago was so powerful that it shifted the axis around which the earth revolves. "It was so violent that it modified in a considerable way the inclination of the axis of terrestrial rotation," said scientists at an Italian Space Agency centre in the southern town of Matera. According to Giuseppe Bianco, one of the geological experts who specialize in finding the exact position of geographical points, the axis moved by about five or six centimeters.

There is a dormant Volcano in Hawaii that will erupt soon and take back the land.
>>CORRECT (July 2007) LINK

 I see that within the next 6 years (2006-2012) that Japan will be devastated by tsunami

>>CORRECT (2011) Japan was devastated with a major Tsunami which caused nuclear accidents, primarily the level 7 meltdowns at three reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant also Wikipedia said, “The Earth's axis shifted by estimates of between 10 cm (4 in) and 25 cm (10 in).[19][20][21] This deviation led to a number of small planetary changes, including the length of a day, the tilt of the Earth, and the Chandler wobble.[21]

On Government:


When I psychically see China, it reminds me of the ancient Roman Empire. China has legions and legions of armed forces. I see hundreds of thousands of men in uniforms marching, readying themselves for the order to conquer the world. And this IS China’s goal. China is patient, for years they have been stockpiling arms, nuclear weapons and buying gold. Russia has joined forces with China.

China is waiting to announce that they are now the Superpower of the World. Soon they will threaten the USA.

CORRECT 2017 NEWS Russia and China have both dispatched intelligence-gathering vessels to follow the U.S.S. Carl Vinson in waters off of the Korean Peninsula
CORRECT: (Sept '07) China threatens to trigger US dollar crash.


I “see” this dictator as a Hitler. He is willing to kill any group of people that are in his way. He began with his own people, testing biological agents on them. He is developing nuclear weapons for the purpose of destruction, he is a mad man his motto is “Serve me or Die”.

PREDICTION: I see the day when the US president threatens Dictator Kim with military action. This causes China to step in and react to the US. China will tell American leaders to back down; that they (China) will handle Korea, and if the US does not back down then China will take military action against America.

>>>CORRECT (OCT 2016) WarMongering China has jumped to the defense of Kim Jong-un, warning the United States they will PAY THE PRICE for their decision to deploy an advanced missile defense system in South Korea.
>>UPDATE (Feb 2008) N.Korea warns USA.

USA Predictions:

Gas will go up to $8 a Gallon in America.
  NOTE: (April 2008) Forecasters now see gas going to $7 - $10 a gallon

 As I look into the future I see America becoming a third world country.
 >>CORRECT: Six Ways America Is Like a Third-World Country = Our society lags behind the rest of the developed world in education, health care, violence and more


The middle class will continue to dwindle until it disappears.  The poverty class will increase sharply. The rich class will increase, but at a much slower rate. Why? The apathy of its citizens will be the cause. Like sheep being lead to slaughter. Slowly, their rights are being revoked, and their choices limited.
>>CORRECT Middle Class is disappearing  Economic Class Woes
CORRECT The Middle Class are dying of despair Even as longevity increases across the rich world, uneducated white Americans are living sicker and dying earlier - Study shows.. 

I see in large number of Americans moving to Canada seeking refuge.
>>CORRECT: (July 2007) Americans Moved to Canada Hit a 30-Year High

US Monetary systems: In the next 8 years, our government will push for a cashless system. The process has already begun. All transactions will be required to be run thought a credit/debit card system. In this way the government will monitor income and sales.
>>CORRECT:  Cashless society is coming Big brother is watching. BUT gold will still be an important unmonitored alternative for those who can stash it way.


In large the media is edited and they are afraid to report the hard truths. So the masses are not receiving a fraction of what is really going on. We are bombarded with sensational style news as a distraction. So we don’t hear the facts about what is really going on: New Orleans, Bush’s reelection, or the ethnic cleansings by way of Genocide in Sudan Africa. Look outside of the US for more accurate world news. 
>>CORRECT: Please Read the Top 25 Censored Stories for every year.


Gold will continue to rise to $800 or higher in 2006-07. Buy Now
>>CORRECT: Gold hit a 27 year HIGH !

Many of my written predictions in my book ANGELS ARE TALKING published in 2002 have come to pass. Please take a look. WHITEDOVE PRESS Titles
Being prepared for the future is half the battle. Knowledge is power.

In Love and Light,
Michelle Whitedove

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