Psychic Drama?

By Michelle Whitedove

Television Personality

Television Personality

Recently Hollywood has created a couple of successful television series based on the life and works of real “psychic-medium’s” even though mainstream America has been ready for years. In 2001 Gallup poll research said that “Americans' belief in psychic and paranormal phenomena is up over last decade, more than half believe.”

Psychic drama series have a higher purpose; they do give bits and pieces of an afterlife education. Unfortunately these shows are mainly an entertainment format…so their ability to solve complex crime cases in one hour gives the viewers an inaccurate portrayal of events and helps to promote unrealistic expectations.

It is my feeling that the public is looking for more. We have seen John Edward and James Van Praagh relay messages from the dead.… day after day it gets boring. It’s time for another type of program, a gifted medium (not an actor) that can inform the audience on a multitude of paranormal topics. A psychic talk show would be fascinating. Just imagine the guests. The public is looking for more positive programming, so why not? I'm Ready!

In Love and Light,
Michelle Whitedove