Montreal, Canada Event Journal

By Michelle Whitedove

montreal Canada biodome.jpg

The Montreal 2005 IIIHS International Conference (International Institute of Integral Human Sciences) hosted a vast array of lecturers featuring well known doctors and experts. The IIIHS promotes world peace and is associated with the UN. So I was honored when they called and asked me to speak.

Not your average peace rally, there were astronauts, remote viewers, mathematicians, monks, ministers, biologists, and seers who are brought to lecture and encourage humanity to bond together to make the world a better place. How do we start this process? We must start with ourselves. Like pebbles dropped in a pond….one change ripples out and affects everything.

Conference Titled: At the Dawn of a New Light

My lecture: “The Mother Earth Is Shifting – With or Without Us”
There are so many concepts to discuss in a one hour session.
I talked about the Global changes that are upon us: land masses shifting, natural disasters, impending wars, governments failing, money systems that will be transformed etc. But more importantly how we as individuals can alter our belief system and change our reality.
As humans we are multi-dimensional beings. What do I mean? We are not limited to the physical. Our minds, our consciousness, are VEHICLES. We are capable of Out-of-Body Experiences. We can travel with the speed of thought. I have been doing this since I was a small girl. And you can too.

Our minds are also CREATORS. We are powerful beings. Example: hypochondriac - a person who believes they are sick, until they make themselves sick. Over time, they can manifest a sickness with just the power of their mind. Of course this is the power of creation used in a negative way. But each of us can harness the same energy to create good!

We have been programmed to believe that we are powerless, that our destiny is fixed. But I must tell you….Just dream a bigger Dream. Put your thoughts into action. You can achieve whatever you BELIEVE to be true.

After my lecture, I was signing books and was offered a tour of Montreal. Happily the journey led us to Saint Joseph’s Oratory It is an enormous and beautiful basilica filled with prayerful thoughts. But even more impressive was the original chapel…a tiny place of worship built in 1908 by the doorman of Notre Dame College. It is a place of great faith…the kind of faith that begets miracles. The humble doorman named Brother Andre would pray to Saint Joseph requesting healings for the sick. Although giving all the credit to God, Brother Andre became known as a miracle worker. Today his small chapel still emanates a love and devotion to God that is rarely felt like it is here at this shrine of miracles.

Today, I started my morning with a walk to Notre Dame Church. The exterior is under reconstruction and hides the beauty of what awaits. We arrive as Sunday morning mass was being given in French. The church is full, so we move close to the last pew in hopes of getting a better view. The 1824 Gothic interior is grand with double balconies and a dark hand carved spiral staircase embellished with saints. The alter area is magnificent. It depicts a three story cathedral with heaven & angels above.  I soak it all in, and gave prayerful thanks, then headed back to the conference.

Am I a Catholic…you might ask? No labels for me. I see the beauty of all religions and I see the segregation caused by religions. I am not of any man made religion. I have seen the other side: There is no religion in Heaven...there is only Love. It is equal opportunity with God.

My Lecture Topic Today:
The Universal laws of Success – In spirituality and daily life
With a two hour time slot I hope to touch upon several of the Universal Laws.
THE LAW OF KARMA – Science calls this “the law of cause and effect”. The bible calls it “Reaping what you Sow”. Either way, the truth is the same. Whatever you do, think, or say, will come back to you. So we must ask ourselves are we sowing Joy or Pain?

I also covered the THE LAW OF INTENT, THE LAW OF FAITH & DETATCHMENT, and the LAW OF MANIFESTATION. You can find more on the Universal Laws in my first book “SHE TALKS With ANGELS”, where I dedicated a chapter.

The weekend in Montreal was wonderful. I met with many like-minded souls who are working to make the world a better place. Just remember…changing the world starts with you!

In Love and Light,
Michelle Whitedove

In Love & Light, Michellle Whitedove