By Michelle Whitedove

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One of the greatest lessons that I learned from my Near Death Experience, is the TRUE importance of each soul. In my case I was told that I had to go back to my life, I was shown the ramifications of a soul leaving its Earthy Mission to early. The reasons are the same for a suicide. Every Soul is Greatly Important!

You see, each soul comes to Earth with an individual contract to fulfill, and other souls that we must interact with. Through the course of a lifetime we come in direct contact with thousands of people. Through our actions both positive and negative we also affect thousands of other people that we never meet. Because the people that we interact with…our deeds good or bad influence them…then they interact with thousands of people. And some souls influence generations of people.

We are like pebbles cast into a pond…the ripple effect radiates from us and results in change. Every soul is needed, we each have a purpose: from the guy who shines shoes for a living, the clerk at the store, activists, pacifists, to world leaders.

So suicide is a big No, No, in Heaven. God grants us a time to enter and grants us a time to return to our true home…heaven. Who are we to interfere with God’s plan? After all, we volunteered for this Earthly mission. So we should do our best to make use of this lifetime and be positive in all aspects of our lives.

Most suicides are committed out of hopelessness. But if that person just persevered a little longer, their perspective on the situation would evolve. Have you ever noticed that people of greatness have overcome monumental obstacles and hardships? Out of tragedy we all have the potential to uncover life’s biggest blessings.

In Love and Light,
Michelle Whitedove