2004 World Predictions

By Michelle Whitedove

In the past, I paid little attention to politics. But over the last few years I have become increasingly alarmed by the information that I have received from the spirit world. In 2002, I was encouraged to include political and social issues in my book “Angel Are Talking”. Once again I am being prodded to share more of my visions of our future that are given to me by my unseen support team.

On the Presidential Election:

George Bush will win the presidential election. I know Americans will find this shocking but this election has been bought and paid for; Bush has been guaranteed to win. His win will be a close margin…but not as close as Bush/Gore, because he cannot afford another recount and investigation.

>>>>CORRECT Nov 04 Wining by a slim margin LINK,
VOTE RIGGING Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s exposé "Was the 2004 Election Stolen?" about 2004 Presidential Election has disappeared from Rolling Stone Magazine's web site although you can read excerpts on BradsBlog. 
BlackBox Voting Video - See how the votes can be stolen!

On the Economy:

My vision is unchanged. Quoted from Angels are Talking (2002): “Prior to the (Bush/Gore) presidential elections, I was given information from “spirit”. If we allow G.W. Bush to become president, he will be the downfall of our country. His policy would revoke most ecological plans to save and protect the wildlife and our environment. It was further explained to me that the nation’s economy would go into a recession, and then plunge into a depression. I was shown Bush taking us into war after war.

>>>CORRECT on every point: Ecology Closing the EPA Library LINK, Wildlife LINK, Recession LINK, US Depression pending LINK, Worst President

On Osama Bin Laden:

Bush has admitted on TV that he is no longer interested in Osama. Why? Because our government intelligence knows Osama’s every movement; they have always known his location.

Bush Clip

On the War ending:

The war will not end. In fact George Bush is just getting started

On the Draft:

Bush will be forced into reinstate the draft, due to his forthcoming war efforts

>>CORRECT LINK a back door draft is used to force involuntary extensions of soldiers' enlistment terms to prevent them from leaving

On North Korea:

North Korea’s dictator Kim has recently tested his nuclear weapons on his own people, and he will continue the genocide. Dictator Kim, is planning to show the world his power…he WILL use nuclear weapons on another country. Kim has no intention on disarming.

>>CORRECT (Video) 2018 Yeonmi Park and her family suffered tragically under the North Korean regime. Now she’s urging the United States to pressure Kim Jong-un to end the holocaust against his own people.
>>CORRECT In 2006, legal scholars David Scheffer and Grace Kang co-authored an op-ed for the International Herald Tribune titled “North Korea’s criminal regime,” which argued that the DPRK is responsible for “crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes”

On China:

China is America’s greatest threat. Their army is much larger than ours; they have nuclear weapons, and a large stock pile of traditional warfare. Once America intervenes with North and South Korea then China will step up to threaten American to stay out of Asia.

>>CORRECT Mar 2006 China warns USA. Aug 2006 Furious Chinese ambassador harshly threatens U.S. over Taiwan

I would like to remind you as the reader, quantum physics tells us that there is always more than one possible future. The points mentioned above are the most probable future at this time. Individually we are the masters of our destiny. So if you are unhappy with these predictions, as I am, I would like to encourage you to pray, visualize, and get motivated to create the future that you want for our next generation. Together as a collective consciousness we CAN change the world.

In Love and Light,
Michelle Whitedove


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