By Michelle Whitedove

Aug 8, 2006

UN African HIV ribbon.jpg

This year when I spoke at the United Nations affiliate conference for World Transformation sponsored by, I was prompted by “Spirit” to take up the cause and help raise funding for African children who live in desperation and suffering. I committed my help to Dr Marilyn Rossner, who personally travels to Africa year after year to bring much needed food, medicines, and technology. With this project, I KNOW that the monies will go directly to the people of Africa.Today I am asking you as a humanitarian, to join with us and supply funds for our brothers and sisters.Together we can make a difference. Please send donations large and small (every $10 counts).

In these times of turmoil there are many groups of God’s children who are suffering, I would urge you do what you can for the causes that you are drawn too. Donate your time, money, and importantly PRAY for those in need.Your prayers are powerful!

Sending you Love & Light,
Michelle Whitedove

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