2016 Updated Election Predictions Psychic Insights

~ by Michelle Whitedove

The stage has been set and you are watching a grand performance. As I see into the future, my 2016 updated Election Predictions:

As I had predicted in my January 2016 political blog posts:

I wrote " I’m predicting that this will be the all-time low of dirty mudslinging campaigning. Now It seems that our prospective Presidents will be taking a cue from trash TV. I foresee that this campaign will be the dirtiest, immature, name calling, inappropriate, unhealthy bullying and negative campaigning… the likes that we’ve not witnessed.”   It’s happened - can you believe this video!

Now March 17th  2016 I’m telling you, it will get worse with more underhanded negative campaigning.

 More Psychic Insights:
If the USA were truly a democracy, Bernie Sanders would be the next President. He is the people’s choice and has many solutions to our social and economic problems.  So why will Sanders not be the future president? The shadow government will not allow Sanders to win, votes for him will be suppressed. It’s the American people are the ones getting burnt. 

CORRECT June 2016 a paper by Standford University and Tilberg University prove primary election fraud . Read the document .


Hillary Clinton has always been preparing for a life in government service. In childhood, she wrote to NASA and asked how she could become an astronaut - they responded. Then her senior high commencement speech appeared in Life magazine.  Because of her brilliant mind, she has been groomed by our shadow government since college and she has been promised that she will be the first women president.   I saw this and blogged about it in in 2008. Her presidency was delayed until now.

>>CORRECT May 16, 2016 News Article: Clinton was Selected not Elected! from The Mind Unleashed Org > follow them <

I see that Donald Trump has several hits on him. He better have great body guards and a first class security team. He has offended so many and now there are extremist groups that want his head.  His life and his family are in jeopardy.


I predict that in July of 2016 for the Republican and Democratic Conventions:  the nominees will be Clinton and Trump, and their political dance will be played out to seem as they are running neck to neck. 

>>CORRECT:  CNNMay 23rd Headline: NEW POLLS SHOW CLINTON AND TRUMP NECK AND NECK  ...exactly as I said!


 Eight Months into the Future for the Nov 2016 Election:
I predict that the state of Florida will once again play a major role in voting controversy and fraudulent votes. Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are political puppets, that will be on stage and the vote rigging will make it look like a close race although the final count will be in Hillary’s favor. Sadly, no matter how you vote, the deck is stacked for Hillary to win.


Written March 17, 2016
 By Michelle Whitedove, Psychic Medium and Futurist

>> NEW INSIGHTS Dec 2016 to 2017 What really happened (post election)

 WHAT REALLY HAPPENED Elections 2016: A stunning upset for Washington. Even I was surprised as it played out – I accurately predicted: Hillary’s health crisis, the closeness of the race, Hillary won the popular vote 2.9 Million more -  but I didn’t ever see the outcome of a Trump win. I feel as if I stepped into an alternate reality: Mankind’s determination, free-will and Intent helped flip this election. I also credit WikiLeaks, Anonymous and Julian Assange's dedication to transparency in government, for Donald Trump’s victory. We the people we're given a gift...WikiLeaks gave us glimpses into the behind-the-scenes exploits of Hillary Clinton’s corruption, cronyism and self-serving power and privilege.  With each batch of Podesto emails revealed, the leadership energy shifted away from Hilary.  In the end, the Russian vote rigging tipped the scale but the government did very little as punishment in fear of a causing a complete uprising and rebelling against the Government.