2016 the Year of the Monkey

Psychic Insights for 2016 the Year of the Monkey

Feb 8th 2016 to Jan 27, 2017

Financially speaking, the Year of the Monkey will be a great year for small independent and family owned businesses that have low overhead and have created specialized or niche products and services that are wanted and needed. This is the year to be industrious as a monkey and keep moving forward.  Businesses that involve water, air or fire as elements have the opportunity to do really well.  

As I spoke about in my recent blogs for 2016 and beyondI see a great fire in the sky although this vision isn’t clear and I’m not sure how this will manifest in 2016 or 2017.  Fire is a key word this year. Globally there will be many major fires. This includes the resurgence of volcanic eruptions along the ring of fire.  I see several airplanes being shot down and even a collision of airplanes.  I see an increase of military might and a major conflict in the China Sea in 2016.
      As Predicted Above:

>>CORRECT May 23, 2016 News Article: 40 Active Volcanoes increase around the Ring of Fire.  >> NOTE: In her previous blogs Michelle Whitedove has predicted the coming eruption of  Mount RainierMount HoodMount Saint Helens and Yellow Stone too!
>>CORRECT ABC News May 26, 2016 Mid-Air Collision of two Navy Fighter Jets!
>>CORRECT Forbes News June 2016
Ancient Maps dispute China's ownership, but China states that it will not abide by any unfavorable ruling issued by the international court at The Hague, for rival claims in the South China Sea.

Spiritually Speaking 2016 is a very special time, 2016 through 2017 is the final shift, a period when the veil will be at its thinnest between the physical world and the higher realms.  Now is the time to deepen your spiritual life and know that this year you’ll connect to the other-side with more ease especially when you are diligent in your daily spiritual practices.

 It is the hope of our Creator that mankind can raise the vibration sufficiently to create balance and to make the world an uplifting enlightened place. This big shift in consciousness and understanding will happen when we reach a critical mass or tipping point. That’s why it’s so important to do your part!  Spread the word, this is the reason that this year is so special!


Sending you Love, Light and Peace

Michelle Whitedove
Spiritual Medium and Futurist

written 02-06-2016

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