2016 The Divisions of Nations

World Predictions Blog - The Division of Nations 2016 and Beyond

Written Jan. 1, 2016
 By Michelle Whitedove

Europe is going to divide and move away from their open door policy.  Absolutely, yes. they are already working on it. The sovereign nations are going to erect borders with customs to stop the flow of unwanted people. Not only ISIS and extremist, but in the future everyone will be tracked.  That's just it, good luck to any of them trying to get through other than the refugees that have, but I still feel like they'll continue to flock in regardless.

CORRECT May 2017 RT News reports - RUSSIA to ERECT BORDER WALL before the end of 2017. The two-meter wire fence with electronic controls will converge at of borders of Lithuania, Poland, and Russia near Vistytis Lake and will go through the territory of Shakaisky and Vilkavishki regions up to the Neman. The Lithuanian border agency insists that the fence will offer better external border protection for the entire EU.

SHOCKINGLY CORRECT The United Kingdom's prospective withdrawal from the European Union is widely known as Brexit, a portmanteau of "British" and "exit".

Following a referendum held on 23 June 2016, in which 52% of votes cast were in favour of leaving the EU, the UK government intends to invoke Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union (the formal procedure for withdrawing) .

CORRECT Wallstreet Journal reports March 2016 Borders are closed for the Balkan Corridor , Macedonia said it had completely closed its borders to migrants, While Slovenia and Greece are part of the EU, Serbia and Macedonia, which lie between them, aren’t. Hungary is closed and plans to ensure nighttime lighting along its borders in the south and is ready to extend its razor-wire fence along its border with Romania

I see the US combining, adding to themselves, and this is jumping ahead, but I see ... I've always said this will be the United States joining with Canada, and Mexico (the Sodom and Gomorrah) that prediction hasn't changed!

Russia, they're already fighting over what's what. You know what I mean? They want to take back Ukraine.   But the Ukraine is not going to be merged back into Russia. They say ”Hell No, we're Ukraine." That's where the war is, where there's a problem with a war over territory in Russia, which was once, as when visited.    

CORRECT May 2017 Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says "Today, Ukraine has finalized its divorce from the Russian Empire," in a television interview. Posted on his website on May 12, "This is precisely how we should view this in philosophical terms," he said. "It is an exit from a more than 300-year history...and today Ukraine is returning home."

CORRECT The NATIONAL POST reports Aug. 2016 War Is Imminent Russian tanks roll in 10,000 dead.

Japan, I still see it being hit. All the coastlines, but now you're going to see it, and the water tables will keep rising. I'm telling you.  Japan, with their government, they're ultimately going to be wiped out by mother nature.  China will try to take what's left of Japan, but Japan will primarily be gone due to Catastrophic events,  their nuclear plants, and all the earthquakes and tsunamis. It's done. It's already happening, and they keep on getting hit, and they'll continue to get hit until there's nothing there. Which can happen at any time between now and 2020.

CORRECT Sept 2018 Hokkaido, Japan A 6.7-magnitude quake has struck the Japanese island of Hokkaido, causing multiple Landslides that trap residents in their homes

CORRECT July 2018 TOKYO (Reuters) Japan torrential rains unleashed floods and set off landslides in western Japan last week, killing at least 176 people, forcing millions to evacuate and leaving dozens missing in the Japan’s worst weather disaster in 36 years.

CORRECT From Smithsonian Magazine Feb 2017, "Analysts determined that the Fukushima area is contaminated by 530 sieverts of radiation per hour. The previous high in the reactor was 73 sieverts recorded in 2012." This equates to unprecedented radiation levels that rival the Chernobyl disaster in Russia

CORRECT April 2016Two Earthquakes hit Kumamoto, killing at least 49 people and injured about 3,000 others. The quakes included a tremor that registered a magnitude of 7.0 that led to the evacuation of more than 44,000 people from their homes.

China, from 2017 Hillary is going to be the US president. China has been trying to take over the world. They will continue. What's going to happen between Hillary and China, 2017 through 2020? She'll try to negotiate with them as she always does, because she knows the outcome. What's good is it if somebody pushes the button for a nuclear bomb? We're all dead.

She tries to stay in their good graces, but the reason why she stays in their good graces is because she knows they're the super power. She knows they own us. She's also been in bed with them for years, because she leased Long Beach Naval Yard to them: the USA’s only deep water port on the West Coast.

2017 - NOTE WHY HILLARY Did Not Become President as Whitedove foresaw

2017 - NOTE WHY HILLARY Did Not Become President as Whitedove foresaw

 I see that the future President of the USA has to answer to CHINA more than the US government.  Now that's scary.  And Hillary may flip on the USA and be more interested in China’s future than the USA. The next President elected in 2016 will be the last President as the USA has always known it to be.

Will China invade the USA? Yes, it’s a slow infiltration and I feel like its already happening. I see that there are so many Chinese business and land owners. Many companies have American names so you don’t think twice about it.

They're infiltrating us as we speak and it's just not known to the average, common man, let's say public.  Again, everybody lives in their little boxes and they do that out of comfort and safety. Because of the economy, the taxes, the health insurance everyone they're so focused on meeting their everyday needs

CORRECT as Michelle Whitedove predicted FORTUNE Magazine lists America's 8 largest companies that are now owned by the Chinese. Five of the Eight companies were purchased in 2016 (Article with photos)

That will change, though. With these changes they'll realize those things aren't where your focal point should be. Hence the shift. I see suicide, all time high this year, 2016. I know you said I said it before, but again, the most murders, deaths, deaths in large numbers

 Worldwide the biggest epidemic is Heroin
Hold on. Also ... I know maybe this doesn't fit in here, but it's such an epidemic that I need to say it, because it really goes along with every part of ... Whether it's the United States, East Coast, West Coast, whether it's Dubai, whether it's the old world Europe, whether it's ... Wherever it is, the new ... It's not a plague. I don't know what you call it that wipes people out. Just wipes them out. It's already happening. It's the biggest epidemic worldwide of heroin.

CORRECT> AP NEW YORK — More than 50,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, the most ever. The disastrous tally has been pushed to new heights by soaring abuse of heroin and prescription painkillers, a class of drugs known as opioids. Heroin deaths rose 23 percent in one year, to 12,989, slightly higher than the number of gun homicides, according to government data released Thursday

As a whole, It's awful. Africa, it's just a constant continuation of poverty and ignorance, and disease, illness and death decade after decade.   World Governments feel that its futile. They will continue to kill each other, kill the women and children, kill the whites and let the country die out. And the Governments are going to let them.

China is there building infrastructure. Creating highways and bridges under the pretense of business agreements.  Although China wants to rule the the whole world. And they want to take over the weak ones first. Those are the easiest targets, the most vulnerable.  The ones with the land, easy to take over, and all the rare earth minerals, gemstones and other valuable commodities.  China’s attitude is “they're killing each other anyway, so we'll take over when they're all done”.  China is going into Africa saying "Hey, we could build you this. Hey, we can build that ..."  But in truth, they are building an infrastructure that will make it easier to take over.

Chinese military are soulless, heartless. They're like worker ants. Their discipline is unbelievable. If they're told, "Cut your right wrist, they do it." They're the worst people we could go to war with.

I do see Australia continuing to be a sovereign nation. They keep to themselves and stay out of other nations business and wars.  They are like this, "We stay out of it. You stay out of ours, we say, mind your own business." I see Australia doing this. They still are affected by our dollar, though, by the economy.


Written by Michelle Whitedove
Author, Psychic Medium and Futurist