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China Russia WWIII North Korea 2016 and Beyond


History repeats itself, like the Roman Empire, America began as a small colony and became a thriving republic that lasted hundreds of years.  The Roman Empire fell because of government corruption, overspending, the loss of core values, a weakened army and the invasion of barbarians.  This too will be the undoing of America.

2016 and beyond is going to be chaos, mayhem, rioting, looting, fighting, killing, and dividing up in groups worldwide: Nationalities, race segregation, the extremist religious sects, Governments against their own people, gangs and the mafia too.

My advice: stay prayerful, lay low and use your own personal power to be part of the solution. Be mindful not to be part of the problem.

By Michelle Whitedove
Author, Futurist, Spiritual Medium
Written Jan 1, 2015

CORRECT 2017 CNN Reports 'A resurgence of white nationalism': Hate groups spiked in 2016 .
 CORRECT ‘With No Moral Code there will be Chaos" says Diplomat, scholar and former Vice President Hamid Ansari - Article <


I have been saying this and blogging this for years and I still hold my ground, that China has exclusive power over North Korea and South Korea.  

Currently, I see that Kim Jong-un will act more unstable, delusional and will have a psychotic break.  He's like a little Hitler and he'll kill anyone. He's a sociopath. He has no conscious. He's warped, demented. Whatever he feels like that day; those are the new rules, punishments or deaths.  He wants to bomb South Korea and rule the entire Korean peninsula.  But he doesn’t have a chance of a takeover with China and the United Sates keeping a close watch.

Spirit is telling me that he's going to make some big threats. He's going to have a little tantrum. The United States is going to take a stance that we are going to take action!  Then, China is going to say, "Really? No America, you're not going to do anything. This isn't even a conversation. We will deal with him." Then, China lays down the law and they step in. America backs down.

>>CORRECT APRIL 2016 REUTERS News: China warned 30-year-old Kim Jong-un,against "troublemaking" on its doorstep, in an apparent rebuke to North Korea, and the United States said it was postponing a missile test to help calm high tension on the divided Korean peninsula.

North Korea has recently come out and said that they have capabilities for an atom bomb and I know it to be true. For years North Korea’s leaders have been gathering what they need for their military. This is the master plan that his Father laid out before him: nuclear weapons and to develop an atom bomb.

He really has the attitude "I'm going to conquer, divide and I'm going to have the whole thing because I have the nukes and I have the atom bomb."  He's for years now he’s been stockpiling.

>> CORRECT April 2017 News N. Korea threatens to ‘reduce US to ashes’ with ‘super-mighty pre-emptive strike’ WW3 - RT News http://bit.ly/2pGPkbA .


Germany is trying to stay in a gray area.  It's black or white and they're walking the thin gray line. You know what I mean? Like, "Okay. Let's see what happens with China, Russia and the USA, we’ll let the situation play out… then choose which team that we are on. “

>> CORRECT May 2017 News - Angela Merkel says Germany can no longer rely on Donald Trump's America: 'We Europeans must take our destiny into our own hands'. German Chancellor says traditional western alliance threatened by new presidency and UK's Brexit.

China is just sitting back quietly and they're using Putin as the front-man since they are partners and allies with Russia.  China is silently waiting, allowing Russia to speak up, do the dirty work, but China has their back.  These two countries believe that together they can overpower the USA.

>>CORRECT: MAY 10, 2016 Russian TV announced a military test of a Stealth Nuclear Missile called Satan2, with enough power to wipe out a nation. The official name of the said device is RS-28 Sarmat. With it's stealth capabilities, the West has nothing to stop this weapon.
>>NEWS: May 20, 2016 BRACE YOURSELF: Ex-Deputy NATO Commander Predicts Russia Will Start WWIII (WW3) in May 2017 via Russian Insider


China prides themselves in their silence. Chinese media reports propaganda, circulating only information that they want the West to know.  Military plans and secrets rarely get leaked.

>> CORRECT: Speaking of Propaganda as News in China’s Morning Post May 20, 2016


I see that China has the best hackers. They know the web better than anybody does, including the US government. They are so smart and dedicated to the cause and working together for a better China, whereas our government is unable to come together for the higher good. China has what we don't: patience, money and time. For years I have “seen” that they have a military strategy in place and they are orchestrating a takeover of the world. Slowly and methodically they have gathered military intelligence, weapons of mass destruction, space weapons, electronic warfare and they have loaned the USA so much money that they are our land lords; they have infiltrated our society without American’s even knowing.  They are executing a long-term plan of owning the entire world; and Russia will be their enforcer.

Surprise! Our government knows this and they're using the Middle East as a complete distraction filling the news media with ISIS and the Middle East, giving Putin and China little national attention.

Nothing changes in the Middle East. It’s more of the same thing that's been going on for thousands of years, fighting for territory. Know this: they'll never destroy the Holy Land, God will not allow it. 


What about this ISIS ISIL problem? 
ISIS is a man-made religious cult. It’s like mind control. They're going to program you, program you, program you to one thing; pull the trigger and you'll be a martyred in heaven. They are programed to believe that “God wants this” which is NOT true.

I predict that ISIS is going to rally more fanatical followers. Throughout this year and coming years it's only going to get bigger which concerns me. Then, they're going to make larger attacks.

I predict that ISIL will target planes in the air. I still see a lot of planes, even more planes that went down in 2015, they are attacks.  The ISIS problem is going to continue and get worse. I see the East Coast getting the brunt of it of the attacks here In the U.S.  There will be more of ISIS radicalism and suicide bombers.

Is it partially propaganda?  From our government, yes, partially it's propaganda and the spreading of fear, but also this hatred that they carry has been ingrained from infancy from generation to generation.

ISIL/ISIS the scariest groups because once you get in, there is no chance of getting out. They expect certain things.  We're going to see a lot more of their dirty work on the East coast of the USA and Europe too.

CONFIRMATION - (Oct 2017) Accused New York City bike-path terrorist Sayfullo Saipov — who allegedly killed eight people in a Halloween horror — is trying to dodge death himself now.

The thing that concerns me about this year is that everybody is going to have their ass handed to them, not only by natural catastrophic events, but also the economy, personal relationships and the government.  People that you know, maybe including your own family members, there will be unexpected violence.  I'm expecting really psycho, sicko, violence and outbreaks of more and more people in public places around the world.  You're going to see more riots than you did last year. You're going to see more acts of violence on every level.

CORRECT U.S. Cities Experienced Another Big Rise In Murder In 2016 .
- Nov 2017 Texas mass shooting at the First Baptist Church 26 dead
- Oct 2017 Las Vegas, 59 killed at concert mass shooting
- Aug 2017 VA, 
car plowed into a crowd of demonstrators kills 1 injured 19
- June 2017 London, 3 men in vehicle and stabbing attack 7 dead .

-  Jan 2017 Quebec City mosque shooting 6 killed
- July 2016 Nice, France
armed man drove truck through crowds killed 84 .
 -June 2016 Orlando, Florida 49 killed in the Pulse nightclub attack .

I don't exactly know what this means, but Spirit says “it’s in the air”.  There is something airborne that causes people to lose it. They're doing it on purpose. Then, also there are these lower and higher frequencies. They cause the beaching of the whales and the dolphins.  We're going to witness dead seas of fish. Oh, my God, it’s awful.

>>CORRECT: May 2016Tons of fishes, massive fish die outs across the globe and beached whales in May 2016 (Click this LINK to view the entire year of Mass animal deaths)
Fire in the Sky

Fire in the Sky

Putin says what he means. He means what he says and he will bulldoze, nuke or bomb any country. He won't talk about it, he’ll just do it! He is a big, big threat and problem. He's just waiting, he want to prove his power in a big way. And China is encouraging him. They will let him be the one out in front and they are his silent partner. Watch and see!

Can Hillary or Trump work with Putin?  Donald wouldn't work with him. Trump, he would blow a gasket and hit the wrong button, and send a nuke. Whereas Putin is smart enough where he doesn't want to nuke and wipe out the entire planet, but he'll be happy to bomb the shit out of the United States and wherever. I see that Russia has more weapons now than they did for the Cold War. 

Do I see Putin bombing the U.S. in the future?  Putin, he does not mess around. If anyone crosses a certain boundary line: in bodies of water, the ocean, air space or on any level, he's going to act on it. For whatever reason and I don't know what sets the ball in motion, but in the future, I see him move forward against the United States.  I see Putin's really mad about a lot of things and he wants to make a point. He will go, "Oh, yeah? Watch this" and attack.  He definitely wants to make a statement. I'm concerned because I see the East Coast of the USA being hit. I predict New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, these are the areas that I'm seeing being hit and also Washington DC and the Statue of Liberty. ISIS has targeted those areas too.

CORRECT October 2016 ABC News reported: Russia announced this week it was moving nuclear-capable ballistic missiles within striking distance of Western capitals - into its Northern European exclave, Kaliningrad.

Recently Putin that said, “Donald Trump is a smart man."  But the truth is Putin thinks that Trump is a joke.  He said that to manipulate, to play him, actually Putin thinks that Trump is a bag of hot wind. He also thinks Obama is spineless. Putin’s playing the game of strategy and is very good at it. He’s KGB and they're well trained. He can lie and then pass a lie detector test. But more than that, he’s a sociopath, he has no feelings or empathy, he’s without a conscious. He’s heartless and his dark soul rules him along with power, money, ego, fame, especially Power.

China owns us already and they want to own the world. Here's the thing. I don't see them wanting to destroy the United States. They want to own it, they want to come in and take over.  Yes, I see a takeover. Whoever they have to kill in the process, they will. They expect us to conform, they are very disciplined. It’s black and white with them. You follow orders or face severe consequences.

>> CORRECT YES China wants to Own us! May 2016 The Guardian NEWS: Chinese pour $110bn into US real estate .


I see the Chinese taking U.S. citizens and putting them in the Ghost Cities that they’ve built. Look them up, the first time I saw them, I got goose bumps. These Ghost Cities of China are high-rise internment camps; they were built for forced relocation and incarceration for those Americans that won’t go along with their plans. (The builders of these Ghost Cities had no idea why the Chinese Government was insisting on building these sprawling cities in remote parts of China )

Will America stand up with their right to bear arms and go to war? Yes, America will stand up and yes we will go to war. That’s why we cannot give up our gun rights now. And that’s why our Government wants to take them from us.

The United States’ only deep water port on the West Coast that big enough for Military Ships has already been leased to China. Ask yourself, why would the USA lease the Long Beach Naval Shipyard to an enemy? 

Do I see an invasion during the next presidency 2017-2020?  Yes, they will invade, just like the British invaded to conquer. This time it will be China.

They speak English but we don’t speak Chinese languages. They're educated on many levels. The Chinese people are very, very much into the beliefs of their elders, their ancestors and what their government says. They are meek, humble, disciplined and easily programmed to obey.

Russia has tag teamed with China. As I said, Putin is out in front. Russia will play the warmonger and China will wait quietly. That’s the plan.  China owns the USA already, now it’s just about making strategic moves – like a game of Battleship.

>>CORRECT: Headline NEWS from South China Morning Post: China, Russia increase joint drills as they deepen defense ties to contain US, their mutual foe, The two nations announce plans to strengthen military cooperation this year (April 2016)
>>CORRECT: In separate incidences CNN reported the Russian fighter jet had come within about 30 meters of the US plane and had performed a barrel roll, its a "TOP GUN" F*ck You maneuver: China reports.  ///  May 2016 The Associated Press reported two Chinese J-11 jets flew out to intercept the USA'sEP-3 surveillance aircraft and came as close as about 15 metres to the plane, causing it to descend to avert a collision. The report added that the incident took place over the northern part of the sea.

I Predict that soon the Chinese Government will attack the US Dollar and to make their currency China’s Yuan be equal to the US Dollar.  Then eventually the Yuan will be valued higher than the Dollar. 

>> CORRECT April 2016 News: China has reportedly decided ”there can be no conversion of gold-backed Yuan to or from US dollars.” The attack has begun!    
>> CORRECT May 17, 2016 PRAVDA NEWS:  Russia and China buy tons of gold getting ready for dollar collapse  Russia News
>> CORRECT May 31, 2016 PRAVDA NEWS: Russia and China Oil Deal trade in gold backed Yuan to release world from US dollar. The main achievement of Russia-China economic partnership will shift global economy to allow the countries to REJECT US dollars. Russia News


 I see the Chinese coming in and taking over businesses, land, schools, everything. They'll try to make America to be more like China.  They want their customs to be imprinted on us, their culture, their belief system and their communistic values. 

CORRECT March 2016 FORTUNE MAGAZINE REPORTS Eight of America's Top Companies are now owned by Chinese! FIVE acquisitions happened in in 2016! They own GE Appliances, Starwood Hotels and more!
>>SHOCKING: Feb 2015 BLOOMBERG News: The Chicago Stock Exchange is being bought by Chinese Investors. The acquisition would be the first U.S. exchange owned by a foreign by a company. This is a precedent of great magnitude.
>>CORRECT: Feb 2016 BUSINESS INSIDER Reports: China is buying up American companies fast, and it's freaking people out. To date, there have been 102 Chinese outbound mergers-and-acquisitions deals announced this year, amounting to $81.6 billion in value, according to Dealogic. That's up from 72 deals worth $11 billion in the same period last year.


  The real question is will China be successful in taking over the U.S during the same time that I’m seeing a spiritual ascension. The thing is that I've seen the war. For some reason I can only see into the future as far somewhere between 2020 and 2025? China will be partially successful but then something big happens. God will not allow us to destroy this Earth. Do I get a date for the wipeout of China?  I get 2020 or 2022. We can say that 2020 and beyond will be the demise of China and everything else too.


As written in my other BLOG Spiritually Speaking which is also channeled information for the New Year, this is the time of a great cleansing. The earth will be cleansed in more ways than one. It's like a balancing act and purification. God is not going to let China fully come in and say, "We own this world. We rule this world.” That's the point where God's hand comes in… around 2020 or 2022.


This year I have a lot of concerns for the public, for humanity. My concern is also for Mother Earth being strong enough that she'll birth and she'll rejuvenate.  I predict natural disasters will escalate. For the West Coast of the United States I see the coastlines coming in and also the water levels still rising. Nature is out of balance. The ocean is dying so I ask you to pray for the Oceans, do what you can to help. Pray for the innocent, and pray for Mother Earth. She'll do what she needs to take care of herself. She will follow the masculine part of God, the God of the seventh level of Heaven. Mother Earth has already her orders and she's rejuvenating and cleansing. I see a fire in the sky which is part of a cleansing, purification by fire.   

When God gets so disgusted with humans and says "I'm done," then there's a wipe-out. I keep getting a vision of a “Fire in the Sky” and many will die.  Mother Earth is going to shift in 2016 to a new vibration. In 2016 and 2017 there will be people that find cosmic exits or doorways to leave this realm and transcend. Not a physical death, many will walk over to the next realm as the Mayan and the Aborigines once did.

When I look into the future around the year 2025 there's been majors wars, martial law, civil wars, a world war…a revolution. Globally, the people are acting like naughty little children of God, actually, really awful. Then, God says, "Oh, you think you're going to destroy this Earth?" At this point there is intervention from above: Enlightened Star Beings, Archangels and our Creator.  

It gets so bad here, the heightening of violence and all this havoc and true atrocities with women and children that God will not allow. God does not allow humans to totally destroy this planet.  Only to a certain point, then it's a wipe-out, there are just enough humans left to start over. This is what I want to explain to you. There will be a new starting point here on this darker planet, the old earth, where a few primitive souls will re-start evolution. 

What happens to the other 99.8% of the population? It’s time to move on to the next adventure of the soul. We get to make that transition the same time that Mother Earth makes that ascension, like the phoenix rising out of ashes. It’s a new birth into a new earth… that's already happening. As it's happening slowly, some faster, some slower that will make ... some of us will have the opportunity in this lifetime to not die and make that transition without a physical death. As I have written before, some star beings will pick up people and move them to colonize them elsewhere. Even the Star Beings don’t want this race of humans to go extinct.

Just like the time of Adam and Eve and Noah…It all begins again.


Sending you Love, Light and Prayers,


Michelle Whitedove
Author, Futurist, Psychic Medium

Written January 1, 2016