2016 on Hillary Clinton's Presidency

2016 More Psychic Insights on Hillary Clinton and her upcoming presidency

Written Jan 1, 2016

by Michelle Whitedove
Spiritual Medium and Futurist

 When Hillary is President, will she do away with Obamacare?   She talks about socialized medicine for all – which is a good thing. She knows that the Affordable Health Care Act won't work the way that it’s been set up.  The Affordable Health Care Act, known as “Obamacare,” is eventually going to go out the window during the next presidency. It's been said that it will be reformed.  People believe that Obamacare will be restructured but I predict that it will be eliminated.

CORRECT JAN 20, 2017, the next president Donald Trump signed an Executive Order on his first day in office to seek complete repeal of Obamacare - Affordable Healthcare Act   .



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During her Presidency she will use her personal power to reach her objectives. When Hillary was secretary of state traveling the globe she collected all kinds of dirt, the scandalous truths on so many people in positions of power. She knows big secrets and she will use the skeletons in politicians’ closets for leverage to get what she wants. She will use these secrets when they attack her.

I predict she will use what she knows during the 2016 elections. I see her coming forward and say, "Really? Well, look at this Donald Trump”.

Our Government is the biggest mob - yet, the public still think that the government is our friend.  They don't realize ...they're sheep, sleepwalking to slaughter.  Will America stand up with their right to bear arms and go to war? Yes, America will stand up and yes we will go to war. That’s why we cannot give up our gun rights now. And that’s why our Government wants to take them from us.

The men that have signed up to serve in our military, the government uses different tactics to keep them beyond their contract. Soon the USA is going to make it mandatory one way or another, the draft, backdoor draft, and criminals will be offered jail time or military service.  They're going to say, "We are in an emergency state of need and want all men from this age to that to come forward and enlist."  I said this before. I'll say this again now. I see it coming.

>>CORRECT: June 2016 Senate approved an expansive military policy bill that would for the first time require young women to register for the draftRead entire article here <


Do I see an invasion during the next presidency 2017-2020?  Yes, they will invade, just like the British invaded to conquer. This time it will be China.  Did you know that the United States’ only deep water port on the West Coast that big enough for Military Ships has already been leased to China?  Ask yourself, why did the Clinton Administration lease the Long Beach Naval Shipyard to an enemy? 

I see that Hillary is going to be the last President as we have known it.

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