Michael Jacksons Death

Michael Jackson’s Death Predictions - RIP
Psychic Insight
By Celebrity Psychic Michelle Whitedove


It was announced moments ago that Michael Jackson suffered cardiac arrest and the hospital is not releasing a statement yet. So I’d like to give my psychic insights.

 -He was found dead and could not be revived. CORRECT

-The autopsy will find that Michaels’ death was a drug overdose with more than one medication in his system. His breathing became labored, and the drugs stopped his heart.
CORRECT: Michael died from a drug cocktail of sedatives.

Although it’s difficult for the doctors to know Michael’s frame of mind at the time of death I clearly see, that this was an accidental overdose. This was not a suicide.

I can see that Michael had been taking a series of meds: Sleeping pills, anti depressants, pain pills. His health was frail partially due to years of abusing the meds and taking drug cocktails.
CORRECT: Autopsy was leaked Michael had Valium & Lorazepam (for anxiety / depressant), Midazolam (for reducing anxiety, producing drowsiness), Propofol (for sleep induced anesthesia for surgery) diluted with painkiller Lidocaine.

Ironically, Michael wanted to live forever yet he died at his own hand. He was on a mission to extend his life and was looking for methods of immortality.

The Children: My heart goes out to Michaels children for their loss. This will be a great transition for the kids, who will now grow up in a much more normal environment. These children have no idea what “Normal” is.
CORRECT: Michael’s kids will be enrolled school for the first time

I see that Michaels last will and testament is going to be harsh in the eyes of his family. You can bet his parents and family will step in and argue/dispute parental rights. It will be anything but an easy probate, surprising in many ways. From beyond, Michael will have people jumping through hoops to meet the conditions of The Will.
CORRECT: Jackson's mother wins custody of children
Jackson Family Battles The Estate: To Protect MJ's Legacy

In Love & Light,
 Michelle Whitedove,      Written June 25th, 2009
Named America’s Top Psychic

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