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Yesterday the media broke the tragic news that John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s only son Jett had died. With the death of a child comes immeasurable grief for the family. At this critical time, I see that Kelly is the rock of strength for her daughter and for her husband who is inconsolable.

I would ask you to send your prayers of comfort and healing to the family. Did you know that prayers are thought forms that can be felt? They really do make a difference and can help to transform any situation.

Over the years, there has been much hurtful speculation about Jett Travolta’s physical and mental health. Some tabloids taunted the family with claims of Jett as an undiagnosed autistic and cruel accusations that he was not receiving medical attention for the disorder. As a loving and ever concerned father, John spoke about his son’s condition of Kawasaki Syndrome on Larry King. But the very private family tried to shield their sensitive son from the very harsh scrutiny of a celebrity life, rarely was he photographed.

As a Health intuitive I would like to set the record straight:

Jett was not autistic. He was an introverted sensitive who suffered with social anxiety problems.

The beautiful boy came into this world with physical flaws. Some went undetected and eluded the many doctors and specialist. He had physical issues since birth which lead to developmental problems. I see that he also had ongoing respiratory problems. At some point he was not receiving the correct amount of oxygen though his blood stream to his brain.

I sense that his childhood seizures had stopped for a long period of time. So Jett’s death came as a shock, since the Travoltas felt they had moved passed his seizures.

The autopsy report will most likely be inconclusive. But I clearly see that his death was heart issue related, there was an irregularity his veins and the oxygen supply.

On the Soul’s Journey:

Every soul has an exit date and death dates are predetermined and planned just like a birth date. In this case Jett did not plan a long life. He came to be an example of love. Unfortunately John is learning the lesson of death and abandonment in this lifetime, his first love Diana Hyland, now his son Jett, and there will be another great bereavement in his future.

This loss is an example for all of us that life is fleeting. I encourage you cherish your loved ones. And I ask you to utilize your personal power of prayer to assist the Travolta’s, and your own family. Pray for the millions of families in need around the world, and children without parents. As a humanitarian, send prayers of healing love to those less fortunate.

Sending you Love, Light, & Peace,
  Michelle Whitedove

Written Jan 3rd, 2009  

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