2009 Celebrity Predictions by Michelle Whitedove

2009 Celebrity Predictions
Psychic Insights by Michelle Whitedove

Happy New Year! Ask and you will receive, here are my celebrity predictions for this upcoming year. Thank you to all my readers. I wish you much love and Peace for 2009. As you watch my predictions, drop me a line and keep me informed as they come into fruition. By the way, I will be doing a new video blog and posting it on my YouTube channel. Let me know about topics that you my loyal readers want me to address. Just click on my CONTACT Page to send your ideas. And be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my video channel.

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Britney Spears
2009 is her year, no more major set backs in her personal life. In the coming year Brit will go back to court to renegotiate her custody rights. Slowly she will regain the ability to manage her life, through the courts. Her 2009 World Tour will be considered a success. Everyone wants to see Brit, but the economic crisis will be the major factor in ticket sales. Her ticket sales will be better than other stars that will be forced to cancel their tours.
>>Correct: CIRCUS grossed $135,001,619, it became the fifth highest grossing tour of 2009, and the sixth highest grossing tour ever by a female artist.

Kevin Federline
A bad year ahead for Britney’s ex, it’s his Karma. As Kevin’s money making projects fail he will not be able to support himself. Like a gigolo he will continue to go to court to ask for large sums of Britney’s money. The tabloids will expose Kevin partying and it will not look good to the courts. He’s in for a rude awakening. Also I see a woman claiming that he is the father of her child.

2009 will not be a good to Madge. She will have and mid-life crisis and is headed for an emotional meltdown. Like the law of attraction states we bring about what we think about, she’s manifesting her fears…she’s afraid of aging, and not being famous.

CORRECT Apr 2, 2009 - WHAT has got into Madonna - She’s having some sort of extended mid-life crisis ?
CORRECT Apr 5, 2009 - Madonna has left Malawi on her private jet after being rebuffed in an attempt to adopt a second child from the poor African nation.

Heidi Klum & Seal
It will be an excellent year for this power couple. They are true soul mates and great friends. This year they will be considering another child either biological or adopting.
CORRECT: (April 2009) Seal and Heidi announce 4th child due Fall

David Beckham & Posh
In 2009 I see a knee injury for David which will upset his career plans. Victoria will spend much time keeping her man in check.

CORRECT Sun March 15th 2010 Just off by a few months - Tearful David Beckham sees World Cup dream dashed by Milan injury when he ruptures his achilles tendon - which attaches the heel bone with the calf muscles which attach at the knee

Robert Pattinson
This once obscure actor, who plays the lead role in the “Twilight” movie series, will be the next Johnny Depp. Next, Robert will take quirky rolls and prove that he is more than a celebrity. The box office will establish that he’s a superstar.
CORRECT (May 2009) Robert Pattinson the Silent Superstar

Jennifer Hudson
2009 will be another bittersweet year for Jennifer. I see her jumping back into work with many highly successful projects coming: movies, singing and product lines. Her professional joys will be tempered with great sadness in her personal life. William, her brother-in-law is guilty of murdering her family and a second man will be arrested. The motive for murder was; jealousy, drugs, and money. Her family will turn against her. Then a tell-all book will be written about Jennifer without her permission and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture.
CORRECT: A jury has found William Balfour guilty of murdering actress Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother & 7-year-old nephew

Barack Obama
Regrettably I see a major assassination plot being formed. It resembles the US President Kennedy assassination conspiracy and cover up.
CORRECT Several Attempts and plots were formed .

Eva Mendez
I see that Eva will become a James Bond Girl which is a great career move. She will be given an offer that she can’t refuse from Playboy. Maxim magazine will feature her again and there will also be a risqué pictorial for Stuff magazine. Unfortunately Eva will return to rehab in 2009.
CORRECT: Eva in Playboy  Feb & March 2009, Celebrity Skin Jan 2009

Lindsay Lohan
 2009 will bring a relationship upset. Even though Samantha Ronson’s love and care was the main source of support that helped Lindsay through her addictions, Lindsay’s will rebel. I see that Samantha will become controlling, possessive, and jealous. They will make-up and break up before LL starts dating a man and return to old pattern of party girl. Eventually LL will realize that Sam was good for her.
CORRECT: (April 2009) Break up + Lindsay back on Men

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes
Ever calculating Tom married Katie to be his baby maker. But Kate has learned quickly and is refusing to give Tom another biological child by using her career projects as an excuse. Eventually TomKat will have one more "designer baby" meaning genetically selected characteristics by in vitro fertilization. After their second child they will divorce followed by a world class custody battle.
INSIGHT: Designer babies soon available to the general public.  INSIGHTS: In 2012, Katie decided to cut her losses and get away while she could still protect Suri from Scientology and make sure that she didn't suffer the fate of Nicole Kidman who was ostracized from her Cruise children's life

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
Contrary to reports, their love relationship IS very stable. I see that Angie wants to give Brad 6 biological children and she feels that her body clock is ticking. For Angie there will be a 2009 Health crisis and hospitalization which could lead to a miscarriage. This time she is an ultra high risk pregnancy with anemia. Brad will be scared because he values her health more than more biological children. It’s imperative that Angie slow down and take better care of herself because this health scare could be life threatening. Eventually they will have a tribe of children and they will continue to do great things for the world.
CORRECT: (MAY 2009) New Health Concerns for Jolie on set of SALT ,
(MAY 2009) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie most powerful celeb couple on the Planet!

Jennifer Aniston
Jen’s biological clock is ticking and she’s rushing John Mayer towards a real commitment. Her goal is marriage and a child. Subconsciously it’s payback to Brad & Angelina. I do see an engagement and then a small intimate marriage ceremony being planned but John senses her desperation and they will ultimately break up.
CORRECT: (March 2009) Jennifer and John break up.

Miley Cyrus
Fast fame and little appreciation will create a power struggle between Miley and her dad Billy Ray Cyrus. Miley’s relationship with boyfriend Justin Gaston will end in 2009. This is Miley’s first love but unfortunately he will stay in the relationship even after his feelings for her have cooled. At that point he will be using MC for her fame. Daddy needs to be careful how he handles this boyfriend issue because I see Miley threatening to move out. With all her stress and a heavy work load Miley will crash and burn with fatigue.
CORRECT July 2009 'Tears are words the heart can't express': Miley Cyrus reveals misery after split from sweetheart Justin Gaston.
CORRECT Miley hospitalized with fatigue

Everything that she touches in 2009 will turn to gold. Cher will come out of hiding to promote new projects. I see that she is planning some surprise duets with other stars. And she will be using her celebrity to speak out on her political views and do humanitarian good works. She’s out of retirement and this will be the best that Cher has ever been!
CORRECT: (JAN 2009) Cher to star with Johnny Knoxville ,
(May 2009) Cher: back to the Big Screen

She is a trend setter and will become a Hollywood Star. In 2009 songstress Rihanna is offered a movie role. She will be in the movies, have product lines, and be a spokes-model to add to her list of talents.

CORRECT Rihanna In the Movies !

Pam Anderson
In 2009 Party girl Pam’s reality show will be axed as her star power begins to fade. I see a health setback slow her down with extreme weakness and chronic fatigue connected to her hepatitis. I see that she also has an overactive thyroid and female problems. Unfortunately her health issues and drinking are prematurely aging her.  
CORRECT Pam's Reality Show ended without fanfare

Tyra Banks
Her show Top Model will keep going, but her talk show will fade away in 2009 -2010.
CORRECT: December 2009, it was announced that Season 5 would be the Tyra show's final season.

Jennifer Lopez
In 2009, Jennifer will be using a fertility doctor to get pregnant again.

Michael J. Fox
2009 is his comeback year! He will be doing more TV and I even see him producing. He’s a health miracle giving hope to all those suffering from Parkinson's disease.
CORRECT: (MAY 2009) Michael J. Fox is doing a fantastic guest stint on Rescue Me

This year will be a year of inner conflicts for Beyonce. With a full schedule of work projects she and her father will have conflicts and disagree on the Beyonce’s direction. Beyonce is focused on making her marriage strong and she wondering when to plan to have a baby with Jay-Z. Forget the plans, her pregnancy will be a big surprise.
CORRECT: (April 2009) Beyonce’s issues with Daddy Knowles  
CORRECT: Beyonce's surprise pregnancy announcement at 2011 VMA's

Christina Aguilera
2009 will be a good year for Christina. I see a movie in the works and another pregnancy. But she is becoming obsessed with her appearance and will cross the line of too much cosmetic surgery. When she's so naturally beautiful and doesn’t even need to fix a thing!
CORRECT: (April 09) Christina Aguilera planning her big-screen debut

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