2008 US Election Update 9-6-08

2008 US Election Update
Psychic Insights: by Michelle Whitedove

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I’m writing this blog after receiving several emails and messages asking for a 2008 Political update…asking me to admit I was wrong…asking me to bring people hope! I want to make it perfectly clear that when I predicted Hillary Clinton would be our first female president, “Spirit” said that she would win this presidency in 2008. People ask me if I had to do it over again would I change this prediction knowing what I do now; and I tell them No! I am simply the messenger; I do not change or edit the information that “Spirit” gives to me. Who am I to question the Great Spirits information or even perceive to always fully understand it?

When I received word that Barack Obama had taken the democratic ticket I was very shocked and disappointed. It was surprising to me and some people of the spiritual community that Obama beat out Clinton; especially considering the fact that if our Florida votes had been counted she would of won the popular vote by a landslide. Several of the Spiritual-Mediums and psychics that I know and that are reputable had predicted Hillary Clinton to win; so now the question is how could we all be wrong? First of all, I’m still not entirely sure that we are wrong, until November there are various scenarios that could still put Hillary back in the election.

Assuming that the election will be Obama versus McCain I would like to explain how my future predictions work. No one can be 100% accurate for one fact; and that’s called “Free Will”. There is never just one future outcome because mankind can always make a choice and sometimes those choices are going against their destiny, or affect other peoples free will; so you see the future is always changing. This is not meant to sound like a cop out, but the fact is spiritual mediums such as I can only predict the most probable future at the time that we get the information; however there are always three possible outcomes. If something that is destined to happen is changed by a person’s free will then often times it will transpire either in a different way but with the same result, or perhaps just be delayed; this is also one reason why many psychics have difficulty with timing. If Hillary becomes the first president later on down the road then it was my timing that was off not the prediction itself. This is why you never see legitimate psychics claiming to be 100% accurate. For there will always be times when the free-will of the masses will change a situation or outcome.

Hillary Clinton wrote in her life contract that she would be the first female president of the United States of America. This is what she was born to do, this is her mission statement. And this prediction has not changed for me; when I asked “Spirit” about Hillary they still show her on stage reciting her acceptance speech. So whether she slides in the democratic slot at the last moment; or if she has to wait four or even eight more years that prediction is still very clear to me. For those big Clinton supporters I hope you find some comfort in that.

As what our future holds, I still see scandals popping up around Obama; also I see assassination attempts on his life, or another type of event that can remove him. If one of those two factors doesn’t oust Obama from the Democratic Party thus reinstating Hillary, it will still leave an open wound for the Democratic Party.
CORRECT: Attempted Assassination Arrest Aug 26 2008 VIDEO, NEWS Gunman Arrested Sept 24th SUN NEWS But these are not even the ones that I was SEEING!

Originally the democrats were predicted to win the next presidential election by a huge lead. This was common knowledge in both the spiritual and political communities. However two new factors have changed this future as well. First when Obama did not choose Hillary as his VP choice, it lowered the democrat’s chance of being elected greatly. Second when McCain choose Sarah Palin as his VP it gave the Republican Party a huge boost. Now the 80/20 odds that favored the democrats have become 50/50 and that is frightening. I predicted that the republicans would choose an ethnic female as a running mate due to the acceptance of Hillary.

At the time, I saw Condoleezza Rice as the most probable female VP but I also said that McCain would not want her. At the last minute McCain chose Sarah Palin who has done a lot of progression for the state of Alaska and even though she is not well known like Condi… she’s much more likeable, this has given McCain an even greater advantage. However despite that both McCain and Palin are mavericks in the political arena they are also both Pro-War and if McCain/Palin take office I predict we will see America thrust into even more war.

I’m also deeply concerned about our current president Bush and VP Cheney, who are so consumed with money and oil that they are throwing billions of dollars at Georgia to help fight Russia which could lead us into yet another bloody war costing us money we don’t have and soldiers who shouldn’t have to die for greed and corruption. America is in crisis between the wars and yet another depression (the government is barely admitting to the recession, but it is quickly becoming a depression) and now I see an even greater looming threat of Nuclear War.

For those seeking hope I would say remember YOUR free will, we can change these outcomes before they happen through positive thoughts and actions. Use our collective prayers, and unite our spiritual front demanding a stop to war, demanding our votes be counted and our voices be heard. Each of us can make a difference, so remember this… as you go through life in these hard times.

To everyone who has and continues to support me on this journey of spiritual enlightenment and Peace, I thank you sincerely, and I couldn’t keep doing what I do without your encouragement. Now more than ever it’s important that we stay connected and strong so that collectively the spiritual community can keep making a difference in this world.

Lastly I would like to say that I truly wish that I had more insight for you about Hillary Clinton but when I pray on it “Spirit” does not give me clarification so I cannot say much more about it except that I will continue to keep my blogs updated as I receive the information.

Sending you, Love, Light and Peace,

Michelle Whitedove   Written Sept. 6, 2008

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