Death of Anna Nicole Smith

By Michelle Whitedove

Untimely Death of Anna Nicole Smith

FEB 8, 2007 My phones have rang since 2pm today when it was known that Anna Nicole Smith had died at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood FL. My heart goes out to all those who loved her. So I would like to set the records straight as a Medium and Health Intuitive:

Anna's death was an unintentional overdose.

Why did she die?

  • She lost the will to live when her son died. He was her soul mate.
  • Due to her grief she has not bonded with her daughter.
  • As a mother and role model, she felt great guilt that her son mimicked her self-medicating addiction which resulted in his death.
  • Anna does not know the true paternity of her daughter. At the time of conception she was sleeping with Larry Birkhead, Howard K. Stern, and another male. So the court petition by Birkhead has put an emotional strain on her already fragile emotional state.
  • In recent weeks the media has plagued her and her husband with accusation of providing drugs to Daniel (Anna's son).
  • All of the above compounded her guilt, remorse, grief and deep depression which lead to her unintentional overdose.

On Howard:

  • He is truly devastated because of his great love for Anna Nicole.
  • There was no foul play on his part with Anna OR Daniel's death.
  • I do feel that their marriage is not legal by US standards.
  • He will keep his daughter outside of the US so a DNA test cannot be enforced.
  • He will go after J. Howard Marshall's estate for Anna Nicole's sole heir the five month old Dannielynn.

On Daniel:

  • There was no foul play in his death
  • Daniel was imitating his mother's penchant for self medication to sooth emotional pain.

On Anna Nicole's Family:

  • Even in Death, her biological family will continue to betray her 
  • Her family's true interest is in her money.

On Larry Birkhead: 

  • If any other woman in his life had gotten pregnant, he would have made himself scarce.

Breaking News Scoop direct from Hollywood, Florida: according to a Seminole Indian source who was in Anna's Hard Rock Hotel room today, Seminole Paramedics found Anna's body on the floor, nude, on her stomach, with no signs of life. Unfortunately she was already dead when her private nurse discovered her.

TONIGHT Feb 8th 2007 - As an expert in her field, Michelle will be on the Alan Colmes Radio Show to comment on Anna Nicole.

In Love and Light,
Michelle Whitedove

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