Psychic Detective is Correct Tragedy for 3 Year Old

By Michelle Whitedove

"Medium" Michelle Whitedove reported the location of child

Miami FL - Montana radio station KGEZ asked listeners for help in hopes of finding a missing child. Thursday evening a Montana radio listener called Michelle Whitedove's Florida office to ask for her assistance as a psychic detective in the case of a missing 3 year old Montana boy. The listener had heard Whitedove on the Alan Colmes Radio Show and was impressed with her on-air abilities.

First thing on Friday morning Whitedove reviewed the FOX NEWS Amber Alert photo of 3 year old Loic Rogers who had been missing for more than 24 hours. She immediately sent an email to local radio personality at KGEZ and then to Officer Gardner of Montana's Kalispell Police Department.

Whitedove's Friday 10 a.m. email stated these facts:

  • The boy walked away from the car on his own
  • He fell into a Hole, Ditch, Mine, or Well
  • The hole is in an open area, and will be over looked
  • He cannot get out by himself
  • Please use dogs Immediately to locate the boy (see actual emails above)

Later on Friday, News reports imply that the boy was kidnapped and local pedophiles were being questioned. THEN Late night Friday the body was information was given because foul play was suspected. Sunday NEWS reveals that the body was found in a septic tank. The police are still leaning towards foul play due to unanswered questions.

On Monday morning Jan 29th, WHITEDOVE was interviewed on KGEZ Montana about the amazing accuracy of her email and to help clear up the misconceptions about this case. She says there was no foul play.

She Further Explained:

  • How this tragedy happened. It was truly an unfortunate accident
  • Who closed the septic tank lid. Someone (a search party member or police) who came upon the hole during the search saw that this open lid was a danger. They looked inside THEN they closed it. Not knowing that the boy was inside.
  •  The autopsy will prove that there was no trauma to the body
  •  Why the police are still wrongfully questioning the father. Because the person who closed the septic tank lid will not come forward. And because the parents are involved in a bitter divorce / custody battle.

Our prayers go out to the family~

In love and Light,
Michelle Whitedove