Predictions on Alan Colmes on Fox News

By Michelle Whitedove

Alan has a brilliant mind and I was honored to be back on The Alan Colmes Show last night. Fast paced, and direct, he always keeps me on my toes. Previously, I was on his show in October 2004 right before the presidential election when he asked me to predict that outcome.  Listen below to the archived 2004 show. My predictions were correct.

Alan Colmes Fox News.jpg

So last night on the show, Alan asked for the 2008 Presidential Elections predictions, most of which I have already blogged but repeated for his large listening audience:

Updated Predictions for the 2008 Elections:

Hilary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and a big businessman / entrepreneur who has Hollywood connections (this person has the qualities of Donald Trump) will run. As we get closer, when Hillary Clinton gains support, the republicans feel that Condoleeza Rice is their ace-in-the-pocket. Either she will run head-to-head against Hillary OR she will run as vice president on the ticket. Currently Condoleeza is doing the job of the President. At this time, I see that Hillary Clinton will be the First woman President. John Kerry will not be on the ticket.
>NOTE: As Whitedove was looking into the future, did she actually glimpse the 2016 race?

My personal beliefs dictate that I vote for the best person for the job. To which party they belong is irrelevant to me. Please remember that these predictions are what I see as the most probable future right now. These are not opinions or what I wish to happen.

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