Earth Changes for a New Millennium

By Michelle Whitedove

Going into the millennium, this is a very important date and time. There are many changes taking place on the planet and among its people. This is a time that has been foretold in the ancient scripture and prophecies. The Native American people are a group that still is very knowledgeable on this topic. In my opinion they are greatly aware of all the changes that are now taking place on Mother Earth. They also know how to prepare for these coming changes.

Let's talk about the environment on this planet and how it's changing. We have been witnessing strange weather all over the world and freak climate changes. Where it is usually is cold, and where it is usually has been hot. The weather has become very unpredictable lately. We are now seeing tornadoes in areas that normally do not experience this type of severe weather condition as well as other unprecedented weather phenomenon globally. Earthquakes have hit unusual places. Hurricanes and devastating flooding have affected most parts of the world. In just one month...January of 1999, according to the *United Nations Office of the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, there have been five natural disasters of such magnitude that other countries have been asked to assist in these emergencies.

Seven volcanic eruptions have already been witnessed in 1999.* Montserrat, of the West Indies, was devastated by a volcanic eruption on January 23rd, 1999. Isn't it strange how this many catastrophic events could occur in one month's time and only be shown for fleeting seconds on TV news! These are extreme worldwide earth changes that we are experiencing and unfortunately there is much more to follow.

The reason for these changes in weather patterns and the earth shifting is that Mother Earth has taken all the negativity that she can absorb. She is now cleansing herself from this negative energy. She is in a re-birthing cycle. I refer to this time as the Phoenix rising. She is crying out to her children to be aware that she is a living, breathing being. Not just rock and dirt...a dumping ground is what she has been used for.

God created our planet Earth. Our beloved Terra has gone by many names. She is asking us to wake up and realize that she is connected to each human being...we are all her children...we are all related. Everything comes full circle. In relation to the Mother Earth she has many children besides the humans. The animal kingdom, plant life, sea creatures, and the elements; water, air and fire...they are all within her care. She is our mother and when we hurt any one of these other children we are then also hurting ourselves. The planet and everything contained within it has a specific purpose and perfect balance. But because of the damage that has been done by mankind we have affected the natural cycles of our ecosystem. The perfect balance now does not exist. This is called the Universal Law of Cause and Effect (Karma). There has been much damage done! She has been waiting for us to wake up! But now Mother Nature must rid herself of what is causing the problem. We have given her no choice but to react and correct the damage caused by her children...children that lack respect for life! Ignorance and selfishness has been our downfall. Obviously, if we continue on this road of self destruction we will destroy both the planet and ourselves.

To change this path of self-destruction there has to be a large enough group of people to come to an enlightened awareness to make a difference. The ball is rolling, so some natural events cannot be prevented but we can lessen the effects of major devastation. With the coming earth changes you can expect the following: the rising of new land masses (Atlantis), the devastation of coastal areas along with flooding of below sea level regions and the continuation of natural catastrophic events due to weather and the shifting of Earth's magnetic poles.

✔ CORRECT Feb 2019 CNN News Earth's magnetic north pole is hurtling toward Russia. Scientists first noticed the change in 2018 , the pole's movement has increased in recent years -- from around 6 miles a year between 1900 and 1980 before accelerating to around 24 to 31 miles a year CNN VIDEO .

Geographically speaking there will be major changes! There have been two* wonderful world maps published and show similar physical changes of our continents. The maps actually show the dramatic worst case scenario. The vision I have been given of the physical changes of our continents is less severe due to the slow evolving consciousness of mankind by making small positive steps forward.

Not only will the earth change but we the people of the Earth, must also change and go through a re-birthing cycle. This change must start individually by taking responsibility for our actions and our thoughts. We are creative human beings that have the ability to create or destroy. We have run out of time. The Planet Earth is making a shift with or without us. There needs to be a large enough group of people (at least 25% of the population) to raise our consciousness and awareness into the New World. Our world is only ending as we know it. The spirit world is merging with our world that is why these changes are taking place as well.

What can you do individually to make a difference? By taking personal responsibility not for your neighbor, not for your family...but for yourself! Change begins and ends with each person. Take responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, and your deeds. Actions don't litter or pollute the air or water and learn to recycle. Your thoughts, be mindful of what you are thinking, know you are creating these things. Think Positive! What you are creating effects all things not just yourself. Love not only yourself but love all life that God has created. Work with the love energy because love heals. Love is God. Everything that God created is an extension of God. So if you are mistreating yourself, someone else, the earth or an animal you are actually mistreating God. This is what is meant by "We are all Related". Have respect for not only yourself but for all life. Have reverence for not only yourself but for all life. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Treat others with love and kindness. If everyone chooses to do this, the world would change for the better...instantly!

Prayer is another great way to make a difference! You are communicating with the universe. What you send out to the universe is what you will receive. So pray for humanity...pray for clarity to make the best choice each day...pray for Mother Earth. You can pray while driving to can pray anywhere...just make the effort! Prayer is powerful! Meditate...learn to quiet yourself to hear the answers to your prayers. These are the tools for you personally to change the world.

One person can and DOES make a difference! Some believe that just little old me, in this great big world, couldn't possibly make a difference. See, that is part of the problem. Do the math... if everyone took these steps for a positive change the numbers would become very large and eventually the people join in unison. We are strong in numbers. So be positive in all things and know that God is with you. Know that we can change the planet now. We still have time if we hurry. Life is sacred and has great value! God loved us so much he put us here. So start with yourself and know that you are sending a positive message to the world...setting an example that will help other people to change willingly. The seed has been planted!

God Bless, Love and Light, Michelle Whitedove

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