WHAT in the Heavens?

As you may know, Mercury Retrograde began July 7 and runs thru Aug 1st. Retrograde is an astrological time for delays and changes. That’s why the Mercury Retrograde period is best used for contemplation, introspection, prayer and meditation to understand what is working in your life and what is not.  

Astrologically Speaking > Personally, this is a time when I try not to begin new ventures, make major purchases, have surgery or sign contracts. Why? During this time, it may feel as if you take one step forward and two steps backwards; there will be miscommunications, technical difficulties and re-do's because the Universe has us in a holding pattern so that we can come to an awareness and then make plans for the future. 

The best time to put your Action Plan into action? - - just after retrogrades shadow! 

Mercury Retrograde is from July 7 thru Aug 1st, then a shadow coming out of it with the effects lessening till Aug 15th 2019.

mercury Retrograde July 2019 Michelle Whitedove

 Wishing you Illumination and love , Michelle Whitedove