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Written & Published on Patreon May 22, 2019
by Michelle Whitedove


Some people are afraid of new viruses and old viruses spreading around the world. And some people even think they're going to be Ebola and rabies viruses being passed around on the dollar bills. Do you see that as a threat? Yeah, there'll be viruses, of course there will. But don’t worry about the dollar bill spreading ebola and rabies.

Mexico, the country of Mexico. How do you feel their economy is going to be going over the next years? So sorry to say this, but like most countries, Crap. How bout their banks? Similar concerns to our banks? So sorry, again, I will use only one word, Crap.

The controversy around Vaccinations and Vaccines -, Oh yeah there is great controversy and for good reason. The people are more and more taking a stance on children’s health and they're not going to back down. You don't know how many families have put their kids in private schools to avoid forced vaccinations. I highly recommend Montessori School or Waldorf School, it’s a much better education and you won’t be forced to do this. People are taking their kids out of regular school for other reasons too. But Big Pharma, they just want to medicate every kid who doesn’t learn the “prescribed way.” But the educational experts don’t know is that over 1/3 of kids are wired to learn in an hands-on action environment. Many kids are not wired to just sit there with all of the routines and memorization. That’s boring and soul crushing for bright children with curious minds!

Once my son’s teachers advised that I should put him on Ritalin and I said, “Excuse me, are you a Doctor? Do you have a medical license? There’s not a chance, I would put my children on a psychotropic drug. Maybe you should do some research!” Then I blew her mind and said, “Just because you put your son on it doesn’t mean you did the right thing.” It blew her mind that I could see she had done that, but she would have never admitted it. She shut right up and couldn’t figure out how I knew. It’s nice when someone doesn’t know anything about my gift.

So I decided to take my son out of school. He was in a public school but I had to take him out and put him in a Montessori school because that's the way that he learned. I had to figure out how he learned, you know? Hands on, teaching with educators that want to engage a young mind! And it worked for him. And I sent my oldest son to Montessori school also. They got so much further faster and did even better. Sorry, went off a tangent. Back to vaccinations. Yeah, they're all going to take a stance on it, no vaccinations, no vaccinations. And so this is something that people are going to get crazy about because it's not only here in the state of Florida it’s lots of states and other countries too. This affects our friends in other countries. Did you guys know we have people in here from many different countries.

Bottom line some vaccinations with high levels of heavy metals are bad for the children. They even kill the children sometimes. Not all, but you don’t know which ones, are toxic. Yes, it makes babies sick. But doctors think they are good, they don’t know, sadly Big Pharma educates the doctors. They have big expensive dinners and a presentation for “Continuing Education Credits” which is fully funded by Big Pharma. The doctors don’t really know, they just push the newest drug or vaccines! But often times their cure is worse than the disease. You’ve seen their drug commercials! So please so your research. (even as we speak Google is removing anti vaccine websites and anti-bigPharma websites.

. Even Holistic Doctors are being killed off.  Yeah, that’s the power of Big Pharma’s $85 Billion Dollar industry!   If you do your research on it, your research will show that this is bad, bad, bad for our children. We're poisoning our children. So now more than ever a lot of people are even doing home schooling. Because the schools are like 'Well, you have to have the vaccinations' and parents are actually looking up this vaccination, researching it, finding out oh this is no good. I just gave that to my kid, no wonder my kid had a fever and almost died. Some people have found when they researched it they found out that there is a heavy metal put in as a preservative. Kids receiving multiple shots containing thimerosal might get too much mercury - and develop autism or other neurodevelopmental problems. Parents “if someone offered you a drink with a bit of Mercury in it, would you drink it?” Thimerosal, is no good for kids, especially if they are autoimmune compromised, and multiple vaccines are given at one time. It's like 30 times more than our older generations were ever given as children. Yeah, they are poisoning a generation with a mercury preservative. Don’t you think that the medical community would create a better vaccine preservative than mercury?
And they call me crazy!!! Ha!
Purposely injecting mercury is insanity!

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