YES as Predicted in The Whitedove Report Issue #2

In the August 2018 Whitedove Report #2
Michelle Predicted :

  • STILL TETHER BLUFFS:  As revealed in The Whitedove Report #1, Spirit let us know Tether was BLUFFING, LYING, WASN’T GOOD, THEY WOULD BE EXPOSED, AND TO EXERCISE EXTREME CAUTION AS IT WILL CRASH. Psychically I can see it.”

    CORRECT - REALIST NEWS - Michelle Whitedove warned twice now about #Tether  and how will it affect the #crypto market - WATCH Jsnip4 YouTube

  • “Bitcoin ETF:  A BTC  ETF is coming. They really will try to pass the ETF by 30 September ... which coincidentally is when the cryptos start going back up.  The conversation will shift from “IF” to “WHEN”. It will become evident that this will HAPPEN eventually. Not now though. Spirit is saying when they go to do it again, they're still going to have problems because they're still going to try to look to see how they can get in and take control/benefit/take advantage, but they can't really find a way. The short version is, eventually they will get in there, but I don't think it's going be that date (30 Sep). And it will only be Bitcoin first. There'll be more red tape, delays, back and forth, and them trying to sort it out. Their primary reason for delay is so they can find a way to get their piece of it. But a secondary reason for the delays is that a lot of influential people/groups don't want it on the stock exchange so this is the challenge too.”

    CORRECT 21 Sept 2018  SEC just postponed decision to approve BTC CBOE ETF.   EVEN AS LOT OF BIG NAMES in the financial world have been saying this ETF decision in September was a given! Michelle Whitedove disagreed and accurately predicted today’s Crypto News in her 11 Aug 2018 report!

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PREDICTION from The Whitedove Report | Issue 2 | Aug 2018
Hurricane season this year:   Coming soon! Yes, we're going to get hurricanes.  FLORIDA AGAIN is what I’m shown. We're going to get hurricanes in Florida...feel like a lot of tropical storms, with a lot of bad high winds, tropical storms, some hurricanes." 

  • CORRECT - Other well-known psychics said "nothing in the Gulf”, but Michelle saw differently. Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Oct 2018

”Weather in General:   I see a lot of flooding, oh my gosh, so much flooding, nationwide. There’s a strange increase in sink holes too. As I wrote in my blogs a while back about more tsunamis and flooding….  “

  • CORRECT - 28 Sept 2018 Sadly a tsunami hit Palu the bayside city on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi (in the Ring of Fire) where death the toll jumped to 384 after being triggered by a 7.7 Earthquake which was 16 miles away

  • CORRECT - 19 Sept 2018 Washington Post - Florence is the new “flood of record” in North Carolina, where 34 inches fell in Swansboro, and in South Carolina, where 23.6 inches fell in Loris. Over the course of four days, Hurricane Florence poured anywhere from 8 trillion to 10 trillion gallons of water in North Carolina. Nearly unimaginable levels of flash and river flooding have left vast stretches of land temporarily uninhabitable.

  • CORRECT Lots of Sinkholes in the News the week of 19 Sept 2018