Case Study on the Accuracy of Crypto Predictions

After reading through some of the Realist News Jsnip4 comments on last week’s video about the forthcoming Whitedove Report #2: some folks just asked, "did she get anything right, was it worth it"  Fair question.  I've attached a Case Study to help them.  With her goal being to really help folks, this should help them decide.  Bottom line, this report is what people need to get positioned for what's coming. Best, Pete

A Case Study on the Accuracy and Utility of
Crypto Predictions
Case of Psychic Medium Michelle Whitedove

compiled 8-9-2018

Reluctantly, America’s #1 Psychic (as seen on HBO, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS & the Today Show) agreed to help us in the crypto community to forecast which cryptos will be good, which are likely poor investments and to identify scams. Whitedove’s reluctance came from her unfamiliarity with cryptos in general.  However, she had been predicting that cryptos were coming for years in advance and was guided to put this information forward.

Michelle refers to herself as a spiritual medium and a woman of God and she reminds us in her book SHE TALKS WITH ANGELS that prophets and seers were mentioned throughout the bible. 2 Kings 17:13 The Lord solemnly warned Israel and Judah through all his prophets and all the seers, "Turn back from your evil ways; obey my commandments and rules that are recorded in the law. I ordered your ancestors to keep this law and sent my seers and the prophets to remind you." Holy text from around the globe tell us, even the Koran states “the Lord chooses messengers from among Angels and from men.”

Whitedove’s reputation precedes her, we specifically sought her out as she is on every “Top 10 Psychics in the World” list, she won the title America #1 Psychic on the competitive reality TV series and is the most tested television psychic with a significant amount of published predictions (literally 1000s over the past 20 years). 
Here are some of her prediction hits:
- Brexit
- 2008 Financial Crisis
- Japan Tsunami that displaced over 1/2 million people (in OM Times Magazine)
- Malaysia Airlines flight 370 (while over 99.8% of all missing commercial airliners are
  found, she immediately published: Not a trace of this one would be
- In 2006 said new Digital Money was coming before Bitcoin was invented
- On America’s Psychic Challenge her final test was to find a man buried underground in
   ten acres of the California desert. In completing this astounding feat she was named
   America’s #1 psychic. Watch her TV clips:
- Gold Bull Market starting in 2003

Whitedove’s first crypto prediction blog was published on her website 28 Feb 2018 ( ), followed by another insightful blog titled “Who is Satoshi Nakamoto” on 5 April.  And most recently, her blog post on 28 June predicting “The 3 Coins, fastest movers out of 17 popular cryptos.” 

From these posts and “The Whitedove Report” dated 3 May, we’ve seen that Whitedove can forecast overall market trends with great accuracy and useful insights too. For example, on 5 April she stated in her public blog that the market would not get good again until September of 2018. We all groaned and tried to ignore that forecast, although these past 4 months it has been proven true.

We’ve learned that Michelle can separate good investments from the bad ones. In “The Whitedove Report” dated 3 May she warned that six specific and well known cryptos were “Bad” investments.  Since then they are each down an average of over 80%.  In “The Whitedove Report” she also reminded us to take profits when mentioning EOS on 3 May…it was the only one of over 20 coins that she specifically said to do this on . It was approx $19.00 and it is now in the $6 range.

And most recently, in the 28 June 2018 Whitedove Blog, a list of 16 Cryptos was handed to Michelle asking her to determine which would be the “Top 3 Quickest Movers, Like a Horse Race.”  Interestingly, she added NEO as she said it would “surprise the most people.”  Here’s exactly what she wrote and published publicly on 28 June at

   “To sum things up, buying now is good.  Sure there will be price dips before the markets get heated up in September.  Of the list you provided (below) and based upon what you're asking (fastest movers), the ones I’m most attracted to right now are NEO, Digibyte and Veritaseum. You know how I feel about Theta (love it for long term), but since you're looking for quicker moves, I have recommended the others."   - Michelle Whitedove    6-27-2018

What happened in the next week is staggering and statistically significantly improbable (literally equivalent to lottery odds--less than a one in a million chance of randomly picking the top 3 from a list of 17).  And let’s remember, this was in a downward market, Whitedove has limited working knowledge of cryptos, and she was handed a list of 16 cryptos from a third party.  Immediately following this post, 27 June until 3 July (1 Week) here are the results. Her top 3 picks again, Neo, Digibypte and Veritaseum--
The Results:

40%    Veritaseum:  From 45.21 to 66 = 40%+ in a week
33%    Digibyte:  From .021 to .029 = 33% in a week
30%    Neo:  From 30.00 to 39.00 = 30% in a week
21.7%  Bitcoin Gold:  411 to 500 = 21.7%

18.5%  EOS:  7.58 to 9 = 18.5% 
17.3%  OMG:  7.21 to 8.46 = 17.33%
11%     Stellar (XLM):  .19 to .21 = 11% 
11%     Reddcoin (RDD):  .0046 to .005 = 11% 
9.3%   Bitcoin Cash:  709 to 776 = 9.3%

8%      Litecoin:  From 78 to 83 = 8%
6.3%   Ethereum:  433 to 460 = 6.25%
6%      Ethereum Classic:  15.19 to 16.15 = 5.95%
5%      Vechain (VEN):  From 2.58 to 2.72 = 5%
0%      Theta :  From .16 to .16 = 0% 
0%      Pillar:  From .15 to .15 = 0% 
0%      Nebulas:  5 to 5 = 0% 
- 5%    Populous:  From 8.54 to 8.12 = - 4.7%

She has also shared with us which projects/coins will have the biggest gains in the future.  Whitedove rarely gives prices with dates so when she does it’s worth paying attention to--she predicts some with 100 Times gains and even 1 with 1000 Times gains.  What are the chances she’ll get those correct too? 

Additional fact checking: The following are just a few of the “hits” from the 3 May 2018 Whitedove Report Issue #1 -- Now,Watch for the Others to Play Out

On All of the Cryptos which Whitedove rated “Very Good” she wrote that none of them would do good in the next four months.  This was contrarian to the popular view at the time with many pundits and others predicting rapid rises
CORRECT:  The crypto market and all of the top coins have been in a bear market with none going up since this prediction.

Tether:  Spirit let me know Tether does not have the money they say they have.  They do not have the over two billion plus dollars. THEY ARE BLUFFING. THEY ARE LYING. THIS IS NOT GOOD. THEY WILL BE EXPOSED. I would not put my money in Tether. EXTREME CAUTION. IT WILL CRASH.
Warning!  - June 29, 2018 NEWS Tether (USDT) double spending issue gets Huobi and other exchanges on alert. THEN  Several weeks after prediction, Tether releases BS legal review riddled with disclaimers saying on one day they had a couple billion in a bank account. This just Smoke and Mirrors - Everyone sees through this.

Coinbase: Coinbase will definitely add new cryptos.
CORRECT !  - In July a Coinbase release noted that they will add new cryptos and considering several. Whitedove still sees NEO added sometime in the future

EOS: CORRECT !   -With EOS around $18.00 and many people calling for “The MOON” Whitedove said, “Biggest gains have been going on as everyone already knows. Don’t get greedy. I know it has gone up from well under $1. to over $20. …you know there will be pull backs. Again, nobody ever got hurt taking profits. But please pay attention to the rating scale, overall I rate this as GOOD and not VERY GOOD as I see challenges coming.”

Litecoin:  When many thought Litecoin would take off any day, Whitedove wrote “Medium time frame, biggest gains not to come for at least 4 months.” 

DecentBet:  Very Good (surprised this is what I got). Slow (Biggest gains to come in next 1 to 4 years). Still so early in this one. They’ve done a lot, but they have a lot more they’re working on. I can see they’re even going to allow people to bet on which cryptos will do best. This one is interesting.  This one will be a roller coaster but long term it’s very good as a lot of “crypto” high rollers will want to blow off some steam and gamble. 
CORRECT -   Michelle picked out DecentBet and surprisingly gave it a pretty glowing  review (28 April this report was transcribed). It was approx .10 or .11 cents.  On  5/14/18 - It went up over 150%.  NO ONE, I REPEAT, NO ONE has ever  mentioned this token. Go Michelle!   >>UPDATED Prediction   May 16, 2018 Blog Michelle says, “DecentBet coin success has sped up – I see that the gamblers love it! This is going to be a big one faster than originally  anticipated!”
NEW NEWS - Then in July 2018 Phil Hellmuth who is the World Series of Poker winningest player ever with 15 Bracelets (Phil Ivey is a distant second with 10) wore DecentBet Gear during the Main Event and later won his 15th World of Series Poker Bracelet during another highly televised Main Event while sporting the DecentBet Logo.  Lots of exposure for DecentBet, keep and eye on DecentBet!  

Digibyte:  Whitedove first predicted Digibyte would do very well in Feb 2018 and was the first to do so.  Then on 27 June in another Public Blog Michelle wrote “Something is going on with Digibyte and it feels very good.  Give it priority.” 
✔ CORRECT - When she said this Digibyte was .02 cents and it quickly went up over 100% and moved up over ten spots on CoinMarketCap.   It’s currently 33rd.  It continues to move up the top 100 list.

Pillar: ✔ CORRECT !  - While many were hopeful Pillar would get its Wallet out by summer, unfortunately those watching closely know it keeps getting pushed later due to complications and underestimating complexity and work requirements, and team dynamics, but they will get it done.  In the 3 May Report, Whitedove wrote,  “I see it will take a while for them to really get firing on all cylinders. They will get products out this year. Their only problem is it’s taking them longer then they thought to get it together. And it will take them longer then they currently think. But it will be very good.”

Tezos: ✔ CORRECT ! - On 3 May when Tezos was $3.70 and it may thought it still had a chance of being the next “big thing” and many are still hopeful, but Whitedove wrote “Bad…I have to let the people know Tezos looks bad and sadly I see a lot of people who think the opposite.”  It’s now $1.58 at the time of writing this on 8 August 2018.

Encryptgen (DNA Coin):   While at 26 cents, Whitedove wrote “Bad.  Doesn’t mean it will go away tomorrow…not a place to just buy and hold.” 
CORRECT - It has dropped 80% since she it was “Bad.”

MediBloc CORRECT !  -  At  3.5 cents, Whitedove wrote “Bad.” It has since dropped approximately 85%

Civic:  ✔CORRECT !   While at 48 cents, Whitedove wrote, “Bad. Doesn’t mean it will go away tomorrow. Doesn’t mean there can’t be some run ups. Not a place to just buy and hold.”  Now at 16 cents, it has since dropped almost 70%

Salt:   Whitedove wrote “Bad. Lots of glitches, lots of stops, a lot of BS. It's not good. Don’t see this happening effectively. Doesn’t mean it will go away tomorrow.  Doesn’t mean there can’t be some run ups. Not a place to just buy and hold.  I see that the concept is great but not good otherwise.”
CORRECT!  - In a bear market some of the best picks are often just getting out of the bad coins.  Man did Michelle help us do that.  While a lot of people really liked SALT and were calling for great returns on it, Michelle boldly stepped out on a limb and predicted in the 3 May Whitedove Report that "Salt is a bad investment...not a long term hold...."  Price at the time was over $4.00 and since then it has dropped .72 cents…THAT’S AN 84% DROP ) AND their CEO just left--A VERY BAD SIGN.  Thank you, Michelle!  

Spirit said, “This is a chance for the people…for money to be dispersed more fairly.” Cryptos are here for the long haul. If I were to compare the overall Crypto Market to a baseball game, I would say we’re still in the first innings.  There’s a lot of chicken left on that bone, so to speak. Psychically I see that cryptos in general are around for the long haul, years and years and years. So when you see the overall market crash or dip, fear not as cryptos as a whole are not going away. Spirit has told me cryptos are for the people, created by the people.

Cryptos are for the average person to have an opportunity to get ahead. Spirit refers to it as a black market for the people. Why do they say black market? Because everybody really doesn't want to put their money in their government supervised bank account because once they do they know they’re held accountable for what goes into their account and its taxable.
✔CORRECT!  There have been countless examples of cryptos gaining more and more strength.  Just one example is in Aug 2018 News Australia’s Commonwealth Bank Completes Global Trade Using the Ethereum Blockchain. This is a sign that Cryptocurrency is here to stay! With international transactions this cuts out foreign currency exchange fees and creates a modern global supply chain which is efficient, and transparent.

Social Media will continue to try to slow cryptos. They will continue with their bans for as long as they can. They want their own crypto projects. Like most of the “big money” they are pissed they are not getting their piece of this.
CORRECT - CNBC News Reports ( May 11, 2018) Facebook is reportedly 'very Serious' about launching its own cryptocurrency

Let me just say it’s trying to. I don’t see where they’re in and it’s not easy for them. They are not going to get in like you are asking me. I don’t see it this year and I don’t see it next year. Large Fund Managers want to of course, but they keep running into road blocks. One thing after another, it’s almost like divine intervention. Spirit has told me that CRYPTOS were inspired and created for the people, this is the peoples chance to get ahead. When I say people, I mean not the “one percenters” not the bankers. There is a divine intervention happening to assist humanity. Now I know there’s a common counterargument, that if the biggest funds got in it would go up the most, but that is a double edged sword. For now just know the institutional money and large fund managers want to get in, but they can’t. They are pissed they can’t! Spirit says this is why they will do everything they can to influence slowing this down. They will not be as successful as they hope. 
CORRECT – SEC delayed the Sept 2018 ruling. The SEC is seeking views on Bitcoin and market manipulation. (Yes, because the SEC wants to surveil and manipulate it themselves!)
CORRECT – SEC postponed decision on BTC ETF until 30 Sep. 

I do not see the tax code for cryptos changing. The gov’t can’t control cryptos so they’ve decided to tax it. Every sale, every swap, every trade is a taxable event.  Keep track and do not get caught messing around or you stand the chance of losing all of your crypto gains. In short, be careful. It’s all about control.  Of course the Gov’t wants to control crypto currencies, but, but they cannot. They want to eradicate crypto currencies as we know them, but they cannot. They want to replace them with their own versions, but they cannot. The Gov’t will not be able to take control of this whole thing and so they have decided to tax it. 
CORRECT – no new guidance, rules are in place.

I can’t emphasize enough, the stock market is going to crash…The markets are weak and falsely propped up. I wouldn’t advise any of my clients to go into the stock market right now. This year, it's bottoming out.
CORRECT CNBC 6 Dec 2018 Mysterious Plunge overnight that caused the exchange to Halt Futures (to stop a crash )!
CORRECT! - 10 Oct 2018 Dow falls 832 points in third-worst day by points ever!
CORRECT - Facebook sees largest one day decline in the history of the Stock Market.  On 26 July CNBC reports “The largest one day loss in market value by any company in history with 119 Billion loss.”

I predict that Deutsche Bank is GOING UNDER and they will let go more and more employees. I would advise people to move your money out of Deutsche Bank.
Warning! - Zero Hedge News May 8, 2018 - Deutsche Bank Planning To Fire Up To 20% of US Workers.  Too much news on DB to list.

I believe that Wells Fargo banks will stop allowing cash deposits into accounts unless you are the owner of the account. I would advise moving your money out of Wells Fargo.
Warning! - Aug. 13, 2018 Wells Fargo was hit with more scandal. Where’s the outrage?
Warning!  - Aug. 1, 2018 Fox Business News:  Wells Fargo hit with $2 billion fine over faulty mortgages.

Banks will close their doors, but not this year. Soon though. Spirit showed me locks on the doors, people not being able to get their money or access to their safety deposit boxes. Please be careful.

Warning!  - Wall Street Journal Aug 2, 2018 Thousands of Branches are closing. Bank mergers and acquisitions are up and so too are the shuttering of rural bank branches! AS Whitedove has predicted for years our banking choices will be less and less

It is being worked and it appears like they are going digital/cashless/trying to chip people or give cards with chips. To use this new money system they will want to use face recognition, finger prints, eye scans and DNA  - they want everyone on the grid and accounted for.
WARNING! 2 Aug 2018 CBS News -  Big Brother wants your DNA confirmed, your DNA IS BEING SOLD! It's estimated more than 12 million Americans have sent their DNA to be analyzed by companies like 23andMe and AncestryDNA. The data is then sometimes shared with or sold to third parties for use in medical research. Recently, it was announced that GlaxoSmithKline invested $300 million in their company for a collaboration where the pharmaceutical company would use data to develop drugs.  (Now ask yourself, who else will they share your DNA data with - will it be your country's heath care system? Will it be shared with the criminal justice system? Could your DNA be replicated and found at a location that you've never been? )

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